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Most people look at flight tickets and
get into the deer-in-the-headlights position of like uh I guess we’re not
going this year which is totally sad because most of the time not traveling
not going to new place actually keeps you from living your best life so this
video I’m going to show you how to book the best flight tales and how to book a
flight on a budget hand a peg I may be welcome to adventure about my shelves
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hack number one find the right website to book the ticket from easy pretty sure
most people already know Skyscanner but there’s a few more like kayak
and airfare watchdog compare them also compare the mobile version to the
desktop version because I found that sometimes it actually does make a
difference the difference won’t be huge but if there’s a group of you traveling
then even 50 bucks can add up and actually make quite a bit of money tip
number two if you checked for a flight too many times over an extended period
of time the fare might go up slightly if you want to prevent this from happening
stop if you want to prevent this happening start using your incognito
window there’s not such a thing as by flights on Tuesday between whatever at 2
p.m. and 4 p.m. is cheaper than any other day this is not the truth so
whenever you start looking for flights try to be flexible and find the cheapest
day to fly on when you check on Skyscanner for example you can check out
the whole month and find the cheapest few days and then compare them because
the cheapest day on Skyscanner is most likely always the cheapest day
on all other platforms as well compare the prices find
what kind of airline works for you best I found that Kimi has a lot of really
good deals especially because they combine different airlines together and
they have a layover protection if you fly with two different airlines and
something happens it is protected through kiwi and their service actually
isn’t too bad if you’re looking for a long flight and you know that there will
be layover start checking for the flights separately adding them up as
this sometimes can be a lot cheaper but make sure that the lay overs are a good
amount of time because having to three hours of layover only and having a
different airline can sometimes get you into trouble especially if you’re
traveling with checked in bags then this probably won’t work for you tip number
four is be flexible with the location sometimes it is a lot cheaper to fly to
Airport 100 or 200 kilometres away and ground transportation probably might
take a little longer but can be a lot cheaper so if you looking for extremely
expensive tickets this can always be a very good option for you as well also
consider flying budget carriers I know a lot of people are like oh I don’t want
to fly with air and easyJet but to be honest most of the time they’re not too
bad and if you just fly with a hand luggage and they’re actually a pretty
good deal actually flew from Hamburg to Amsterdam once for 10 euro return ticket
like this was insane I booked a trip not because I wanted to
go but because the flight was so crazy cheap I just had to book it and if you
start looking out for budget carriers this will happen to you as well you find
really really good offers also if you sign up for Airlines newsletters a lot
of times you get pretty good deals or you get a discount code to apply at
checkout budget travel fly tip number five is use my
and points sign-up for special credit cards that earn you more points so that
when you travel you might even get to travel first class for free pretty cool
huh if you’re more likely to travel with one
airline or a group of Airlines sign up for them miles programs and use your
frequent flyer number which can add up to a lot of points if you actually
travel quite a bit and also book early but not too early if you still have a
lot of time before you’re planning on leaving then sign up for the price alarm
click the little bell that a lot of these website like sky scanners have and
they’re gonna send you emails when the price goes up or down this has actually
saved me several hundreds of dollars a few times when I was planning on buying
quite expensive flights as of from Chile to New Zealand from Europe to South
Africa and all these kind of deals so make sure you sign up for that if you
have time if not just start playing around find different opportunities
different possibilities different options and keep on looking sometimes it
doesn’t make sense at all one time I actually found a flight that was
suddenly $200 cheaper out of nowhere it didn’t make sense and these kind of
things keep on happening to us all the time if you’re on the frequency of
travel and if you want to learn more about this and check out my free
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