Cheap Ways to Travel The World (Bad & Bougie On A Budget)


Hey guys, welcome to my youtube channel today were gonna be talking about cheap ways to travel the world so you know ever since I started college and stuff like that me and my friends like we’ve been taking trips like almost every year since our sophomore year and initially, like you know our freshman year we thought oh my god, like how the hell How are we gonna afford this like how? not like, you know not thinking positively like we can we can we can you know, we were just like, oh, I don’t think Pensive traveling that’s expensive. We can’t travel it’s gonna be a lot of money and all that good stuff But obviously after we booked our first trip it was just trips on trips on trips like after that like so These are tips of like a few of the things that we did to make sure that we traveled cheap the tips that we took to travel cheap So tip number one is we normally not always but like of recently We’re starting to let the country choose itself. So that’s like tip number one like the country choose itself. Like go to Google flights just Type just put in the dates when you want to go somewhere. Don’t put a country You just put the dates. You can select a region. Do you want to go to the Caribbeans? You can select like a Caribbean region? Just zoom into that spot and it will show you like google show you all the cheapest flight flying to the Caribbean from your city If you want to go to Europe it will show you all the cheapest flight to go to you can’t be specific with the Specific country that you want to go to in the Caribbean or the specific country You want to go to Europe just google it and see what it has to offer if you don’t like it There’s other options, you know But let the country like it’s not like let the country but the country chooses itself kind of in a way So and then the next one is Trouble with your friends. So one thing that I don’t do is I don’t travel by myself because if you travel by yourself, um, The cost is gonna be much much more because you have to pay for everything for yourself So it like in a sense it’s best for you to just get like the whole ease So when you travel by yourself it’s gonna cost a lot more money so it’s best to just travel with your friends I’m gonna travel with your friends You know everything When you guys were in the car together when you were not air B&B together, you split everything right down the middle like again I’m saying like it’s not like oh my god, like everything is going to be split in the sense of your Excursions and stuff like that. No, just just the stuff that everybody shares as a whole will be much much much cheaper And the more the merrier, so if you go threes friends you spread that one third down in the middle. Um If you know a six one six you know I’m saying like the more friends the cheaper your everything your stay and the car rental and all that stuff is going to be My next advice is if you’re traveling a group of friends booked Airbnb, make sure you book an Airbnb because Once again, like if you go to a resort and all-inclusive resort or whatever, they charge per person, they don’t really charge like, you know You know per they charge per night, but it’s like per night per person So when you booked with the friends and you get like an Airbnb you guys once again? Just put it right down the middle the more friends. You have the merrier it is so, you know, oh, Yeah, also I forgot to say be sure to like check the area that the airbnb is in because there’s been once upon a time when you’ve booked somewhere like in the middle of nowhere like you would have to drive to the Activities drive to the clubs, and I’m so looking like a trip Okay So make sure you know the area that you’re booked in your airbnb in make sure it has all the amenities that you need so make sure it’s around an area that you can go get food when you wake up and you’re hungry and stuff like that because When you stuck and ya didn’t go food shopping like you’re stuck stuck Okay, like no jokes all jokes aside like it’s real like but yeah. Oh It’s booking an all-inclusive hotel booked flight and hotel when you booked flight and hotel It’s gonna work out. So so so so so much cheaper. So just make sure that you booked like a fight and hotel It works out cheaper and The reason why I say like is this is only if you’re traveling by yourself if you’re traveling by Yourself and you get a all inclusive hotel get the flight and the hotel because you know, it’s best to have The resort that you’re seeing I cater to you versus you know It’s you alone at night going… like even if you get air maybe it might be cheaper but at night there’s gonna be nowhere That you can go eat Resorts have options where you can like anytime of the day like always be like food available to you. Oh oh My god, this is one of the most important important tip that I have learned traveling to all the countries that I’ve been to do not book your Excursions before you go to the country don’t book it on Don’t book it on the Countries website don’t do none of that way to get to the country and when you get to the country go to like a travel Agent and travel service or whatnot and you Can book your excursions there when you book in like in the country? It’s nine times cheaper like you can really literally like negotiate your way down like well There’s six of my friends and you know, we want to pay forty dollars for everything because in the end it’s like You know, they can have a zero dollars or they can have 40 times six. once you really think about it just negotiate you some people they don’t play that but some people do can get away with it, but Depending on the type of excursions that it is if it’s like a full day thing you could still You can negotiate your way all the way down? So that’s the next thing so just make sure that you book your excursions when you get to the country not before okay The next thing is make sure that you guys do your research always do research about the country The cheapest way to travel in that country see what you’re looking at. See what is gonna happen before you even get there So you can be prepared Is it is it like a better option for us to just take public transportation or should we rent a car stuff like that? How easy is it to like maneuver around this island this country wherever you’re at Yeah, and just do your research and with your research You’ll get all your information to see exactly how you’re gonna maneuver around the island if our country or place or whatever um and basically That’s about it… I have a blog and my blog literally gives all the information that I told you in this video today I’m gonna leave it down in the description box down below You can click the link and read everything that I told you to do. Um Yeah, yeah


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  1. Catherine Daniel

    March 6, 2020 3:10 am

    This was really helpful. Looks like I might be going on a trip sooner than I know it ❤. Thanks bestie


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