Cheapest And Best Flight Tickets To Visit Countries||2019

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channel I have to get latest videos press bell icon. Hi my name is Sabir Ahmed I’m gonna speak the cheapest And Best prices to visit other countries most of the countries seem to be like very expensive to visit. I am listing some of
the countries which fits your budget into very very small Srilanka: Srilanka is a place
to heritage culture heritage and miss aggression stations the Srilanka No one the parameter is known to be top country the srilanka in 2019. the flight tickets to visit – from to Colombo is just three
thousand two hundred rupees yeah and if you want to go to the budget, by
budget you will cost just 500 to 700 rupees per day easily obtain a visa Online process to enter the country within just 30 days and don’t forget that
srilanka is a gaining popularity. Next is Thailand Thailand is a place for all kind of people if you are party lower you Will love Thailand, if our history lower you
will love Thailand, if you are a food lower so don’t get the same mode The flight ticket to Thailand is just cost you three thousand two hundred rupees from Vishakhapatnam. Flight tickets will be on Monday and
Saturday will be the cheapest flights in India the accommodation food for the
hostel you will get 500 rupees per day. you will get Gracious street food at very low price Next one is between March and October yes mother is not giving modulus is not to be well his
luxury animal traveller if you arrange the virtual destination is five thousand
rupees here the flight leader father –
remarkable serious cause you three thousand eight hundred rupees if you go
by a budget it will cost you 2,000 to 3,000 per day
what is the ammonia ammonia is not to beat and it is located in Southeast Asia
and for beautiful beaches and the current coastline it will be not nothing
is mentioned as therefore yummy food nor foreign that the meaning of life will be
the cheapest between of March and October if you were the fighter for the
Camellia is just you cost five thousand six hundred rupees if you go by budget
it will cost 700 to 900 rupees therefore the communion one Comorian
will be the 57 Indian rupees if some good position is not to be a color for
more and stop rehearsing designs and colourful water flexes don’t forget that
one you take a stamp on is equal to seven what’s everything elated who speak
at Stanford I mean one Indian rupee is equal to seventy unit speed is compound
if you go by a budget it will cost you 500 to 700 rupees and the combination
with hostel is fifteen hundred to two hundred fifty Manisha English you know
is not to be is known to be in the blazing green and in the country it is
don’t the initial 1 million rupees equal to
200 degrees hero by of the Indonesia if you go the fighter for the Indian nature
he sticks 6000 rupees if you go by budget it will cost you 1,000 to 500
rupees for you the reason for the only person finder Nisha will available in 4
days unless one is winter winter snow means not do with the astrologer
instantly if you visit the fighting of or the victim is just cost you five
thousand to five thousand seven hundred rupees if you go by budget it will cost
you 700 to 900 rupees the next thing is me upon me about itself you know to be
the architecture mountains architecture Himalayas and Champa’s if you the fact
occur for the Nepalese just across the three thousand nine hundred rupees issue
if you go by budget it will cost about 100 to 700


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