Chennai International Airport (MAA) || Inside, departure, check in procedure, take off.


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Channel today we’re going to give you a sneak peek at Chennai International
Airport’s domestic terminal so let’s go but first for newcomers please don’t
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we’ve already arrived at the drop-off point in front of the domestic terminal
this time forced to get down from the taxi and walk inside the terminal the Chennai International Airport which
is located at Meenambakkam and Thirusulam 21 kilometres from the city
centre has two main terminals the one which we’re standing is the K.Khamaraj
terminal of the domestic terminal and the international terminal of the
Annadura by terminal is down south well we’re inside the domestic terminal now
and it’s around 19,250 square meters in area the 48 check-in counters in
this building they’re also five x-ray of luggage scanning facilities which you
can see in front of you also there are several self check-in counters to avoid
rush during the peak hours the terminal is quite spacious and the
adequate seating arrangements for passengers at various parts the terminal
it’s also well decorated and you can see there is a temple like structure in the
center of the terminal which draws attention to the travelers. well our
checking is already done and we are now proceeding towards the security check
area and the boarding gates and the arrows on the floor directing towards
the dedicated area you can see the arrows on the floor
for the convenience of passengers. oh that’s quite a long queue at 3:30 the
morning after crossing security we are at the boarding hold area and there are sixteen boarding gates on two floors seven of them on the upper floor and the
rest on the lower floor so we are going to our boarding gate you can see this
boarding area also has adequate seating arrangements for passengers and their
display boards for the convenience of passengers there are a few shops around
as well and some of them are duty-free so we’re going towards a gate on the
ground roll via the escalator an important thing to remind you of that
Chennai International Airport is a silent airport and there are no announcements made on the public
announcement system or the speaker so you have to rely solely on the display
boards and determine the course of your flight and the course of your boarding
gates which pudding will approach you have to totally depend on the display
systems and there are no announcements made in this Airport so you should be
careful about that so after a few minutes waiting we are
ready to board and we let in a bus which will carry us to the airplane you can see we’re on the bus and we are on the taxiway going towards a plane there
are two runways in the Chennai International Airport and you can see
the domestic terminal from here so you are movng to the end of the first or
the main runway from where our flight will take off now guys you can see that we have
already boarded the airplane and we are now ready for take off our flight is moving
on the taxiway towards the main runway and you can see the main runway on the
screen we’re now positioned on the main runway
and we are ready to go so let’s go so guys that was our flight from Chennai
International Airport please don’t forget to mention how do you find our
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    June 5, 2019 6:50 pm

    Please let us know how did you find our video, through your comments
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  2. Smit Manore

    December 16, 2019 8:35 am

    Bro, (again I'm always confused in this.) If we have already a boarding paas (web check-in) then also we have to stand in a queue to drop our luggage at baggage drop counters? (Especially in MAA airport seen many times always crowded at early morning hours.)


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