CHRISTMAS in NYC- 10 Fun Things To Do For The Holidays ! ๐ŸŽ„ (2019 Guide)


What’s up Members of the Barrio It’s Jon, coming to you from the Harbor in front of Brookfield Place And visiting New York during the holidays Is one of the most magical times of year to be here But i’m betting you’re going to want to maximize your stay? So to give you some options I’m going to be sharing 10 Things To Do During The Holidays In New York City Make sure to watch the entire video This list is really good And check out our other New York CIty content afterwards as well Here we go What would a holiday video be if we didn’t include something sweet in it? And Domnique Ansel Bakery in Soho Has a big reputation for a reason Odds are there’s going to be a line when you go But Team Adriana and I Waited outside about 20 minutes and it was well worth it The staff is friendly They even gave us samples outside There’s so many Holiday Themed items Cookies Pastries That you can buy It would be a great spot to come just to get some gifts The chocolate chip cookie shots are popular But we were here for something special The Blossoming Hot Chocolate It’s a bit pricy at $7.50 But you get a thin marshmallow which blossoms into a flower Right in front of you And it doesn’t just look good It tastes good That is some premium hot cocoa you’re sipping on A perfect thing to take on the go On a cold day, in New York City It’s so sweet ! I admit I’ve lived in New York for a long time And this is one holiday attraction I’d actually never been to Until.. last night It is a bit of a hike from Manhattan To get too Once you’re there It sure is interesting I grew up in the suburbs in New Jersey And I never saw anything quite like this That may be the biggest Santa Claus I’ve ever seen People are always asking me for things to do with kids in the city Well this may be the top attraction I’d recommend you bring the family to It’s honestly centered around two blocks. 84th and 85th Streets And 11th Ave In Dyker Heights But if you have the time This is something quite unique in New York City As you get that Suburban Home Alone vibe Just note it can get very crowded They have bus tours They have walking tours there I even saw Mascots Accepting money for photos If you take a photo with a mascot You’re going to need to tip them So be aware of that But overall I think it’s something you should try At least once Head to Dyker Heights If you want to give back during the Holidays New York City has a few volunteer opportunities But you can do something as simple as bringing extra clothes To donate to charity could volunteer your time at a soup kitchen Last year Adriana and I spent the day at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen And what they do for the homeless Is truly special You’ll spend a few hours helping feed many people And this could be a unique activity for the whole family They do get a lot of attention during the holiday seasons So if you’re interested in doing this Make sure to go to their website To sign up Another one is called.. Bowery Mission And I actually had a friend that visited a few months ago And she just showed up And they let her volunteer on the spot But I still think it’s a better idea to contact Them in advance Just in case And do remember you can still donate clothing to either one of these charities Giving back during this time of the year Is something really really special guys Thanks a lot This is a lesser known tree to the Rockefeller Center one Which we of course will get to later But the Lotte Palace Christmas Tree Is it a bit of a hidden gem You just have to walk into their courtyard Off of Madison Ave And last year Adriana said it.. I kind of agreed That we enjoyed that tree more than the Rockefeller Center one Just because it gets a lot less attention And it’s easier of course to stand in front of it To take a nice picture And of course you can just walk right back to 5th Ave after To continue some other really good.. Holiday ideas There’s a lot you could do at Radio City Music Hall during the Holidays The first is their light up tree perched atop the Music Hall Then across the street Check out the Holiday Ornaments Which have been on display since 1993 Another popular option which I’ve never gone to But heard nothing but good things about Is to see the Rockettes At the Christmas Spectacular Now tickets start at about $60 or so It runs until January 5th And I think this could be an interesting option For somebody that doesn’t want to go to a broadway show Or as an alternative to going to Broadway Now the show centers around New York City It centers around the Holiday Theme So it’s something very unique And different And honestly I think I may just have to go this year myself So put Radio City Music Hall on your radar For sure Well while you’re at Radio City Music Hall You might as well continue to see one of the most famous things in New York During this time of year The Holiday window displays The biggest one of course is to stop at Saks Fifth Ave and see their holiday light show Every 10 minutes stare up I promise you it’s not hard to miss And it’s really really good So bring your camera Of course don’t forget their window display Then start at 50th Street and 5th Ave And walk up towards Central Park Stopping at all cool displays and decorations That the many stores put up Make sure not to forget this, cut up Madison Ave to Bloomingdales They always have something special on display Last year it was the Grinch This year I hear it’s an out of the world cosmos And also if you have time Swing by Macy’s as well They’re really well known For their outlandish displays If you like this content And you want to become an even bigger insider Consider joining our Patreon Page We’ve got a lot of cool bonus materials on there Like extra videos Extra written PDF Guides To New York City Which I don’t publish anywhere else And of course Every dollar spent there Is going to come right back To making this channel as good as possible Thanks a lot guys I mentioned famous things to do in the City. For the Holidays And the number one thing that comes to mind for most people Who’ve never visited here Is the tree at Rockfeller Center Now I admit it’s big It’s grand It’s beautiful But it gets overwhelmingly crowded there So just make sure to have some patience When you’re walking around and taking photos Something that I’ve heard a lot of people have on their bucket list Is ice skating underneath the tree at Rockfeller Center It will cost you a lot of money It’s $35 for admission During peak holiday season And then another $18 for skate rentals But if it’s something you must do I say..go for it Also a little tip I have personally skated at Wollman Rink in Central Park And I find it far better Then the rink at Rockfeller Center I also like the atmosphere better In Central Park for ice skating So if you have to pick between the two I would say hit up Central Park For the first time Team Adriana and I Went out of our way to visit Miracle on Ninth.. A Holiday themed cocktail bar Big tip I recommend arriving their early We went less than an hour after it opened On a Friday The cocktails are 16 dollars. But suprisingly potent and tasty It’s like an alcoholic cookie Adriana had a run run rudolph Gin with prosecco, lemon and cane syrup And we actually ended up ordering another one.. It was that good The inside is decorated as campy and cheesy as you would expect for this type of bar But if you’re in the east village I actually think it’s worth stopping by Going to a Holiday Market Is one of the funnest free things you can do In New York City During the Holiday Season Now I made a whole video guide about this last year I recommend you check it out But a note.. Winterfest at the Brooklyn Museum Is cancelled this year Everything else is still going on My favorite is Bryant Park’s Winter Village To me it just has the perfect combination of location Overlooking the skyscrapers With some of the best selection of quirky, holiday gifts And it’s the cities only free ice skating rink Well if you happen to bring your skates with you Otherwise it’s $20 for a rental Insider tip this year you can actually reserve your skate times in advance Online I also love the Union Square Holiday market Not just for the gifts But the interesting food selections they had Venezuelan Hot Chocolate, Pieorgis from Veselka Brick Oven Pizza I recommend visiting as many of the markets as you can Because you’ll be supporting local businesses Especially the art shops And it’s a great place to get fun gifts for the whole family Whether you live around here or not This is probably my favorite thing on the entire list So of course I saved it for last But you have the opportunity every Sunday For the rest of December to ride.. a 1930s Subway Car All you have to do Is go to the Uptown F Tracks At the 2nd Ave Station At 10 o’clock 12 o’clock 2 o’clock or 4 o’clock departures With a big tip Arrive 30 minutes early so you can take some pictures And get some amazing video before the train takes off Team Adriana and I did this last year And it was epic Dress up for an extra fun experience There’s old subway ads They make this as legitimate an experience as possible There was even a guy taking pictures on a vintage camera The whole scene is so unique And then… you go ride into other stations And other people jump onto this mysterious train Of all the things on this list I think you really need to try this one trust me Guys tell me down below in the comments If I missed any holiday activity in New York City I’m curious Let’s let others know what’s out there And make sure to watch our other guides to New York City All linked down below in the description Thank you so much for watching as always Have a great holiday season Until next time.


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    It's good to be finally one of the first people to comment! I really want to take the time to really express my appreciation for you and your videos! I am currently studying Architecture & Environmental Design and I plan on moving to NYC from Baltimore, MD to continue my studies. I absolutely romanticize about NYC and you truly epitomize what it truly means to be a NYer. Keep up the great work and thanks for the inspiration!

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    You could do a holiday shopping video for nyc. Not like what to buy but where to go. The lists online donโ€™t really agree thatโ€™s all.

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    Thanks for the help man! Iโ€™ll be up there this season so may go check a few places out ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

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    Iโ€™m visiting NYC this year in December. Thank you for this video. Itโ€™s going to be helpful. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝโค๏ธ

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    I love Miracle! Atlanta has three locations for their pop up bar and the drinks are really good, just like you said.

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    December 10, 2019 3:01 pm

    My God, Jon. You'd wait 20 minutes for a hot chocolate!!! 2 minutes would be my maximum. I like to get a hot-choc from one of those little kiosks at Bryant Park and watch the ice skating. Merry Xmas to you and the Mrs.

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    I have been a subscriber and watching and enjoying your videos for a long time. I plan on making my first visit asap in 2020. Thanks so very much. Keep up the great work. Your videos are very helpful.

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    Thanks for your video n ideas. I want to chill out the 25th in the city then enjoy dinner at Tonyโ€™s Di Napoli.

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    Iโ€™m heading to NYC Dec 31st to Jan5; how much I need Jon? Just estimate
    I love your channel, Jon keep up the awesome content!

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    Finally rode the Nostalgia train the other day ago. I did the downtown route from 125th (it was super packed but I did get a seat) to 2av and rode it back up. so cool to see folks dressed in 1930s wear

  13. Food and Footprints

    December 10, 2019 5:58 pm

    Can make a whole day out of going to Dyker Heights and start off with some great food out in South Brooklyn


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