College Kids React To Try Not To Take Off Your Headphones Challenge

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– My ears feel so violated.
– (moist chewing) (high-pitched alarm)
– I cannot… lose! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are gonna
be doing a Try Not to Take Off Your Headphones Challenge.
– Ohhh. I’m scared. (chuckles)
– This is gonna be bad. This is gonna be bad.
– As a kid, when I used to go to concerts,
I used to sit next to the speakers. So, like, I’m not [bleep] [inaudible],
so it’s okay. – (FBE) Are you ready to do this?
– (chuckles, squeaks) No. These usually aren’t that fun. – I’m scared
for my eardrums right now. – Oh, ASMR.
– (loud crunching) [Bleep].
[Bleep] that’s loud. – This is my biggest pet peeve.
I hate listening to people chew. – I do not like the chewing.
I don’t under– ugh. Close your mouth, please. – (loud crunching)
– Ew, this one’s static-y. It’s not even in high quality. – I have body chills right now. This is not okay.
– Oh my god. (chuckles) Is it almost done?
Because I can’t. – Ew! No, no, no, no, no!
– (loud crunching) – Okay. That’s enough.
(buzzer) – Isn’t ASMR supposed
to be relaxing? – The onion rings
look good, though. And now I’m hungry.
Is this Try Not to Get Hungry Challenge?
‘Cause I failed. – (loud crunching)
– How loud can onion rings be?! Jesus Christ. Oh my god!
My ears are– I’m already ringing! It’s like eeee.
– It was just extra annoying. Extra, extra annoying
where I wanted to punch something. – It was annoying,
but it was tolerable. I had a feeling it was gonna
be a lot worse, though. (chuckles) ♪ (upbeat, distorted music) ♪
– Oh, god. This is horrible. Ah! – Oh, god! [Bleep] this!
Why is it so loud?! That’s my favorite dance
in Fortnite! That was even louder
than the first one! (buzzer)
– Fortnite annoys me. I love with an 11-year-old,
and I’ve just grown to hate it. ♪ (upbeat, distorted music) ♪ – (giggles) ♪ (distorted EDM music) ♪ – We should turn off the lights
and get some lasers going. ♪ (distorted rock music) ♪
– Okay, I like the– I actually really
like this. (chuckles) – I feel like I’m getting
into this one. – Yo, Fortnite dance challenge
number three, here we go. ♪ (distorted rock music) ♪ – Why? – Ah. – Ah, man! That’s annoying
and really loud. – (softly) Oh my god.
That was really hard to get through. – I thoroughly enjoyed
that, actually. It just reminded me
of being at a concert. – I’m sure one will mess me up,
and I’ll need therapy, but so far, so good. (distorted tone)
– What is this?! – Oh, [bleep]. (distorted tone)
– I feel like this is what you hear when you arrive
at the gates of hell. – Oh, that’s just pure terribleness.
(buzzer) – Okay.
It felt like my head was gonna explode.
(buzzer) – Are you guys showing me
the tape from “The Ring”? Do I have seven days
after this? Is this what this is? – Trying to stay calm. That made me just
wanna punch everything. – There’s nothing else
going on in that video. It’s just really meant
to make your ears bleed. – I feel like I’m doing good. Maybe
I just have a high pain tolerance. – (loud screaming)
– Ohh. I remember this trend. – This one’s just funny,
but I’m guessing you’re gonna play it a lot,
so I’m gonna get really annoyed. – It just makes you
wanna scream with it. (screams)
– Ahhh! Ahhh!
– (loud screaming) – We get it. (chuckles)
– I keep thinking it’s gonna be the last time.
– I keep thinking something different is gonna happen, though.
(chuckles) But nope! – (loud screaming) – Everything’s fine, little guy.
No, no. No need to scream. Okay. See?
I calmed him down. – When you scream
the inner rage that you have, you’re just able to do
everything after that. I really just kind of melted
after I shouted. I was like, yeah, no, I’m good.
This is fine. This is okay. – That one wasn’t as bad.
The other ones were just annoying. This one was, like,
it’s annoying, but it’s funny. ♪ (Toto, “Africa”) ♪ – This is a banger. What are you– – Oh, man. This sounds nice already,
so I know it’s gonna get worse. – (off-key) ♪ I hear the drums
echoing tonight ♪ – This made me so incredibly sad. I LOVE this song!
– (off-key) ♪ …hears only whispers of some quiet conversation ♪ – This is really off.
– This sounds Satanic. I don’t appreciate
what they’re doing to this bop. – (off-key) ♪ It’s gonna
take a while to drag me… ♪ – (chuckles) That’s [bleep]–
that’s bad. That is bad. – (off-key) ♪ There’s nothing that
a hundred men or more could ever do ♪ – (snapping)
– ♪ I bless the rains down… ♪ – Is this my cover? Did you guys
get me singing in the shower? – Why does it still slap, though?
It’s so bad, but it’s so good. – (chuckles) I’m so offended.
– That was so bad. That one didn’t make me
wanna take my headphones off. That one made me wanna die. (chuckles)
I wanna die now. – I love that song,
and it hurts now. The beat still slapped,
so I didn’t need to take my headphones off.
But that one tried me. – It’s unholy to be that off-pitch
with that type of song. You can’t tell me that you’re
gonna play this and have them singing, number one, off-key,
number two, way off beat, and expect me,
somebody who loves music, to be okay with that.
No! This is a sin. How dare you? – (sighs)
– (loud crunching) – I hate ASMR. – One right after the other.
This is also terrible. – (groans) That’s so bad.
– (loud crunching) – Why? Ahh.
I just don’t like the wet tongue sound.
(buzzer) – My ears feel so violated.
So violated. – People that chew like that
deserve to be put inside of asylums. – I don’t hate this
as much as I thought I would. – I had some pickles the other day.
I love pickles. – I’m not even kidding.
I’m not even kidding. That is the worst video
I have ever seen in my life, and I don’t wanna hear
this woman eating a pickle ever again in my whole life.
(buzzer) – (sighs) I just really
wanna know who said, “Why don’t I just sit
in front of my mic and chew on things
and turn this into content?” – The loud noises,
like the bass turned up, I can do fine.
But when it’s weird chewing noises, that’s when I have to tap out. (high-pitched alarm)
– God! No! “The loudest alarm sound ever”?
– OH, GOD! AHH! – No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no.
(buzzer) (high-pitched alarm) – (giggles)
(buzzer) – I don’t mind. O-kay!
Well, there it is. You got me. – (FBE) What happened?
– Oh, I don’t know. It’s just maybe the loudest
alarm sound ever, so… mm.
(buzzer) – AHHH! (laughs)
(buzzer) – I sleep through
all my alarms anyway, so, I mean, it’s not that bad. – But I doubt this is
the loudest alarm sound ever. (high-pitched alarm) – Stop. – I’m actually vibing to it. – I’m suffering through dance. – I need this as a ringtone. – I’m almost done
with the challenge. I cannot… lose! – That was a lot.
That was definitely a lot. – Am I done? Is it over?
– Oh my god. That was just so loud
and annoying and high-pitched. Nothing should ever
be that high-pitched. I don’t know. (chuckles) – (FBE) You just won this challenge.
– Huh? (laughs) (ding)
Can you guys hear anything? – Oh, yes!
I never win challenges. – I think my pride of winning
just got me through it. (ding)
– Oh my gosh. Those last two were difficult.
My head is literally buzzing from all that. It’s like,
okay, we need to chill. My ears are trying to get back to,
you know, what the room tone is. It’s fine.
– Almost won. Story of my life. I always get so close to winning
and then just, you know, when it comes down to crunch time,
last one… (sighs) couldn’t close! – Thanks for watching
College Kids React. Shoutout to MissFalling
and Sweatpants. – Subscribe and hit the bell
for more Try Not Tos. – Let us know in the comments
what hurts your ears. – Thanks for watching, guys. Bye!
– (loudly) Hey, guys! Ethan here from FBE!
Thank you so much for watching this episode!
And if you wanna check out more episodes, be sure
to click on some of those down below! BYE! Gah.
(headphones clatter)


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