Colombo Solo Adventure. Sri Lanka’s Big City. 🇱🇰


Okay, today is my last day in Colombo and Sri Lanka so, before I go, which delicious Sri Lankan tea should I pick before I go? Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, it should be this one. Okay. Lemon tea. Gonna get this drank and then go out, explore Colombo for one last day. Well, the sky is gray but it’s not raining yet so, gonna go out and have a wee explore. And this is the first place I’m gonna go to, The Dutch Burgher Union of Ceylon. Apparently I can get some really good food there. I’m gonna try and use Uber to get there. It says it’s only 9 minutes walk away but I’m gonna try to get Uber working after yesterday’s debacle. Well, my Uber account is still blocked so I’m downloading this app called Pick Me. Let’s see how long it takes to get this set up and hail a ride. No vehicles. Tuk tuk. 4 minutes coming. Book. Getting you a ride. Searching for your ride. Right. Look for this one, X. XY, XY 2588. Not you huh?
Meter, meter. Ah meter? Ah, no. It says my driver, oh you Pick Me? Yeah, yeah. XY, okay, correct one. This my first time using Pick Me. First time I try.
Dale? Dale, yes. I just signed up right now. It was quick. Thank you my friend. Very good. Thank you. Cheers. Okay, that was good. And now I’m going into the Dutch Burgher Union. Okay, nice and quiet. I think it must be about 11:30 or something so before the rush crowd. Hi. Hello. Well, I’ve never tried Lamprais, or “lump rice” which is basically a lump of rice mixed with meat and other stuff in a leave. And that’s a Sri Lankan speciality so it’s about time I tried it. Gonna give this one a go, Mixed Meat, Chicken Beef and Pork and they’re saying this dish came from the Burghers so that’s, should be good here, shouldn’t it? Well, looks like this is the chicken one they gave me. I asked for Chicken, Pork and Beef but this looks like chicken, vegetable cutlet and brinjal he’s saying, all mixed together. And this type of food, it would normally be like a packed lunch for somebody, like something to take away rather than to sit down and eat. And that’s why it’s conveniently wrapped in a leave. That is lovely and just what I needed, a nice brunch, because I didn’t order breakfast at the hotel. Demolishing this. Absolutely fantastic. Well, I made short work of that. [laughter] Okay, next Pick Me location, to the National Museum. Let’s give this one a go. The museum, uh?
Ah, museum, yes, okay. Okay, good. Okay. [beep] 85 rupees.
85, okay. Okay, here’s 100. Okay, keep the change. Okay, thank you. Bye. Okay. National Museum. Hi. Okay. Ah, hi. Okay. Thank you. Oh, and me? Huh? I have to put my bag away?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay so they just took my bag off me which is unfortunate because it’s got my Sprite Zero and I’m thirsty right now. Okay, so here’s the museum. Doesn’t look like there’s many people here, which I like. Here we are. Ah, good afternoon. This for tickets here, ah? Okay, let’s see. Foreign adult, 1,000. Okay. Wait, there’s combination tickets. Colombo National Museum and National Museum of Natural History. Well I don’t think I’m gonna go to that one. Think I’m just gonna go to this one. Hello. Just one ticket please. One thousand, yes? Only museum one?
Only this, yeah. One thousand.
Okay. Thank you. Well look at this silver gun that belonged to the last King of Kandy. Isn’t that magnificent? Bloody size of it. Oh, well I could do with using these right now. Yer man, sweating his arse off in here. I could do with some of these though. Stand in front of this. Aye, they’re a nice shape, aren’t they? Like two footballs. Not very natural looking but nice, but nice. Well, this is the most interesting part of museums for me. The weapons. I like to see what people used to kill each other with, back in the day. Quite interesting. Ah, the Sri Lankan Lion, just like the one on the Sri Lanka national flag, except this one, is clearly displaying, proudly, its meat and two veg. Fantastic. Okay, so these really creeps Sanni masks were used in ceremonies, rituals. Whenever there was a disease in the village people would dress up as these demons and performs a kind of dance like is going on here, to try and scare away the demons. Okay, so I didn’t spend a lot of time in there. It’s really hot today and there’s no air conditioning in there, just normal little fans. It’s very difficult to stand and read information about something when you’re pissing of sweat, just feeling uncomfortable, so gonna go find somewhere to maybe have a wee drink. Maybe find another Faluda somewhere. That would be nice. If we can find one. Well, the reason I’m not using Pick Me right now is I don’t really know where I’m going. I’m just going for a wee wander. So, I guess I’m gonna get all sweaty, ah? Oh this looks good. Coconut stand. Fancy some of that, right now. Dehydration. Who’s in charge here? Hi, I want one of these coconuts for drinking. Seventy, Seventy.
Seventy, ah okay. Okay.
Okay my friend. Who is the coconut man? He open the coconut? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ah, okay. I wait here, outside. Okay? Thank you. Ah, thank you. Whack. Okay, lovely. Thank you very much sir. Thank you. Good. How are you? Do you know around here where to get good Faluda? Faluda. Which shop? Same shop? He have? Ah, okay. Maybe after this. Okay, see you. Ah, that was nice. Right, ah, so that was really refreshing. Needed that one. Needed it. Right, onward we go. Not taking tuk tuk. Not taking the Pick Me ride now because I don’t really know where I’m going. Just going for a wee wander. That’s it. That’s how the best, funnest things happen. Just wandered into this temple that’s free to get in. Or at least, I didn’t pay to get in, I just wandered in. It looks like it’s a wee area for people to meditate in front of this beautiful tree. Look at it. Very nice. Nice lake area here with a temple and across the road, a mall. What do you think, temple or mall? Temple or mall? I think it’s gonna have to be the mall. I’m sweating my ass off right now. And I know, a mall is not very interesting but hey, I’ve shown the rough side of Colombo with that little coconut stand. I guess I should show a bit of the higher class end of Colombo and see if I can get maybe a nice drink in this mall. Well, security is tight but that’s alright. Let’s see what’s in this mall. Right, top floor’s got an international food court. There’s like Japanese, Singaporean, coffee shop, juice bar and Micky D’s as well but up here is Sri Lankan. Gonna see if I can get myself some hoppers. They’ve got an ‘All You Can Eat’ buffet. Open all lunch time for 750. That is cheap. I’m not hungry. I’m just looking for a wee snack. Hi. Hello. How are you? This only buffet or have A La Carte as well? Buffet and lamprais. Oh, buffet and lamprais. I can order, not order just one thing? Sorry?
Have A La Carte as well? Like order one thing? No, okay. Ah, only buffet and lamprais. Okay, no problem. Okay, well, although it is cheap, I’m not really. [laughter] It’s only like two hours since I’ve been to that Dutch Burgher cafe. Well, there’s not much in this mall that interests me so, gonna go back outside and I’ve just spotted a wee park in the middle of the lake there. Let’s go have a wee look at that. Huh? No, I don’t need a tuk tuk. I don’t know why you’re stalking me. Okay, over here looks like there’s a wee park connected by a bridge. That looks kinda cute. Gonna go over and have a wee look. Hey. Why you all staring at me?
Huh? Why everyone looking at me? I look strange? [laughter] How are you? What is over here? That is a park. Only a park, yeah? For walking around, yeah? Yeah, you can go. It’s nice? Okay. Go and see.
Go and see? I’ll go and see. I’ll let you know what I think. Okay, see you guys. Oh aye. So it is just a wee chill out area and all these little shaded bits where you can sit away from the sun. That’s nice isn’t it? Hi. Good afternoon. Oh and some, what are these? Ducks? This red stuff over its face. Very strange. Oh aye, so it looks like this park is just another area for smooching couples and we’ve even got the umbrella smooching couples, just like in Galle. Like in Galle Fort, I found another wee area. Unfortunately I’m the odd one out here because everybody, every guy here with his girlfriend. And me, on my Todd. On my Todd Sloan, walking around, while guys and girls smooch. Spy on them again, just like in Galle. This is lovely. Again, every bench taken. Just like in Galle where every little alcove was taken, you have to get here early to reserve your spot for your smooching. For your afternoon smooch with your loved one. And these three the odd ones out. I dunno if they’re a couple, or a triplet or whatever you call, that. Hi, good afternoon. How are you? Hi. Why people stare at me? [laughter] It’s really weird. I feel like I should say something when they stare at me. Otherwise it’s just awkward, right? Usually just say good afternoon. Good afternoon. [laughter] Right, these guys again. I bet they all stare at me in unison as I walk towards them. What are they doing, sitting there? They’re doing something suspicious. What are these little scallywags up to? Doing something. Oh, taking photos for his Instagram. Hi. It’s nice. This a place for a boy and girlfriend to come, right? Yeah.
This kind of place, okay. Okay I go to find myself Sri Lankan girlfriend and I come back. Okay? Sure.
Okay, see you. Bye. What’s this guy selling? What is it, mango?
Yes sir. I thought mango not in season right now. I haven’t seen mango anywhere. This mango, for one bag how much? One bag hundred. One bag hundred.
You want this one? No I want cut, like this, yes? This one hundred. Can I taste first? Try, try. Okay. Oh, good. Everyone say to me “mango not in season right now.” Now June. Okay, and this, with the skin on. How do I eat this? I eat the skin or no? I eat this part? Eat? Oh nice. This more yellow? Oh very nice. Very sweet. Okay, I buy one bag from you. Just this bag, yeah? This salt and. No, I don’t need this. It’s perfect taste on its own. Where can I put this my friend, throw? Ah, down here. Okay. Okay, one hundred?
Yes. Okay, I give you two hundred because you very nice man. Okay, no problem my friend. Okay, see you. Goodbye. Lovely. It’s the first time I’ve seen mango on this trip. Everywhere I’ve been going they’ve said it’s out of season and for some reason this guy’s got it, and it’s delicious. Tastes ripe and delicious. Cheeky little monkeys. It’s a video, not a camera. How are you? Okay tell everyone your name. Tell everyone your name. Say hello to everyone. Say hello, say hello. Say hello to everyone. Say hello, hello. These cheeky little monkeys. Why you stop here? Are you a teacher? Teacher? It’s bus driver? Yeah. Say hello. They have too much energy. They have too much. Why you stop here? Why you stop here? Why? The bus break?
Yes, yes. Oh, the bus is broken? Ah, okay. Help him fix it. Help him fix it. It’s the engine? Engine? Engine broke.
Broken? Ah, okay. Fix it.
What? Fix it.
Okay, you go fix it. You have what? 30 boys? You can all push. Everyone push. Come on. Everyone. Together. Where you come from? Why you go to school at this time? This lunch time?
Yes. Today you do what? You in the school or go somewhere? Your favourite sport?
My favourite sport is football. Football, yes.
Yes, you know football? Football, yeah good.
Me like Messi. What football team the best? Glasgow Rangers, right? Glasgow Rangers.
Barcelona. Rangers. Say Rangers, say Rangers, say Rangers. Rangers.
Yes, it’s Rangers. He knows. That’s why he’s wearing blue. Okay. Now you go to school or you go a trip somewhere? You go somewhere?
We go home. You go home now?
Yes. It’s like 1 pm or 1:30 pm. Why you get to go home so early? This is Iron Man. This is Spider-Man. This is Spider-Man? Why you get to go home so early? This only like 1:30 pm. Oh. You starting early and finish early?
Oh, oh. Okay. Ah, good. Okay. Now do what? Go play X-Box, play PlayStation? PlayStation.
Play PlayStation. Yes. What game good on the PlayStation? FIFA. GTA 5.
FIFA, ah? Ah good. Ah. GTA? GTA 5? You’re too small for GTA 5. This is for big people. Okay, see you. Okay, go, go, go, go, go. Go home, play Fortnite, have fun, okay, bye. [laughter] See you. Wow, they have so much energy. [laughter] Crazy kids. It looks like they’ve got the bus working. Hey, bye, bye. Stay safe, right. Stay safe. See you. Bye. Friendly kids. I wish Scottish kids were as friendly as that. It would be nice. Hi, my friend. Okay, on you go. So it looks like this is taking me up to the Galle Face or Colombo Fort area. I don’t have much of a plan right now. I’m just, basically, wandering about until it starts raining and then I’m gonna head back to the hotel if it does start raining. Hi, good afternoon. Go for a wander. Oh look at this. It’s an old junk shop. All sorts of stuff going on here like scary Annabelle dolls, random Hello Kitty stuff and just random bric-a-brac, and this looks like Bagpuss. All sorts of weird and wonderful stuff. Wonder if they’ll let me come in and just have a wee wander around. Aye. Old Sony VHS player there. How are you my friend?
Ah, good brother. Is it okay I look around your shop?
Oh look around shop. Okay.
No problem. It’s like, same like museum.
Yes. This same like museum. You have old Sony VHS and everything. Everything.
Very good, yes. Ah where?
From Italia. Ah, from Italy? Everything?
Yes. All things. How you get them? On a ship bringing a big eh?
Ship, ship, container. Ah, so you buy one container? Ah.
I bought a 40 feet container. Ah, how much it cost you to buy one container from? 40, 45 lahks. More than 45 lakhs. 45 lakhs and this is all things that people in Italy give away, for put in a container, yes? Yes some maybe, there my cousin be living there. Ah, oh you have friends living in Italy? Ah, so they find this stuff, they put in container, and you buy from them. Shipping over, 40, 45 lakhs. Ah, okay. Then you are selling here. Ah.
I from? Me, I’m from Scotland. You know Scotland, yes? Oh Scotlands is most people are peaceful world. Is most peaceful, ah, country in the world. Yes, it’s very peaceful. Yes.
Very, very peaceful there. I like it. [inaudible] What is this? This your country. This, eh, Switzerland. This Switzerland, right? Yes. This is the most, no, not my country. This Switzerland. My country Scotland. Ah, Scotland.
You know Scotland? We are beside England but much more better than England. You know? Now, no going?
Now, I finished my holiday. Today finish my holiday. Before I go to Batticaloa and Trincomalee. Yeah, and now.
No Kandy going? Ah, last time. This, three times in Sri Lanka. I love Sri Lanka so every time I come back again and again. Three times, yeah. It’s a very nice country to visit. Yes. Many different kind of people, different kind of things, yes? Have Sinhalese and Tamil and Muslim and many, many, Dutch Burghers, many different types of people in one country. It’s very nice to see. You Muslim, ah? Salam Alaikum, Salam Alaikum. Ah.
Alaikum Salam. This Arabic language, yes? You say the same in here for ‘peace be upon you’ you are saying Salam Alaikum or something else? You’re saying Salam? Salam. You’re saying Salam Alaikum. Oh, good. Good. [sigh] Now very, very hot. [laughter]
Very hot. I go eh.
If you need cold within one hour you can go. Yes.
You can got the cold. Yes. That is a better Sri Lanka. That is a world good country in the weather. Yes. But to do, this politicians, some problems. Oh, every country, the politicians make the problems, yes? This too much.
Yes. This country, too much problem.
Yes. You think all because of the politicians, yes? Politician. 100% politician. 100% the politicians, yeah. Too much problem.
Ah, okay. You know, now no peaceful, no? Ah, okay, yeah I know, I know. I read on the news. Yeah. Ah, sometimes we are wearing like this, [inaudible] dress. Like this, sometime I am going road, sometime some people look like this. Oh really, ah? Ah, okay.
Before no like this. Before calm.
Before everyone just happy and peaceful with each other? And now different? Ah, it’s very sad. Very sad to hear this. Ah. But I can’t affect anyone. I have to do only by Allah. Yes, of course. That’s all you have to think about, right? Yeah, I enjoy myself. Yes.
With my family. With I enjoy myself. Ah good.
You can’t think others. Okay, you do you. You are good. [inaudible] Yes, you do your thing and you do your thing and look after yourself and your. Good. Your family and your religion, right? I do myself. You good, I do my good, good follow good. Yes, this is the best way to live life, right? You sending bad, you follow bad.
Yes. That is my opinion. Yes, of course. You do not what other people are doing. You just look after yourself, make sure you are doing good things yourself and don’t worry, right? My friend, anyone, you have problem, I do want to do good. Okay, good.
You need eating, and got the no money, I pay. Ah, really, ah? Ah. Something happens, have problem in road, I come for assist you. Ah, yeah, this a good attitude to have. Good attitude. We are all human, no? Yeah, everyone.
[inaudible] respect, no? Everyone is human. Yes. [inaudible] respect, no? Someone not respect others. Oh really, ah? Ah, okay, that’s sad to hear this. Good, nice to see you. Okay, okay.
Okay, see you, bye. Very nice shop. Okay. Well there’s the Lotus Tower in the background there. Apparently that’s going to be an observation point in the future but it’s not open right now though, unfortunately. Because that would be a cracking view from up there. But I’ve just noticed this, The Cue. It’s a Billiards, Snooker and Cafe. You can play pool and have a burger Or some chicken and rice it looks like. I’m gonna go and have a wee look and see what’s in there. Hello. Hello. Can I look around? I just want to have a look to see the pool hall. Hello. How are you? How are you? Where is snooker? Sorry?
Eh, snooker. Go, go up? I just want to have a look. Thank you. Okay, up here. Ground floor. Hi, how are you? [inaudible] is outside. Up, up here, yeah? Up and around? Okay, thank you. Welcome. Let’s have a look. Wish I was here with a friend. It’d be useful. Okay, through here. Oh there we go. So it is just one table. Hi, sorry, I just want to have a look around. I thought this was interesting. Yes? Can I come in? Is that okay? Come in, come in. Okay. Oh, that’s a very nice table. Very good condition.
[inaudible] here in Sri Lanka. Ah, okay. That’s hand sewn cloth. Ah yeah, very good. Ah, very nice. I was not expecting it to be so perfect. Yes. Very good. He is the table repair man. Ah, really, ah? Ah, okay, really? But he is, eh? He is the table professional. The table professional, what for player? Make. Oh, for making? Ah, okay. You are making the best tables in Sri Lanka? Yes. And which man is the best player in Sri Lanka? Do you know?
Susantha Boteju. Ah, what number in the world will he be? Ah, no. Not yet. Not yet, ah? He playing in the World Championship or anything? He played, several times he plays. Now he is an old [inaudible]. 52 years now he is. Oh, he’s 52 years old? He’s come place. He must come up. Maybe they will be they new best Sri Lankan in the world. Ah, okay. Okay, I will keep watching snooker in my country and watch to see if one of these boys is coming. Which? Ah, Scotland, Scotland.
Ah. We have, you know Stephen Hendry and John Higgins? Yes?
Yeah, yeah. Stephen Hendry.
Yes. Stephen Hendry, yes. Peter Gilchrist, he plays for Singapore but is Ireland.
Yes. Okay, nice to see you guys. Have fun. Okay, see you. Bye. Hello. Thank you, thank you. Okay, look what I’ve just spotted. Another coconut man. Never miss an opportunity for a nice coconut. Hello. How are you? How much are the coconuts? 80. 80 rupees? Okay, can I have one please? Thank you. Okay. You have camera?
Ah, yes. You look like a dangerous woman with this knife. You are scaring me right now. [laughter] Not hurt me, okay? Only hit the coconut. Okay. Dangerous woman. You scared? You scared when you see her with the knife? I want to run away, run away. [laughter] Okay, great. Any straw or I drink with my mouth? Like this?
Okay. I dunno. I’m gonna make a mess. Yeah, straw I need. Can you put one in here please? Thank you. You are very nice. Thank you. Very nice. Ah, looks like the train is coming. That’s why they’re putting down these barriers. That’ll be cool. I just stand here, drink my coconut and wait for the train to go past. Oh, it is an actual station right here. Wonder if I could take that somewhere. Okay, so here I am, back in Galle Face Green. The last time I was here, In Colombo, this place was full of people flying kites and eating in these little stalls and stuff. Now it’s empty. It’s a windy day and it’s a week day. So, the place kinda deserted but hopefully one of these places are open because they were serving these kinda crab fritter things that I wanted to try but I wasn’t, wasn’t really that hungry. Again, umbrella, smooching couple. But, aye, it does look like all these huts are closed. And, eh, yes. Nobody even at the beach, because look at this. The tide right in and really windy, so that’s unfortunate, isn’t it? Maybe I’ll take a wee wander up there anyway to see if one of these stalls is open. Okay, so there’s the Lotus Tower there again in the background. You can see it from loads of places in Sri Lanka so that’s really nice, and then obviously this looks pretty ugly. All this construction that’s going on right now but I think when it’s all done this whole beach front area is going to look beautiful. That’s it. Looks like they’re just going through a period of development. That’s why it’s all happening at once, all this different construction. Hello. Just looking. What is this? Sweet, sweet. Sri Lanka sweet.
It’s sweet? Sri Lanka sweet?
Yeah. What’s the name for this? Ah, Sri Lanka name, Saravita. Saravita? Ah, okay. Ah, how much costing one? Ah, 50 rupees. 50 rupees for one, ah? Okay. I can try? I put. Okay. This sugar? Yeah, sugar. What else? This? [inaudible] Okay. Honey, honey. Honey? Okay, nice. And I just eat like this? Ah, okay. You.
Okay. Oh. Oh my god. [laughter] What is this? Ugh. Oh my god. It’s not a good taste for me. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Where’s my water? Well, that was not the best 50 rupees I’ve ever spent in my life. Oh. Just what a weird feeling. I got that initial sweetness of the sugar and the honey, and I’m thinking oh this is quite nice and then I bite down and it’s some kind of like, oh how could I describe it? It’s like a mix between aniseed, and like tree bark and like, some kinda inedible, kinda spice. Ah, it was really weird. Okay, so the reason for all these India flags mixed in with the Sri Lanka flags is the Prime Minister of India, Modi, he is in Sri Lanka today. He’s in Colombo, somewhere, having a wee meeting. Look at this guy, stopping and beeping at me. What does he want? He’s gonna show me something anyway. What’s that? How are you? You seem very friendly. You are from?
From Scotland. Nice to meet you.
Pleased to meet you. Okay see you.
When you came Sri Lanka? Okay, I go this way. Sorry. Okay, and.
[shouting] Okay, I’m trying to talk to my camera here.
[shouting] What’s that? What is it? what is it? Ah very nice. Okay, very nice.
Red Mosque. Church.
Church, yeah, church. The Red Mosque. Lake.
Okay. I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen everything. Have you see elephant?
Yes, yes, I’ve seen. Elephant dance.
Elephant dance? What’s elephant dance? What this?
Because today Buddha’s birthday. Buddha’s birthday?
You know. Nah, where about? Where? Today the temple in the elephant, lot of elephant. The name for temple, what? Temple what? Eh, Elephant Park. Elephant Park?
Yeah. I don’t know about this one.
You can see, you don’t know. Okay, what.
Come, I show you. Very lucky. No, no, what time this open until?
Now start. Now start? Until what time?
10 minute. Another 10 minutes.
10 minutes? Ah, okay.
You very lucky today. Oh, what, Colombo 05? Colombo where? What number Colombo? Colombo 07 sir. Colombo 07? Okay, I’m walking down, I’m walking down this way now.
No, no, no, I will. Hundred rupees. No, I like to walking, walking. Give a hundred rupees. Ah? Hundred. Ah, nah. I’m just going to walk. I’m just going to walk. It’s the Elephant Park? Now start. Okay, I find on Google Maps. Don’t forget the chance. Okay I find Google Maps. Elephant Park, right? You give 100 rupees, come I drop. No, I’m walking this way because I want to see other things on the way. Okay? Elephant Park, yes? Give the hundred rupees. Ah, no, I no need. I like to use my legs. Two strong legs. My friend also, you are very happy, I am happy. Elephant Park, right? Elephant dance? I’m walking to see this. No, the tuk-tuk 2 or 3 minutes. 2 or 3 minutes. If it’s 2 or 3 minutes by that, I can do 10 minutes walking. It’s two or three minutes by tuk-tuk, okay? Come, I show you. No, I don’t want to. I want to walk.
Hundred rupees. I want to walk.
100 rupees. It’s the, I don’t care, it’s the Elephant Park, right? You don’t know sir. That is not on the map. Not on Google Maps? Not through the Google. Not a big thing? Small thing? Yeah, it’s different status. Ah, okay. I show you places. I don’t want anything. Ah, really? You want anything?
You give me hundred rupees. Okay, bye. I see you later, okay? I’m going to walk around this way. Don’t forget your chance.
Colombo 07? Okay. Colombo 07?
Don’t squander the chance. Okay, Colombo 07, yes? Colombo 07, yes? Okay, I’m walking now. You don’t know that area. Uh? I will just walk around. I will ask people, find. Because I like walking everywhere, yes. Drop the hundred rupees. Hundred rupees. Ah, I don’t need, I don’t need. It was nice of you to tell me though about this elephant place. Okay. Okay, see you. I could use the small something to help me. Uh? Small something.
Small something to help you? What? Pick people up. Take them places. They give you money. That’s how a tuk-tuk works, right? [laughter] Not today, have sir today raining. Today raining, ah? Okay, I see you. Small something, small something. Okay, I go to the Elephant Park now. You give small something.
Okay, thank you, see you, bye. There he is again on the other side of the road, chasing a tourist. Oh this guy doing a u-turn. I think specifically for my benefit. Think that’s what it’s all about. What? Uh? Hi, nice to see you, yeah. Okay. It’s weird, look. All these fair, normal tuk-tuk drivers not stopping. And then this one guys who’s actually going on the opposite side of the road doing an actual u-turn to come and speak to me. Aye, he definitely wants something. Unfortunately for him, that’s my hotel right up there. So, haha, he’s got zero chance. Uh? What? Is there a problem? What you need? Uh?
You need you help? No I don’t need you help. Why you think I need help? Why would you think I need help? I’m just walking down the street. Excuse me but.
No, yeah, okay, you’re excused. Okay, this one’s getting ignored. I’ve no time for it. One idiot tuk-tuk driver to be talking to is enough. Another one beeping at me. Okay. [laughter] Bloody chancers. Right, gonna go to my hotel and have a wee swim. Oh, yeah. That’s nice. That is nice. Oh yeah. Well after sweating all day, this is nice. This guy vlogging. I’m vlogging the guy who’s vlogging. Hello my friend. I came back to see if you have the Crab Kottu. We have a Crab Kottu. You have it this time? Okay, I want to try it please. Are you okay normal spicy? Eh, normal spicy?
Yeah, yeah. How spicy is normal spicy? It’s normal for Sri Lankans. But I’m not sure how spicy for you. Okay, I’m gonna try. I’ll try it. Okay. I pay here before or after? Here.
Before, yeah? Oh, what are the extras? Yeah, whatever you want extra we can put in. Oh, I can have some extra things? Yeah, whatever you can. Oh, maybe eh, ho, ho. Maybe extra egg and extra cheese. Sure. Extra cheese and also egg? Yes. That should be enough, right? Yeah, I think we are good. Okay, thank you. Okay, for me? Oh very nice. Thank you.
You’re welcome. Okay. Let’s get stuck into this, Crab Kottu with egg and cheese. Okay. That’s it from me and that’s it from Colombo and Sri Lanka because I’m flying out of here in a couple of hours and I will of course be using Pick Me to choose my cab to take me to the airport. Ah, I hope you have enjoyed this Sri Lanka video series. I have put quite a few videos out about Sri Lanka but the next videos, I think, are gonna be from another country. I just don’t want my channel to be centered around only Sri Lanka videos and only have a kinda viewer base that is only interested in Sri Lanka videos. I’d definitely like to expand to other countries. Maybe Vietnam. Maybe do some in Thailand. Maybe do some in India. Haven’t really decided yet but I’m pretty sure I will be back in Sri Lanka within the next year. Maybe as soon as December. I haven’t decided yet. Ah, two Decembers ago I went to Ella and Hatton and just did a load of hiking and it was lovely because that’s the peak time for weather. Right now, I’m filming this in June, and I really struggled. I really struggled with the weather at this time of year. 36 degrees and really high humidity in Batticaloa and Trincomalee. It was pretty tough for me so I would like, I do have good memories of that two years ago in Ella hiking with the nice fresh air, up in the Central Highlands. I’d really like to do that again. Maybe this time take my camera and make some videos. But yeah, if you have enjoyed this video. If you have enjoyed the other videos, please thumbs up for all of them. It helps the channel grow. Please make sure you’re subscribed so that you see future videos. And I will see you guys soon, on the next video, from whichever country that will be. I haven’t even decided yet. [laughter] Cheers.


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  1. Dale Philip

    September 8, 2019 11:09 am

    See more of me in Wonderboy's Motorbike Adventure in Jaffna video: and catch me on Instagram:

  2. Paul Allen

    September 12, 2019 11:26 am

    Well done Dale loved watching your travels in Sri Lanka and thank you for sharing very inspiring. I want to visit the eco lodge looks stunning . Look forward to seeing more adventures. Cheers.

  3. Amaa IT Solutions

    September 12, 2019 11:29 am

    glad you are back in SL. Make sure you use uber or pick me taxi services or a metered taxi.. avoid people who follow and promise to show you around especially tuk tuk drivers. If those services unavailable the area where you are in discuss the price first and jump. enjoy!! In the past days there are lot of scammers who snitch tourists but also locals.
    One point i would like to mention there are some gem sellers not in rathnapura (the place small gem sellers who meet brokers and buyers)who will ask you for a very cheap price for some gems which they will tell you a big story along with. Those are not gems, just glass balls. Avoid those people and if they are forceful just call 119 (Sri lanka police like 911 in USA) or contact a police officer. Have a safe journey!!

  4. Eshan Perera

    September 12, 2019 12:53 pm

    Thanks Dale for visiting our country. I hope you have been treated by lovely gesture of Sri lankan people. Come back again and safe flight

  5. Vasieegaran Shanmugarajah

    September 12, 2019 9:18 pm

    Thanks, Dale for the beautiful videos of Sri Lanka, being a Sri Lankan currently in Dubai but very rarely visit my country. Your videos made think like I'm in Sri Lanka. Thank you again, looking forward to seeing your new adventure in other countries. But hope to see you in Sri Lanka again.

  6. DamLit Productions

    September 13, 2019 7:01 am

    Dale watch this video back when u feel down,,Your a fncking Good Man, You gonna go long way my friend,……..pays to visit INDIA MATE…

  7. Gihan Galapayage

    September 13, 2019 8:37 am

    Why you always dumping the king coconut when you can eat the sweet flesh inside it? 😒😒😒

  8. Gihan Galapayage

    September 13, 2019 8:58 am

    Every time like, you know Scotland? It's much better than England! 🤣🤣🤣
    You're the man Dale! Enjoy!

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    September 14, 2019 2:21 pm

    This man never learned the lesson. haha..Saravitaaaaa..
    Your vlogging has improved a lot. Nice and Much Friendlier now.
    Good Luck..

  10. Chamalka madhurawala

    September 14, 2019 8:21 pm

    U gave extra money to kindness peoples …not bad peoples … ❤️❤️❤️ Come again to my country …❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  12. Sam S

    September 15, 2019 8:40 am

    That thing you ate at Galle face is the same thing you ate at the train station in Trinco. Betel leaves but with a different twist. It was funny to watch your face and for a minute I wasn’t sure you liked it or hated it haha Well the spitting it all part confirmed that one.

    Kinda sad to hear from the Muslim man that all Muslims are looked upon with suspicion after the bombings. Not good in a multicultural society like Sri Lanka where the Buddhist Sinhalese, the predominantly Hindu Tamils and minority Muslims and Christians from both ethnicities have to coexist.


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