Come cercare voli economici /How to find cheap flights

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Hi, how are you? I am Elisa Barni and this is my first vlog About how to travel and watch out the budget One day I was speaking with my friend I told her I found out a cheap flight 40 euros two and we can go to Malta or to Puglia she was very surprising and she ask me how I could find these cheap flights From this situation I had an idea I am used to look for cheap flights I do it once per week on the various websites For me it is very easy but for people that does not use this websites they do not know where to search From this situation, I had an idea why not share my passion!? with people that does not know where to find cheap flights But they would like to have the opportunity to travel with low budget First of all Do you know that it is possible to travel with less than 20 euros? yes, you can do it but you should have 2 presuppositions It will never be the place you want to go lucky cases are the exceptions It will never be the dates you want to go for example From January I took 6 flights 3 trips and my flight to come to Valencia and for no one of them I spend more than 10 euros So for 2 ways 20 euros ( now i will talk about the new priority law of ryanair) the priority costs from 7 to 10 euros At the end 30euros for 2 ways it is cheaper than some bus Now I will show Where I look for flights 2 main apps I am using ryanair from my computer where I am not sure where I want to go because from the computer it has more options the other application is skyscanner I have downloaded directed to my phone From there you can find all flights from all airlines companies But watch out because sometime it redirects you to another online agency and they have extra costs so you should use Skyscanner just to see your options then you should go direct to the airlines websites now I will shoe you this is skyscanner it finds both flights and hotels the good thing is that it shows you the date for this weekend or the next one also the upcoming months my favorite options is explore everywhere with this you can choose when to travel and the city of departure and it shows the most cheap flights as you can see In June from pisa I can go to Spain you can go to Girona or Valencia or I can go to France By clicking on the green bottom now it is loading all the offers there is this flight at 38euros another good option is when you know where to go but you not know from which airports I usually put Italy to my destination then I can see from which airport I have the cheap flight As I showed you how to use skyscanner now I will show you from your computer from ryanair website you should click on EXPLORE then FIND FARES from here you can decide from which airport you want to leave to everywhere with a budget with less than 50 euros you can choose the dates in which you want to travel Also you can choose the all month To have 2 ways you should click on travel length and then you choose how many days you want to travel then you choose which type of travel you want to do these are my options from Valencia Now you have seen how I find out cheap flights however, it depends when you will book I suggest you to travel in off seasons, because you can spent only 10 euros I saw some of these flights Another important thing is that with Ryanair you should also pay the seats, and if you are a group and you do not pay the seats will be random and far from each others But I know a trick to get the best seats I will tell it in the next video, bye Guys, thanks for watching


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