Commercial Crew: Meet the Flight Test Crews

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NASA Administrator: Introducing NASA Astronaut Bob Behnken BEHNKEN: I think if you ask any of us, as
graduates of a test pilot school program, what we wanted to do as the dream job, it
would be part of the development of a new spacecraft. NASA Administrator: Introducing Boeing Astronaut Chris Ferguson announcement. FERGUSON: There’s just something about going
to space that has always been special. And I always thought I could satisfy my curiosity
by going one time, and I quickly found out that didn’t work. Space is—there’s something magnetic about
it. NASA Administrator: Introducing NASA Astronaut Doug Hurley HURLEY: You as one of the astronauts flying
the vehicle, how you interact with that vehicle, whether it’s controlling it, whether it’s
monitoring it, whether it’s living in it, and getting it to the space station and back,
I mean that’s really what we bring to the table. NASA Administrator: Introducing NASA Astronaut Eric Boe. BOE: We have simulators now, we have all these
things that are mainly hardware, things you can really touch and feel, and you realize
it’s getting close, and so to me that’s what really makes this time exciting because
you can really imagine it now because you’ve got the hardware and you know it’s going
to go into space here shortly. NASA Administrator: Introducing NASA Astronaut Nicole Mann. MANN: I’m most looking forward to launching
from American soil, and then when I do get to space, looking back and seeing earth and
seeing America, and all the people who have worked so hard to make this possible, and
I look forward to sharing that moment with everybody.


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