Community is a Journey

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– [Eric] How we start our day matters. Hey good morning! I want that eyeball-to-eyeball
opportunity, every single morning
with every single child. – [Sa’maya] It’s just a really fun school, and to be the first person to come in here is like a good opportunity. – [Eric] This is day 20 with students, and what Microsoft brings to education is second to none. – [Mark] Eric, how ’bout if you tell us just a bit about the campus? – Any advice or thoughts for others that are going through that same process? – [Eric] Any time you have partners like a Microsoft is amazing. I mean, we’re looking for
all sorts of partners, unlike most cities at
100,000 population or less, to have an art institute,
a music institute, an amazing public library, a planetarium, all on the campus. Those are great learning experiences. So it’s important to me that
my staff lets kids create. – [Sa’maya] Right now, we’re learning how to play the violin. I don’t think of myself as that good yet, but if I strive for perfection, then I think I will become good. – When thinking about technology, it’s only one piece of the puzzle, but you use active learning spaces to support student-centered
approaches to learning. – Our hope and dream is that we can create best practices that will be role models for every new school creation
all around the world. – [Tood] We love that our
students are using tools that they’ll use in the industry, like Teams, and Skype, and Flipgrid. But then also, the vision of the school and the vision of Microsoft are aligned, because the foundation of a school is built around having an environment where students can come in and feel safe. – [Eric] Working with Microsoft, that has a similar
philosophy on education, we’re gonna continue to grow, develop that mindset that
anything is possible, and that we’re all in this together. – I understand, because I’m from Flint, don’t let anybody tell
you that just because you’re from Flint,
Michigan, or whatever city, that you can’t be somebody
that you know you can be. – I’m going to be that person that really cares about
you no matter what. Maybe you mess up one day. That’s fine, we’re all
gonna have bad days. You’re gonna come here every day, we’re gonna have a fresh start, and you’re important to me. – I never been to a school like this ever, and it actually feels like my home now.


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