Contact Lenses for Beginners | How to Put in Contacts


So if you are just beginning to wear
contact lenses then this is the video for you because I’m gonna show you how
to put in contacts easily and without hurting yourself
let’s take a look. Hello and welcome I’m dr. Joseph Allen I’m the host here on doctor
eye health the channel helps you learn all about the eyes, vision and finding the
best vision products so if you new here to the channel consider subscribing! Now
before I start showing you how to put in contacts us want to say this best for
you to have already done through a type of fitting course with an eye care
professional at your eye clinic or an optical because with that hands-on
training that’s going to give you the best chance of success with contact
lenses because they can actually guide you through really how to put them in
how they want you to actually handle the contact lenses and they can troubleshoot
any sort of problems you may have also just on the off chance that you do end
up hurting your eye you’ll be at the eye clinic so that the doctor can take care
of you right away but assuming you’ve already gone through that fitting course
and you’re still having difficulties then this video is gonna help you out
let’s get to it now the first thing is you need to wash
your hands lots of microorganisms bacteria can live on your hands same
thing with lots of grease and germs just make sure you wash all those off then
you need to dry your hands thoroughly best using some type of a cloth or a
towel that is lint-free otherwise a little fibers of lint will get stuck in
your finger and that gets on the lens and then that can get to your eye and
then the lens won’t be comfortable now though the hands are clean and dry from
any lint you want to verify your contact lens prescriptions it is best to always
start with the same eye every time you put in your contact lenses because I am
right hand dominant I’m actually gonna put in my right eye first
now some contact lenses do come in little glass vials but most of the time
you’ll see him in a little blister pack like this one here basically you just
open the blister pack or the bottle and the lens should be inside to remove the
contact lens use the padding of your pointer finger to pick up the lens being
careful not to hit it with your fingernail as that could actually damage
the lenses and if you have long fingernails consider clipping them
because that’ll reduce your chance of hurting your eyes again it’s best to put
the contact lens on the pointer finger of your dominant hand because that’s
gonna give you more control now you actually want to inspect the lens for
any sort of defects that means if you see any sort of chipping any sort of
like wrinkled edges or if it’s already or torn then you’re not gonna want to
put that in your eye you’re gonna want to discard that lens and open a new one
no you really want to pay attention to this part because this part is really
important for having good comfort in your lenses soft lenses like this one
actually have a correct way that they sit on the eye but they can also be
inside-out and you don’t want to be putting a lens that’s inside-out on the
eye because it’ll slide around and won’t be comfortable and it’ll give you kind
of variable fluctuating vision to check if the soft lens is the correct way or
if it’s inside out you actually want to look at it from the side if the lens is
sitting the correct way it should look like a perfect bowl like in this image
here otherwise if it is inside-out it’ll look more like this image with the edges
kind of flange about word if you’re having trouble seeing that then another
cool way to do it is called the taco test and that means if the lens is
actually sitting the correct way and you pinch it from the sides it’ll actually
fold in on itself looking like a taco if the lens is
inside out when you pinch on it it’ll actually again fall outward and it won’t
actually sit correctly it’ll basically fight against itself hey are you getting
value out of this if so smash that like button for me now if you’re like me you
can put your contacts in staring into a mirror upright or you can look down onto
a mirror on the counter as well now this part here is the real secret to getting
your contact lenses easily and that is controlling your eyelids for most people
the actual difficulty of getting contact lenses in is because they’re very
sensitive about anything coming toward their eyes and so by controlling your
eyelids and keeping them open the lid won’t come down hit the lens it won’t
fall out now the secret of controlling the eyelids is actually to use both
hands I use my non-dominant hand of the middle finger to hold the eyelid at the
very top edge of that upper eyelid and I actually hold it to the orbital bone
that way the upper eyelid doesn’t really move anywhere then I use my dominant
hand middle finger with the lens on the pointer finger and I hold the lower
eyelid with that middle finger and then I can just put the lens directly on to
the cornea bringing that contact lens to the eye can be a little scary sometimes
but the lens actually acts as a shield so it actually protects your eye from
feeling anything so yeah touching the eye with the finger with the contact
lens in place shouldn’t really feel anything again don’t feel
discouraged if it touches the lashes and it falls out just clean up the lens a
little bit with some solution and try again now there is the optional step of
using one single drop of solution into the lens just to give it a little bit
extra cushion some people find that a little bit more comfortable one more
time I’m gonna show you how that works again I hold the top eyelid right in the
middle I’m gonna hold the bottom eyelid right in the middle and then I’m just
gonna put the lens straight onto the eye and blink a few times there we go
now right away when you put the contact lenses in don’t expect your vision to be
perfect right off the bat a lot of times the lenses do have to settle on the eye
for the first couple of minutes before your vision really starts to dial in
especially if you’re somebody who has an astigmatism or a toric contact lens
that sort of lens actually has a weight built into it so if the lens isn’t
sitting just right give it some time that weight and the lens will eventually
orient that lens in the correct place and your vision should gradually improve
and that’s basically it once you have the contact lens in and that eye then
you can go ahead and switch and do the other eye now a lot of people will go
ahead and switch arms using their dominant hand to hold the top eyelid and
using their non-dominant hand to put that lens in I still personally am so
right-handed then I just go ahead and switch that on over to the other side
but I still use my dominant hand to hold the lens and there we go
that one’s in and it’s really just that simple of course it does take some
practice at first you may have more difficulty getting the lenses in but
over time with practice it becomes much much easier and certainly don’t feel
discouraged if it takes you a few tries especially that first time putting in
contact lenses can be difficult for many people myself when I was just 13 years
old first time we’re in contacts took me almost two hours before I got it figured
out so did you find this video helpful were you able to get the lenses in go
ahead and comment the section below let me know about your success and if you
have any other tips of your own on how to get the lenses in go ahead and
comment let me know what you’re doing another you’ve learned how to put in
contacts let’s go over how to take them out if you’d like to see that video just
click or tap the screen over here to the side as I built that as part of a
complete series for contacts for beginners otherwise if you’d like to see
another video from dr. I hope you can click that the screen up over
here again thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video


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