Coronavirus – Rescue Flights and Impact to Aviation

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– Number infections by the
coronavirus have continued to rise. In China, over 10000
flights have been cancelled on a given day, right now. There are rescue flights out
of Wuhan by many countries. Passengers’ seats have been
added in the cargo hold. – [Newscaster] Evacuated now, safely. – [Dr. Isaac Bogoch] And
the people at greatest risk of acquiring this infection. – Things have gotten
really serious lately. The death toll and the
number of infections by the coronavirus have continued to rise. Now we are seeing over
600 number of deaths and 32000 numbers of infection worldwide. China represents a
large market air travel. The outbreak of coronavirus
disease has taken a large toll in aviation and airlines industry, but just how bad it has got? First, we’ll take a look at
the rescue flights out of Wuhan by many countries. I’ve collected many rare footage. This footage may not
be the best in quality but you get the story. I think saving lives
and security, safety is the priority right now. There are strict safety protocols
on these rescue flights. Every passenger underwent
screening process at airport, including temperature recording. Crew member wear protective suits, goggles and surgical mask. All passenger had to wear surgical mask to prevent the potential spread of virus. The Japanese government are
the first to evacuate citizens in Wuhan. It has already performed three evacuation flights
using ANA Boeing 767-300. South Korea government charter a Korean Air Boeing
747-400 aircraft to fly from Seoul, Gimpo to Wuhan twice, same as Japan. South Korea keep using
one aircraft to minimise the cleaning work. The US government charter
Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 freighter cargo aircraft to fly from Wuhan via Anchorage, Alaska to
Riverside, March Air Reserve Base in California. It is interesting to see
passengers’ seats have been added in the cargo hold. Russia has sent Ilyushin 76 Transporter to take their citizens back from Wuhan. The plane flew back 78
passengers to Tyumen in Siberia. It is where they set
up a camp to quarantine these passengers and
test them from the virus. Here are some rare footage
of the rescue flight ops. (plane engine roaring) The UK government chartered
a Wamos Air 747-400 to fly directly from Wuhan
to Royal Air Force Base, Brize Norton. The aircraft went on to Spain afterwards. – [Newscaster] On the tarmac
of a Royal Air Force Base in Oxfordshire, England. The first passengers
getting off that plane and arriving home, evacuated now, safely, from the coronavirus outbreak zone. This is one of a number of planes. A number of countries now
have succeeded in repatriating their citizens. We know on board are 83 British citizens, 27 foreign nationals,
including the Chinese spouses and partners who were
given permission to fly. So keep a watch on these, these are the very first
people coming off that plane. – France, together with other
European Union countries, chartered the largest aircraft
in the world, the A380, operate by High Fly, to rescue
EU citizens out of Wuhan. The German government sent
an air force Airbus A310 to Wuhan to rescue Australian citizens from the coronavirus epicentre in Wuhan. Qantas has been tasked to
operating a flight from Wuhan to Learmonth, Western Australia. From there, the passenger are transferred to Christmas Island where
they will stay two weeks for quarantine. Qantas, the Australian airline, has issued a statement saying, “The internal call for
volunteers to operate “the flight was oversubscribed
with scores of people putting “their hands up to assist.” The Bangladeshi government charter a Biman Bangladesh 777-300
to fly to Wuhan directly from Dhaka. Here are some footage onboard the flights. (plane engine roaring) The Indian government sent two different Air India
Boeing 747-400 aircraft from Delhi to Wuhan. The Sri Lankan government chartered a Sri Lankan Airlines A330-200 aircraft. The Indonesian government
chartered a Batik Air A330-300 to rescue Indonesian citizens. (speaking in foreign language)
(plane engine roaring) Malaysian government
sends an Airbus A320-Neo from Air Asia to pick up citizens. The Thai government has also
sent an Air Asia Airbus 320-Neo to fly from Wuhan to
U-Tapao Air Force Base. The Uzbek government sent an
Uzbekistan Airways 767-300 ER to fly from Tashkent to Wuhan
to pick up the citizens. The Jordanian government chartered a Royal Jordanian Airline
Boeing 787-Dreamliner, fly to Wuhan, back to Amman. Other country involved in the rescue, including Turkey, using
A400 and military aircraft. Algeria, using Air Algeria A380. Morocco, using Royal Air Morocco 787. Egypt with Air Leisure A330. Saudi Arabia chartered a iFly A330. New Zealand using Air New Zealand 777-200. A Scoot 787 flew to
Singapore and back home, while the Canadian government
chartered a Highfly A330-300, flew Canadian back from Wuhan to Canadian Force Base-Trenton in Ontario. Not only foreign airlines
are sending planes to China to pick up their citizens back. The Chinese airlines are also rescuing Chinese
citizens stranded overseas due to foreign airline cancellations. Here’s a footage of China’s
(murmurs) sending their planes from Guangzhou to Phuket in Thailand to pick up stranded citizens there. (speaks in foreign language) We are seeing a number of airline
deep cleaning their plane, disinfecting every corner
from top to bottom, from the table inside to
the in-flight magazine. No corner has left unturned. So what are the chances to
get infected on a plane? – [Dr. Issac Bogoch] The
risk for transmission is low and the people at
greatest risk of acquiring this infection would be those
who are in close contact with the person on the plane. So people who are sitting
beside this individual, and usually one or two rows in front and one or two rows behind. And just by virtue of being
on the same aeroplane, it’s not like you’re at greater
risk to have this infection. – Chinese Air Force have mobilised their Ilyushin 76
Transporter and personnel to deliver medical supplies
to the virus epicentre, Wuhan. Many Chinese airlines were
flying empty passenger planes but carrying cargo, as supplied
inside the aircraft cabin. Most of the foreign airline
have suspended flights or significantly reduced
flying into China. Currently, all US and European airlines
have suspended flying to mainland China, and US carriers also suspended Hong Kong. Within domestic China, the cancellation rates of
the flights have reached over 70%. That is over 10000 flights
cancelled on a single day, as the government asked
people not to travel and stay indoor. Many flights to secondary Chinese
cities have been cancelled. Here are a list of airlines still flights on a limited schedule to China. Air China have combined their US service with Los Angeles and
San Francisco together, and also clumped JFK and
Washington D.C. together. It remain doubtful who
can fly on this service as US has issued a travel ban for anyone who has been to China in the last 14 days. The fear of getting infected by coronavirus has reduced
air travel beyond China. We’re seeing a lot of
airline might operating in red again, just saying
how volatile the situation is by the reduced amount of travelling. Cathay Pacific has been
hit particularly hard since the Hong Kong unrest last year. It planned to cut 30% worldwide capacity and 90% capacity to China. The airline have asked
staff to take unpaid leave to save the cash flow of the company. My hats off to all the volunteers, to all the crew and all the personnel who are fighting the coronavirus,
serving the citizens, who are braving your
life, risking your life, total respect. You guys did a great job. (inspirational music)


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