Cosmic Journeys – Earth in 1000 Years


Ice in its varied forms covers as much as
16% of Earth’s surface, including 33% of land areas at the height of the northern winter. Glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, ice sheets
and snow play an important role in Earth’s climate. They reflect energy back to space, shape ocean currents, and spawn weather patterns. But there are signs that Earth’s great stores
of ice are beginning to melt. To find out where Earth might be headed, scientists
are drilling down into the ice, and scouring ancient sea beds, for evidence of past climate
change. What are they learning about the fate of our
planet, a thousand years into the future and even beyond? 30,000 years ago, Earth began a relentless
descent into winter, Glaciers pushed into what were temperate zones. Ice spread beyond polar seas. New layers of ice accumulated on the vast
frozen plateau of Greenland. At three kilometers thick, Greenland’s ice
sheet is a monumental formation built over successive ice ages and millions of years.
It’s so heavy that it has pushed much of the island down below sea level. And yet, today, scientists have begun to wonder
how resilient this ice sheet really is. Average global temperatures have risen about
one degree Celsius since the industrial revolution. They could go up another degree by the end
of this century. If Greenland’s ice sheet were to melt, sea
levels would rise by over seven meters. That would destroy or threaten the homes and
livelihoods of up to a quarter of the world’s population. These elevation maps show some of the areas
at risk. Black and red are less than 10 meters above current sea level. The Southeastern United States, including
Florida, And Louisiana. Bangladesh. The Persian Gulf. Parts of Southeast Asia and China. That’s
just the beginning. With so much at stake, scientists are monitoring
Earth’s frozen zones, with satellites, radar flights, and expeditions to drill deep into
ice sheets. And they are reconstructing past climates,
looking for clues to where Earth might now be headed, not just centuries, but thousands
of years in the future. Periods of melting and freezing, it turns
out, are central events in our planet’s history.
That’s been born out by evidence ranging from geological traces of past sea levels,
the distribution of fossils, chemical traces that correspond to ocean temperatures, and
more. Going back over two billion years, earth has
experienced five major glacial or ice ages. The first, called the Huronian, has been linked
to the rise of photosynthesis in primitive organisms. They began to take in carbon dioxide, an important
greenhouse gas. That decreased the amount of solar energy trapped by the atmosphere,
sending Earth into a deep freeze. The second major ice age began 580 million
years ago. It was so severe, it’s often referred to as “snowball earth.” The
Andean-Saharan and the Karoo ice ages began
460 and 360 million years ago. Finally, there’s the Quaternary, from 2.6
million years ago to the present. Periods of cooling and warming have been spurred
by a range of interlocking factors: volcanic events, the evolution of plants and animals,
patterns of ocean circulation, the movement of continents. The world as we know it was beginning to take
shape in the period from 90 to 50 million years ago. The continents were moving toward
their present positions. The Americas separated from Europe and Africa.
India headed toward a merger with Asia. The world was getting warmer. Temperatures
spiked roughly 55 million years ago, going up about 5 degrees Celsius in just a
few thousand years. CO2 levels rose to about 1000 parts per million, compared to 280 in
pre-industrial times, and 390 today. But the stage was set for a major cool down.
The configuration of landmasses had cut the Arctic off from the wider oceans. That allowed a layer of fresh water to settle
over it, and a sea plant called Azolla to spread widely. In a year, it can soak up as
much as 6 tons of CO2 per acre. Plowing into Asia, the Indian subcontinent
caused the mighty Himalayan Mountains to rise up. In a process called weathering, rainfall interacting
with exposed rock began to draw more CO2 from the atmosphere, washing it into the sea. Temperatures steadily dropped. By around 33 million years ago, South America
had separated from Antarctica. Currents swirling around the continent isolated it from warm
waters to the north. An ice sheet formed. In time, with temperatures and CO2 levels
continuing to fall, the door was open for a more subtle climate driver. It was first described by the 19th century
Serbian scientist, Milutin Milankovic. He saw that periodic variations in Earth’s
rotational motion altered the amount of solar radiation striking the poles. In combination, every 100,000 years or so,
these variations have sent earth into a period of cool temperatures and spreading ice. Each
glacial period was followed by an interglacial period in which temperatures rose and the
ice retreated. The Milankovic cycles are not strong enough
by themselves to cause the shift. What they do is get the ball rolling. A decrease in solar energy hitting the Arctic
allows sea ice to form in winter and remain over summer, then to expand its reach the
following year. The ice reflects more solar energy back to
space. A colder ocean stores more CO2, which further dampens the greenhouse effect. Conversely, when ocean temperatures rise,
more CO2 escapes into the atmosphere, where it traps more solar energy. With so many factors at play, each swing of
the climate pendulum has produced its own unique conditions. Take, for example, the last interglacial,
known as the Eemian, from 130 to 115,000 years ago. This happened at a time when CO2 was at preindustrial
levels, and global temperatures had risen only modestly. But with higher solar energy striking the
north, temperatures rose dramatically in the Arctic. The effect was amplified by the lower
reflectivity of ice-free seas and spreading northern forests. There is still uncertainty about how much
these changes affected sea levels. Estimates range from a 5 to 9 meters, levels that would
be catastrophic today. That’s one reason scientists today are intensively
monitoring Earth’s frozen zones, including the ice sheet that covers Greenland. Satellite radar shows the flow of ice from
the interior of the island and into glaciers. In the eastern part of the island, glaciers
push slowly through complex coastal terrain. In areas of higher snowfall in the northwest
and west, the ice speeds up by a factor 10. The landscape channels the ice into many small
glaciers that flow straight down to the sea. In the distant past, the center of the island
may have been drained by a giant canyon, recently discovered. Scientists found that it’s 550
kilometers long and up to 800 meters deep. It leads from Greenland’s interior to one
of today’s most volatile glaciers. This is the Petermann Glacier in Northwest
Greenland. Amid unusually warm summer temperatures in 2012, satellites tracked a giant iceberg
as it broke off and moved down the glacier’s outlet channel. At about 31 square kilometers, this island
of ice stayed together as it floated along. After two months, it finally began to fragment. The Jakobshavn glacier on Greenland’s west
coast flows toward the sea at a rapid rate of 20 to 40 meters per day. At the ice front, where the glacier meets
the sea, Jakobshavn has been retreating as it dumps more and more ice into the ocean. You can see it in this map. In 1851, the front
was down here. Now it’s 50 kilometers up. One reason, scientists say, is that water
seeping down into its base is acting like a lubricant. Another is that as the glacier
thins, it’s more likely to break off, or calve, when it interacts with warmer ocean
waters. Scientists are tracking the overall rate of
ice loss with the Grace Satellite. They found that from 2003 to 2009, Greenland lost about
a trillion tons, mostly along its coastlines. This number mirrors ice loss in the Arctic
as a whole. By 2012, summer sea ice coverage had fallen to a little more than half of what
it was in the year 1980. While the ice rebounded in 2013, the coverage
was still well below the average of the last three decades. Analyzing global data from Grace, one study
reports that Earth lost about 4,000 cubic kilometers of ice in the decade leading up
to 2012. Sea levels around the world are now expected
to rise about a meter by the end of the century. What will happen beyond that? To gauge the resilience of Greenland’s great
ice sheet, scientists mounted one of the most intensive glacial drilling projects to date,
the North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling Project, or NEEM. The ice samples they obtained from the height
of Eemian warming told a surprising story. If you were a visitor to Northern Greenland
in those times, you would have stood on ice over two kilometers thick. Temperatures were warmer than today by about
8 degrees Celsius. And yet, the ice had receded by only about 25%, a relatively modest amount. That has shifted the focus to Earth’s other,
much larger ice sheet, on the continent of Antarctica. Antarctica contains 90% of all the ice, and
70% of all the fresh water on the Earth. Scientists are asking: how dynamic are its
ice sheets? How sensitive are they to melting? Data from Grace and other satellites shows
that this frozen continent overall has lately been losing as much ice as it gains. The vast plateau of Antarctic ice is one of
the driest deserts on Earth. What little snow falls, remains, adding to
the continent’s mass. You can see evidence of this in the snow and ice that piles up
at the South Pole research station. This geodesic dome was built in the 1970s.
By the time it was decommissioned in 2009, the entrance was nearly buried. With a thickness of up to 4 kilometers, the
ice on which this outpost sits will not melt easily. That’s true in part because of the landmass
below it, captured in an extraordinary radar image. The eastern part of the continent, the far
side of the image, is a stable foundation of continental crust. In contrast, the western side dips as much
as 2500 meters below present day sea level. Along the Amundsen Sea Coast, the ice is disappearing
at an accelerating rate. Inland ice streams are moving toward the ocean
at at least 100 meters per year. They end up in floating ice shelves that extend hundreds
of miles into the ocean. This region is the greatest source of uncertainty
about global sea level projections. When ice shelves like this grow, they become
prone to fracturing. A giant crack, for example, recently appeared in the Pine Island Glacier.
Within two years, a 720 square kilometer iceberg had broken off. But the scientists are more concerned about
what’s happening below the surface. In recent times, the Southern ocean that swirls
around the continent has been getting warmer, at the rate of .2 degrees Celsius per decade. That has affected ice shelves like Pine Island
by melting them from below. In a comprehensive survey of the continent,
scientists concluded that this process was responsible for 55 percent of the mass lost
from ice shelves between 2003 and 2008. It’s also been blamed for one of the more
puzzling twists in the story of climate change, the spread of sea ice all around Antarctica. One possibility is that ramped up winds, circling
the pole, are pushing the ice into thicker, more resilient formations. Another is that the melting of ice shelves
has spread a layer of cold, fresh water over coastal seas, which readily freezes. A team of researchers has come to the Pine
Island Glacier to try to monitor the melting in real time. After five years of preparation,
they drilled through 500 meters of ice to begin measuring ice volume, temperature, salinity,
and flow. In some places, they found melt rates of about
6 centimeters per day, or about 22 meters in a year. Because ice shelves hold back inland glaciers,
the melting could trigger larger changes. That’s likely what happened to the Larsen
ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula in the year 2002. It’s thought to have been stable
since the last interglacial. Warmer ocean waters had been eating away at
Larsen’s underside. By early February of 2002, the shelf began
to splinter into countless small icebergs. By March 7th, when this picture was taken,
it had completely collapsed, forming a vast slush that drifted out to sea. Without the shelf’s buttressing effect,
a series of nearby glaciers picked up speed, dumping an additional 27 cubic kilometers
of ice into the ocean per year. Evidence from the last interglacial, the Eemian,
brings an ominous warning of what could lie ahead. It’s based on the height of ancient coral
reefs, which grow to a depth relative to the sea level above them. Based on reefs along the Australian coast,
a recent study published in the journal Nature showed that sea levels remained stable for
most of the Eemian, at 3-4 meters above those of today. But the authors found that in the last few
thousand years of the period, starting around 118,000 years ago, sea levels suddenly shot
up to 9 meters above today. The authors concluded, in their words, that
“a critical ice sheet stability threshold was crossed, resulting in the catastrophic
collapse of polar ice sheets.” Looking ahead, uncertainties about the future
of our climate abound. According to one study, the long cool down
to the next glacial period is due to start in the next 1500 years or so, based on the
timing of Milankovic cycles. But for this actually to happen, the study
says, enough new ice would have to form to get the ball rolling. CO2 would have to retreat
to below pre-industrial levels. Instead, it appears that a warming climate
is becoming a fact of life. The danger is that if the melting gains a
momentum of its own, even reducing CO2 emissions may not be enough to stop it. The still unfolding story of Earth’s past
tells us about the mechanisms that can shape our climate. But it’s the unique conditions
of our time that will determine sea levels, ice coverage, and temperatures. What’s at stake in the coming centuries
is the world we know, the one that has nurtured and sustained us. The Earth itself will go on, ever changing
on short and long time scales, a dynamic living planet. 1


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    Earth is far enough from the Sun that we should be freezing. It's only because our thermodynamic energy form the core and the carbon that helps stabilize the climate. I almost think that even if all the ice were to melt, there'd be so much fresh water in Oceanic currents that when winter rolls around – we'd get thrown into another ice age. Fresh water has a higher freezing temperature where as the sea's salt helps maintain the thawing affect – it's why the sea can be incredibly cold and not freeze.

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    correction … currently at +1.85C post-industrial, headed for +6C by "2100" (err … aka 2050) . The good news is that all ye tribes of misery monkey will be extinct within 50 years. The bad news is that so too will be all terrestrial vertebrates … if not all eukaryotes. – even the quadrupedal forms of vermin.

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    * Caribbean Plate is an Ancient Comet Impact Crater
    * Comet & XXL Asteroids create Tectonic Plates & initiate plate movement
    * Plasma Coma of Comet acts as secondary impactor
    * Ejecta creates Volcanoes, Mountain Chains, Remote Ocean Islands, Land Bridges, Rock Arches, etc.
    * Shockwave Structure, Bow Shock Physics, Ballistic Trajectory are major contributors to new Topography have been overlooked.

    NASA computer simulations of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 09 expose the interior schematic of the comet's Plasma Coma Shell. All coastlines & sea floor formations of the Caribbean Plate are mirrored in positive/negative space of the super heated plasma gas structure.

    Comet's impact at speeds greater then Mach 50+
    Earth's crust/Lithosphere are roughly 6km-70km

    Plasma Coma Temp range from 1k*C – 9k*C
    Granite melt point ranges from 700*C (below water) – 2k*C surface air

    Sometimes Mother Nature takes short cuts for Topography creation & redistribution. Taking a few hundred years, to thousands of years when creating Planet surfaces, instead of millions.

    it's just physics & math.

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    Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by marxists oligarchs to take over the world economy. The destruction of the economy and the subsequent reduction in the human population is their goal. This is written in stone by them, by the way. Bought and paid for so called scientists create these hoaxes and live well for their efforts. At least until their usefulness is finished. This is the real threat to mankind. There are a billion dead human beings directly tied to the doctrines of marxism.
    PC is a tool to control society and is used to great affect on those with weak and lazy minds.

    Mankind has NO affect on the climate or the changes that can and do occur totally naturally.
    No amount of marxist rule and taxation will ever change this fact.

  22. Zoot Allure

    July 14, 2019 6:14 pm

    Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by marxists oligarchs to take over the world economy. The destruction of the economy and the subsequent reduction in the human population is their goal. This is written in stone by them, by the way. Bought and paid for so called scientists create these hoaxes and live well for their efforts. At least until their usefulness is finished. This is the real threat to mankind. There are a billion dead human beings directly tied to the doctrines of marxism.
    PC is a tool to control society and is used to great affect on those with weak and lazy minds.

    Mankind has NO affect on the climate or the changes that can and do occur totally naturally.
    No amount of marxist rule and taxation will ever change this fact.

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    Eco-activists and AGW Believers can't even report history correctly; this is sophomoric drivel and confabulates entire epochs and continues to beat the proven-false theory of CO2 being linked at all to climate; if anything CO2 concentrations lag climate by some 800 years (due to celestial forcings and ocean sinking (absorption); the "carbon cycle") and are NOT always evenly distributed in the troposphere, since most of the giant ongoing sources are irregularly timed volcanic events and oceanographic reactions.

    At 7:20 in, "The world as we know it was beginning to take shape in the period from 90 to 50 (fifteen?) million years ago. The continents were moving toward their present positions. […] The world was getting warmer. Temperatures spiked roughly 55 million years ago. Going up about 5 degrees Celsius in just a few thousand years. CO2 levels rose to about 1,000 parts per million. Compared to 280 in Pre-Industrial times, and 390 today. BUT THE STAGE WAS SET FOR A MAJOR COOL-DOWN."

    Nice segue there between 55 million years ago and modern times! Too bad they're completely and totally unrelated. Also, NOW (today) in order to get the Earth to warm 5°C (41°F!!!!), you'd have to boot CO2 to almost impossible levels; something like 12,000 to 16,000 ppm, since each doubling of CO2 returns LESS warming for the previous twofold increase. We have no reason to believe that the time it would take to double CO2 concentration(s) in the biosphere would take any less than 800 years since 99.96% of all CO2 accumulation is natural, and annual contributions by mankind are truly negligible and insignificant, statistically. That is because there is only so much heat that CO2 can absorb, the rest is either "sequestered" back due to terrestrial cycles and carbon sinks or radiated out into space.

    According to top atmospheric physicists like Dick Lindzen we see only about 1.2°C warming for going from near CO2 starvation (280pp) to levels around 400 ppm (today), up to a doubling somewhere between 500 and 600 ppm a century (or more) from now; and that is born out by an amalgam of empirical measurements (proxies and abstract instruments) and numerous contingencies and outright fudged corrections.

    From there, every doubling of CO2 loses about half of it's potential to heat the troposphere (is this the Iris Effect?) since CO2 is only reactive to infrared energy in a couple of bands, and that will never change, so it literally comes down to terrestrial CO2 sources and forcings, versus sinks and counter-forcings (again the Iris Effect?); which apparently all but the so-called Russian CO2 Atmospheric Model has ignored.

    Conservative numbers: additional warming, accrued warming
    280-540ppm = 1.20° = 17.20° ±0.172
    540-1080ppm = 0.60° = 17.80° ±0.178
    1080-2160ppm = 0.30° = 18.10° ±0.181
    2160-4320ppm = 0.15 = 18.25° ±0.183
    4320-8640ppm = 0.08 = 19.05 ±0.191
    8640-17,280ppm = 0.04 = 19.09 ±0.191

    It will take monitoring the global temperatures (and other climate factors) for approximately 1600 years before we will know precisely what is happening, and what our civilization's contributions' impacts are. Anyone espousing certainty of the weather even 100 years from now, globally, based on simple 28 (or more) variable models is the very definitions of BOTH a crank AND a crackpot.

    There is obviously not much to worry about anywhere, here and now, nor in the forecastable terrestrial future since the present numbers suggest- EVEN in a worst case scenario, that global temperatures will rise by 3.1°C at most, or approximately +6° Fahrenheit; that is literally a Global Average Temperature of 61°F to 66°F over almost 5,000 Years.

    Maybe THEN the "STAGE WILL BE SET FOR A COOL-DOWN!!!" huh? L0L…

    Why do climate alarmists ignore the obvious? Touting these ominous and horrific and unlikely apocalypses? Loss in other faiths?

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    "If you like your Global Warming, you can keep your Doctor."

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    You guys should lose your license to run YouTube. Nothing but a propaganda mill for the NWO. Hell is real, and you guys are going to find that out someday, when it's too late.

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    But non the less. this is doomed to happen whitout us or not. better to find way to adapt then to try and stop the cycle of our dear planet;)

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  34. Robert Puddy

    July 29, 2019 3:52 am

    The world will adapt with our big brains if humans do or not it's not going to be because of climate change.

  35. pizzafrenzyman

    July 30, 2019 9:29 am

    Lest we forget that the earth is in a carbon dioxide low, and additional CO2 will blowup the Amazon rain forests and end hunger in Africa.

  36. dirt man

    July 31, 2019 12:38 pm

    i would live in a pre industrial earth, imagine how clean the air was, the only bad smells were on a farm

  37. T N

    August 1, 2019 6:02 am

    Judging by the comments here, many people (Americans, no doubt) are far beyond saving. Lucky for you there are folks employed to solve the problem, otherwise you'd cook yourselves like a frog in a pot.

  38. Eric Puddephatt

    August 2, 2019 4:25 pm

    So, in the distant past, Earth had zero ice on the poles, and the sea level was at its highest possible point. So now that the earth is going through another warming phase the people worried about how it will affect them. The earth is not here for OUR benefit. Humans have proven to be a parasite on the planet. Earth will warm and cool many more times with or with out us on it.

  39. Varanasi Walks

    August 3, 2019 10:34 am

    Watched the whole video, waited for the "Earth in 1000 Years" bit…. they forgot to throw that in.

  40. Despiser Despised

    August 3, 2019 12:41 pm

    Fucking morons cant even tell me what the Wx will be in 10 days but want me to believe they know what it will be in 1000 years, lol, lol…

  41. Kim Hansen

    August 4, 2019 12:20 am

    No. 1 ice doesn't disappear, it becomes liquid and or gas (humidity) . No. 2, the Sun controls about 80 to 95% of the weather on Earth, No. 3 another ice age would kill 1000 times more life on Earth than if the Earth increased it's average temperature by just 1 degree and all the ice melted. Result, we would have more land to farm and grow food, ? why is Greenland called Greenland, hmmm. Mother Nature adapts, so do humans. The fact that we still have ice on the surface of the Earth means we are still in an ice age. Ask REAL scientists about CO2 and they will tell you that we currently have 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, we approach healthy levels of CO2 at 1000 parts per million that ensures that plant life will thrive and grow, thus producing more food to eat. The melodrama of this guys voice and his subtle alarmism is just one more example of baiting uninformed people into believing that humans are responsible for climate change, Mt. Kilawahua (excuse my phonetics) on the island of Hawaii puts out more CO2 in one day than all the internal combustion engines since they were invented, thank you lord or Mother nature. This is becoming the biggest hoax ever put upon mankind, why?, MONEY, greed and control. OMG, we only have twelve years to fix this, Right Al Gore, right Beto Baily, my point is this, don't listen to alarmists or politicians when it comes to what is good for you and everyone else! That's my rant for the day, so please, keep burning fossil fuels!

  42. Anthony Crane

    August 6, 2019 10:49 pm

    IDIOCY OF HUMANITY by ISA DUMAGAT; The IDIOCY Learned by young Humans are from IDIOT Adults around them while growing up… They carry and bring the IDIOCY to their Adulthood; That's why EARTH is Overflowing with IDIOTS…Humans only have around 100 years tops if unlucky to be subjected to the IDIOCY OF HUMANITY for this duration of time… Before trying to solve anything; Humans must first learn how to Solve and Eliminate the IDIOCY PROBLEM OF HUMANITY so Humans can have Better; Peaceful and Happy life on this Human Testing Ground called Earth before Transcending to the After Life …From the time Humans invented the internal Combustion and Jet Engines; The lost of Glaser Ice begin to speed up… From the time of Sputnik and President Kennedy; Genius IDIOT Humans begin Firing Rocket Engines boring holes at the Earth's Atmosphere to bring Human Garbage to Space and other Planets…Isn't it enough Garbage Humans accumulated and produced Poisonous Gases on this Planet destroying Human environment and now bringing up Human Garbage to space and other Planets??? So why are you Genius IDIOTS wondering about Global Warming??? The REAL CREATOR did NOT Terra-formed MARS because it is going to Create Unbalance to the Earth.. The Lost Advance Civilization tried it before and they were Destroyed… To this day Genius IDIOT Humans still don't understand the meanings of the Signs; Symbols and Artifacts left behind by the Lost Advance Civilization as Warning to Humanity… For your knowledge: Here it is; ("Those are what we did > We were Genius IDIOTS > We Played Gods > We Destroyed and Lost our Advance Civilization > IDIOTS DON'T DO IT !!!")… EXACTLY what Genius IDIOT Humans are doing on this they claim Advance Technology World and have the Guts and Audacity to claim themselves Intelligent??? Geniuses can be IDIOTS at the same time but NOT necessarily Intelligent… YOU GENIUS IDIOTS AND A 1/2…

  43. Candy Texture

    August 7, 2019 10:53 am

    Lol. North America bordering on Britain and the rest of Europe.
    That'll be an exciting time to be alive :'D it'll be like the colonists and the homefront will finally be reunited again except none of them will remember it

  44. Mountain Metal

    August 9, 2019 5:45 am

    So tired of the 'climate change' bullshit.
    It's all a global wealth redistribution scam.
    Don't be so damn gullible.

  45. Imu Lippo

    August 12, 2019 10:39 am

    30:10 California is separating from USA and connecting with Russia to finally form a socialist utopia with their spiritual comrades 🙂

  46. mark anderson

    August 13, 2019 2:06 pm

    so basically, 1000 years isn't really long enough to see any significant changes, the earth evolves over millions/billions of years…we are only going to around for a few minutes of that time

  47. Robert Robinson

    August 17, 2019 3:10 am

    meteorologist can't predict the weather accurately 2 days in a row. now I am expected to believe they can predict thousands of years in the future, yeah right..

  48. C Zilla

    August 18, 2019 10:58 am

    True or not about global warming. My personal belief Al Gore, made a lot of money on BS! The sun is in it's mid cycle. Eventually it will go into a supernova then good bye.

  49. Jan truitt

    August 19, 2019 3:14 pm

    We are in deep deep 💩!
    And in this day and age nobody really cares!
    But their grandchildren will!
    Good luck world!

  50. albert reed

    August 19, 2019 5:37 pm

    S.ile when I think of all the rich people that will lose the posh homes on the coastlines that they selfishly prohibit the commoner from having access to. BASTARDS !

  51. Milton Hackett

    August 20, 2019 12:01 am

    Funny how in the first statement you hint at man made climate change ! Then you say this has been happening forever, with the up ,and downs ! Problem is there was no causing pollution!

  52. Milton Hackett

    August 20, 2019 12:11 am

    Um how come you don't mention co2 is one of the lesser strong green house gas! Or the grand solar minimum we are entering ? Or that there is wild swings in temp going into a grand solar minimum ,and the coming ice age ?.guess those facts and more aren't on your agenda ! Laughable!

  53. notyouraverage person

    August 25, 2019 2:58 pm

    It’s going up a lot more than a degree by the end of the century…..and the scientists are some of the most wasteful of any of us.

  54. Alan attack

    August 26, 2019 10:35 pm

    Its hilarious, its clear when the Earth hits another Ice age everything is fucked any way. Digging the car out will be impossible. The water pipes will be humped and everything wil be massively fucking icy…and that's why I snowboard like a boss!

  55. Allen Burt

    September 4, 2019 3:17 pm

    If the seas rise seven meters, perhaps a vast new economical BOOM might be the result, as the thriving careers of capitalists in the flooding cities in the low-lying areas fuel new GNP in our New World. The complaints about mankind destroying the planet are slightly misplaced. What it means to humans is the Earth's warming would NOT be a problem if humans had no built so close to the shores of our oceans, just as they have often built new civilization dwellings deeply in the deadly valleys just below some very violent volcanoes.
    Also, as the planet warms, vast new areas of land would be opened to new cultivation, where before it was too cold to encourage such usage.
    Hopefully, the new challenges of rising water would create a brave new world.
    If the Earth hands humans lemons, the wise, industrious ones could make lemonade, which I am certain mankind can and probably WILL do.

  56. Wayne The Seine

    September 6, 2019 1:11 am

    They are not "beginning to melt" ….. they have been melting since the last glaciation some 20,000 years ago. This period includes several glacial and interglacial periods. We are still in this same glaciation period. The Earth has been warm enough to be ice free for much more time than it has been cold enough to be glaciated. It is true that coastal areas will be inundated….. just as they have receded and extended numerous times over the past. The increase in ocean levels has been ongoing since the last interglacial period. Coastlines used to extend over a hundred miles from their present interface….the rise has been going on and will continue to go on until the planet is once again ice free….as is it's usual state. Sea levels were some 400 feet lower…not 5 to 6 meters as was stated. Furthermore… the eastern seaboard is sinking as the mid-Atlantic crust is subsiding.

  57. robert krump

    September 6, 2019 4:27 am

    One small problem we're entering into a time cooling we got evidence of cooling right now just watch the weather maps I think you people really hate God is what I think good night and God bless

  58. maxing must

    September 6, 2019 2:17 pm

    You try and blame the industrial industry for global warming when the true fact is we are receiving waves of energy not just from our sun but from the opposite direction in which our shields divert most of those waves to our poles and into the earth thus heating our core hence the increase of volcanism. Yet you still try and enslave us and kill us off so that your lives become enriched and easy. Time for the elite to perish

  59. randsterama

    September 9, 2019 9:18 pm

    This video contains some interesting information – but does not really go into anything about what Earth will look like in 1000 years. QUASI-CLICK BAIT

  60. Walter Wendner

    September 12, 2019 3:15 pm

    Cooles Video 👍! Wirtschaft vor Umwelt à la Jair Bolsonaro und Sebastian Kurz wird die Gletscher nicht retten 😕 😕 😕 😕 😕!

  61. Mike Cronis

    September 14, 2019 6:45 pm

    18:00 to 18:20 Ice is not lost, it is converted to water and water-vapor and redistributed and re-frozen. Point for Milankovitch Cycle reference, however.

  62. Gitana Maldita

    September 15, 2019 12:52 am

    Blame capitalism because it's industries warms the Earth, so, we need communism instead.

    They can not be MORE OBVIOUS.

    Correlation doesn't means cause and effect.

    It CAN be, that temperature raises CO2 levels. Not the inverse. We need more research.
    Till climaconspiracy doesn't brings conclusive evidence, this is NOT caused by human activity.

  63. TheErik249

    September 15, 2019 3:13 pm

    Saying that the current interglacial, is hotter than the last interglacial, is false.
    The Eemian interglacial was hotter, and the preceding glacial maximum was the coldest, and the longest, in the current pleistocene glaciation.
    If "the trend" continues, Earth is due for a 30,000 to 40,000 year downtrend in temperature, to one of the coldest periods, since the cryogenian period, 650 million years ago.
    That period saw Earth allmost completely encased in ice, for an estimated 15 million years.
    Massive, global volcanism, and a voluminous emission of co2, were the only reason Earth came out of THAT period.
    It produced a massive amount of hydrogen peroxide that injected A LOT of oxygen into our atmosphere, which brought Earth into the cambrian period, making way for the evolution of multicellular life.
    It wasn't until the end ordovician Extinction, that Earth got that cold again.
    Glacial periods are a result of Earth's orbit, and tilt, around the sun.
    Carbon dioxide is a result of temperature rising, and falling.
    Anthropogenic warming is a false Theory.
    Remove all emission restrictions from your vehicles, burn as much coal as you want, because they are lying to you.

  64. Tyrone Steele

    September 15, 2019 9:42 pm

    This is how I know When somebody does not know what they’re talking about: we do not have “CO2 emissions” we have “CO emissions.” The first is carbon dioxide, which is in essential gas in our greenhouse and in our lives, and sustains plant life. The other is carbon monoxide, which is emissions from Fossil fuels. One is necessary to sustain life and the other destroys the ozone layer and increases the greenhouse effect. Additionally, the largest contributor to carbon monoxide emissions is not Cow farts or the United States or even China. It is volcanoes. And, unless you have a solution for that, you are going to need to just deal with the climate changing because that’s the way it goes. Additionally, this will happen over the course of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands if not millions of years. I am fairly certain that mankind can adapt. You are not going to wake up in 12 years and find an oceanfront inside of your condo. That is not how this works.


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