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Hi everyone it’s Gaelan from Flightradar24
Support. Today I’m going to be talking about the in-app purchase of Custom Alerts. So to
access Custom Alerts select the drop down menu in the top left and alerts there. The
Custom Alerts is the third down from the top, if we select this we can see a list of already
defined custom alerts that I’ve already set. I’ve only set one at the moment and that was
for the aircraft type. If I select the back button key and then directly below this I
see Received Alerts. This is a list of previously received alerts, if I select one and we see
“Flight not found”, this is because I received this message, urrhh this alert a couple of
days ago and the plane has landed since. So I’ll actually go back to creating an alert
and if I click Custom Alert, then the “+” symbol in the top right hand corner, you can
create an alert for four different types, that’s Flight, Registration, Airline or Aircraft
type, I’ll be selecting Airline today. After selecting Airline you can input the ICAO code
directly below this, I’ll be searching for SAS Airlines, so I input “SAS” and choose
it there. You can also set the alert region from a Global alert or a Localized alert,
I’m going to select Local today and you need to select “Select area” underneath it. This
takes you to the map view where you can zoom in or out to specify the area that you want
the alert triggered in. So if I zoom right into the Stockholm area and there we go…
keep zooming… this is the area that I want that alert triggered in. If I’m happy with
that area I can select back and there we go. There are also conditions that you can add
“Aircraft type is one there” and there are also a few others, I won’t be setting a condition
with this alert but there easy to access for the future there. If I select my back key
and again, I’ve finished creating the alert so I select “Done” in the top left hand corner.
After creating the alert we just need to wait and be patient and once it’s triggered you’ll
receive a notification to your phone, so it’ll look like it does in the top left hand corner
here.To access this swipe down, and I’ve actually got 3, but I select it as one and it’ll take
us to the received alerts inside the app, now I just need to select the alert that I’m
interested in and it should take me to the view on the map. If you can’t view the aircraft
that means that we can’t track the aircraft or it has landed already. I hope this helps,
please let us know if you’ve got any questions and have a great day!


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