DANÇAS AMERICANAS (ft. Federico Devito) | DamonAndJo

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[This video was filmed before Jo’s accident] [Esse video foi filmado antes o acidente da Jo] It’s Damon. It’s Jo. It’s DamonAndJo. and…our very special friend So guys, we’re here in a parking lot We’re filming a music video Well, many…today We might even launch a single We’re going to teach really classic American songs All Americans know these dance steps This is the situation You’re there eating at a family gathering All of a sudden, these songs come on Everyone stands up and runs to the dance floor First song, and one that’s very classic The whole dance floor moves and turns That’s awesome NEXT! So how was that? Loved it. Next song is one of my favorites But you gotta have rhythm Do you have rhythm? I’ll try Ah yeah this one’s good Your whole body has to become like jelly In reality it’s a lot more complicated than that You go down, you fall, etc. Next song Let’s just play the damn song But, like, did you get it? Like, do you know how to dance or…? *Not Portuguese* What? This one is basically “Olha a onda” “Rola essa vaga” what? That was awesome You know we just thought we should have a dance that was more simple, easy for him No, this guy’s a dancer There’s a song in Brazil like this We have that in Brazil, but it’s the Brazilian version *Brazilian version* Now drop that azz to tha floor No I’m just making this up DOGS That’s it If that part of the song comes on and you have a drink in your hand In the middle of the club This is a part of American culture and now you’re learning More Americanized every day with these two and us, more Brazilian with this guy Hope you all liked this video Learned something *says incorrectly* Not even I know how to speak Portuguese anymore We get confused and then so does he Thanks for tolerating our dance moves Their dance moves were good, mine were horrible They were good! Brazilians know how to dance. Except that I’m like y’all. Half-Argentinian and half-Brazilian. Subscribe to Damon And Jo More videos coming! and subscribe to Federico too! There’s a video there too with all of us. And Damon ripped his shorts Go check it out Kisses! Buh bye


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