Dar es Salaam Tanzania the Toronto of East Africa

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two juices and this water for 6500 how many things we buy at 6500 back home? and here only this have you ever seen a coin of 500? 500 coin the guy has brought me here now we’ll sim card here this sim card cost $5 one GB internet data and local calls this is a local vendor on the street this guy is bringing me to his own clients not taking me to the official branch of sim card now I’m stuck with him, so no other way I actually need internet for using map this is the main fish market in Dar es Salaam, where you can find all kind of fishes and sea food it’s very near to city center in Dar es Salaam in the background, you can see a cruise I traveled using this from there that’s Dar es Salaam from there, the boat took about 5 minutes to reach here it cost only a few cents now we are on the other side of dar es salaam but something very strange happened here we can’t record video there I went to the fish market there in city center there were many type of fishes I wanted to show you that completely but the guy said recording video is not allowed there was a police man who said don’t record this guy also warned me that don’t record video I recorded two or three clips quickly then we boarded the big cruise again I was told that recording video is not allowed although, it was very crowded this type of crowd I’ve never seen in my life I wanted to show that but video not allowed if you could see that, you would be amazed but now when I asked the reason for it Abu Bakkar told me that in old time, someone has told people that if tourists make your photo or video they’ll sell you out, and will show you ugly will make you monkey and sell you it was said years and years ago and people still believe it in Tanzania this was told to me by this guy Abu Bakkar Abu Bakkar said, people need awareness and education but to me it was very strange because I was making my own video, that was even not allowed so this is the situation here now we came here to the other side and it’ll take five minutes to go back it’s an Island basically so in order to come here, you must take the cruise ride which cost a few cents inside this island, there are beaches, villages and everything this water is not dirty, it’s clean you can even swim in this water here and there we go, the beautiful dar es salaam city from that side, we came here using big cruise now from here, we’ll use this small boat there is no life jacket let’s see how it goes now it’s going it’s just 2 minutes journey here is my guide Abu Bakkar life jacket is not there it’s scary because I don’t know swimming he says, he knows swimming so he’ll save me ๐Ÿ˜› it was only 1 minute journey this one also cost a few cents now it’s time for lunch i’ll go for lunch now Indian restaurant in Dar es Salaam, there are these Tuk Tuk I think there is a Music party going on now we in tuk tuk, it’ll take $1 we are going to hotel my hotel name is Rainbow just reached after 5 minutes tuk tuk ride my hotel is here actually we going for lunch dude, don’t take Tanzania or Africa easy, it’s well developed with modern transport and almost everything metered taxi is available there are so much to see and experience don’t just think that Africa is a jungle


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