DELAYED FLIGHT – Your rights ! What to do to get a compensation !! (

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Hello everyone! This video is especially
about your rights in case your flight in Europe is delayed. Do you know that you
are entitled to receive 250 EUR, 400 EUR or even 600 EUR? Watch this video and you will get to know, what to do! Delayed or canceled flight can be
extremely unpleasant and it can influence your trip badly but we have
good news for you you can require compensation refreshment
and in some cases also an accommodation in a hotel from your airlines. The
compensation relates to the departures from European airports and the amount is
calculated according to a flight distance but remember that a delay must be more
than three hours. For example in case of technical issues
there are no doubts and your claim to a compensation is rightful. It’s not always
easy to get the compensation fast although the European regulation says clearly
that you have a right to receive it. Only good airlines act immediately and in
accordance to regulation. And what you should do exactly? Look at the websites of your
airlines where you should find all instructions. If not send them your
boarding passes, flight number and your bank account number. Ask them for the
compensation and remember them the European regulation. At our websites you
will find all detailed information and if you have already experienced delayed
or canceled flight don’t worry. You can claim a compensation after three years
ago. Detailed instructions and contacts to
authorities are available at our websites Subscribe
to our videos and we wish you a pleasant flight. See you!


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