DJI GO – Intelligent Flight Mode: Point of Interest



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  1. Leandro Longo

    October 28, 2015 2:55 am

    Hi! i have a question!. Today was my first time to use interest point. Then of the second lap, i touch on Pause, and hide… i send the drone to other location… but when i try to get it back, was so difficult!… then, try to land it, and he doesn't not respond. I remember i never turn off the IFM… when i do that… all control back to me!. Do you know why when you do pause in the system, it really don't finish?

  2. Hookster57

    January 16, 2016 12:57 am

    Good grief. They talk about flying safe and smart and then put out a video of an obvious idiot 3 steps away from a trip, stumble or distracted death. Incredibly stupid.

  3. Boudewijn De Jong

    May 1, 2016 10:22 am

    Next time if you change a function, change the tutorials or an extra tutorial.
    Also make your mail and forums work properly, now they only give errors.

    For the people who are still searching for the option POI: left of the screen in the DJI app an extra icon appears. Tap that and you find your functions back.

  4. MarioFan402

    May 7, 2016 2:03 am

    The messege asking to enable multiple flight modes doesnt come up can someone please help me

  5. jason s

    July 16, 2016 4:09 pm

    Is it possible to set the point of interest by dropping a pin on the map as opposed to flying directly over the subject?

  6. sifis kontaxakis

    August 19, 2016 10:31 am

    hello, what do you recommend in order to follow a Stand up paddle surfer in the sea… which mode i should choose…free fly , follow me or waypoints mode? the follow me mode is necessary to follow a person that keeps in his hand remote controller, is that right?

  7. Elmer Cuaton

    October 21, 2016 6:44 am

    hello bro, just wanna ask something i send back this to china for fixing after two months they sent back to me but the problem is the intelligent flight mode is gone is there anyway i can fix this? pls help thank

  8. leegenix

    March 12, 2017 6:02 pm

    I'm going to try this soon. But first, I will try it and make sure it works well before it goes out of control and flies away.

  9. Bart Dooper

    July 18, 2017 8:28 pm

    Nice but it doesn't work on DJI Mavic Pro // GO 4 latest update (V4.1.3) // android version 6.0 refer to:


    April 27, 2018 9:09 pm

    Can some one please do a hack to allow me to rotate at a lower altitude. Why does it have to be so high. I wish it could be like 2M minimum hight. Not 5 meters. I have some ideas to use this for my car show each week.

  11. Christopher Pelnar

    May 30, 2018 7:52 pm

    How how does avoid obstacles in its path? Or is that why you are placing it 5m high and 5m out? Awesome video, and beautiful scenery!!

  12. 08ender80

    March 30, 2019 11:13 pm

    Wow this is bad haha The guy just gape mouthed staring the wrong way tho @3:34+ sells it. I had no other choice but to purchase after that. Well done DJI, well, well done.


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