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what’s going on guys Patrick here with
drone ERDs today we have something brand-new something that’s really really
awesome it’s the new DJI Mavic air you can see how compact how small this thing
is but how does it fly so we’re gonna fly it in this video for the first time
top secret I had to find a top secret spot to fly it here so nobody can see it
cuz it hasn’t been released to the public just yet so we’re gonna get it in
the air and see what it’s all about in this video so stay tuned when you first
get your Mavic air it’s gonna come in this little box here this little case
you see how small it is comparing it to my iPhone X you can see the size
comparison this thing is pretty much the same size as an iPhone X I would say
it’s almost the same size but when you first open it up a fold open the arms
here after that you have these two little legs here also gonna pop these
open once that pops open there it is the Mavic air unfolded and ready to fly
something new about the Mavic air is the battery is actually on the bottom so if
you want to turn it on you got to flip it over and press the button there it’s
no longer on the top like the Mavic pro the controller is going to look very
similar to the Maverick pro or the spark controller it’s almost the same as the
smart controller really but there is a new feature now these little joysticks
actually screw on and off so when you’re storing it when you’re moving it around
you can actually take the little joysticks on and off there I think
that’s a really cool feature if you’re going to be linking up the controller
with your Mavic air you’re gonna just hold this button on the back there no
longer do you need to find a little hole to pair it or to link it up you’re going
to hold this on the back there when you hold that on the back you’ll go in the
app press link and you can link up your controller with your aircraft quickly
and easily by using this little button on the back so now I have picture have
the telemetry everything popped up there on the screen on the app using the DJI
Go app there on my phone one thing that’s cool a new addition for
the Mavic air is there’s actually an internal hard drive so I can actually
record footage to that internal hard drive rundown on the different video
formats we have 4k 30 frames per second we have 2.7 K 30 frames per second 60
frames a second and then something that’s totally new here we have 120
frames at 1080p in terms of other settings that
I’ll be using I’m gonna go in here to style contrast negative one saturation
I’m gonna leave the sharpness the same for now until I get to test this out
more and in color wise I’m gonna put the D City like that’s gonna give me a
flatter image so when I do go to color grade or do edit this I can adjust the
colors a little bit better it’ll give me a flatter image to start with when I go
to the color grading to editing and here we go so you can hear the Mavic areas
beeping because of the sensors on the back knowing that I’m right behind it so
the sense is they’re gonna stop it from hitting stuff in the back or sensors in
the front so it feels very responsive if fly is really smooth it’s a little
bit windy today so there might be a little bit of movement but from looking
at the app itself from looking at the camera it looks pretty smooth so it’s
definitely small it’s definitely compact but it does have the power and it
doesn’t feel so the spark sometimes feels like it’s a small drone but the
Mavic air actually feels pretty comparable to the Mavic pro in terms of
control and how it flies setting in here in the app it’s called a pass a pas and
basically what that’s gonna do is say if I’m flying forward and we come to a tree
say there’s a tree in the way of me flying forward the drone instead of just
stopping like in the past when it senses an object it’s actually gonna fly right
over that object so you can see here let’s test it out on this tree I’m going
full speed ahead and you can see now the drone is sensing it’s flying right over
that and not just stopping so in the past a lot of times the drone would just
stop instead of flying over the object it would just stop there and let you
know hey there’s something in front of you but now the drone is actually gonna
sense that object and then fly over it so if I’m flying forward instead of just
stopping now I can fly over that object and keep that same movement going so
putting the drone into active track here it’s gonna follow my girlfriend across
the field here and it looks like it’s really sensing it I can use the control
here to go around her if I want now if I fly around her as she’s walking the
drones gonna start to circle around her just like that so now the drones
actually I’m not doing anything the drone is doing everything it needs to do
to follow her and see what’s going on there
and go around just like that so the actor track works really well I’m
impressed obviously she wasn’t running her nap but you can see that it was
following her the whole time not having any issues and it was sensing her really
well and it looks like it was almost a new
active track the way that it’s sensing it’s not just the little box Seymour now
there’s actually a little target and in the box around here so it seems that
there is some new updates there with the active track as well so the one thing
that I noticed right away was when I’m flying I can actually fly full speed
ahead and I won’t get any props in the shot so with the Mavic Pro when you fly
full speed ahead you will see the prop the Mavic air the way that the camera is
set up the way the props are even while I’m flying full speed forward I can’t
see any props in the shot which is a great upgrade putting the Mavic air into
sport mode here let’s see how fast this baby can go and there we go full speed
ahead about 40 miles an hour so 40 miles an hour there in sport mode it’s very
responsive obviously you’re not gonna be filming a lot of times in sport mode but
if you are looking to have some fun this is definitely the way to do it oh
well fast it is and just look at the speed the responses so there it is the
first flight with the Mavic air I’m impressed it flies really well for the
size for how compact it is for the fold up features there’s a lot of really cool
new features built into this very compact drone the footage looks great it
looks very smooth it has the three axis gimbal I do love how the camera is tied
up in there you’re not gonna see the props even when you’re flying full speed
ahead you will not see the props with this drone with the Mavic Pro it’s very
exposed now with the Mavic air it’s actually you
can see even if I go full speed into the ground I’m not gonna hit the camera you
know the cameras pulled up inside there it’s protected by the body of the drone
which is a great upgrade I’m always a fan of new products but this new Mavic
air I think it addresses a lot of issues that people have had in the past the DJI
Mavic air I’m impressed you guys are going to be impressed I’m a big fan of
everything that DJI has done with this new drone everything they’ve improved on
everybody is going to want one of these in 2018 if
you guys haven’t already make sure you hit that subscribe button posting new
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