Enemy Wings. Episode 3. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Historical Drama. English Subtitles

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Star Media Star Media presents Denis Rozhkov Glafira Tarkhanova Mikhail Trukhin Written by Igor Ter-Karapetov Music by Roman Arkhipov,
Aleksandr Afanasov Produced by Aleksey
Chistikov, Aleksandr Fironov Producers: Vitalii
Bordachev, Vlad Ryashin ENEMY WINGS Herr Lieutenant, you have made a good
landing, I congratulate you on soft landing. Ask him to show his documents. Documents! No “ausweis.“ Bon appetite, Lekha. Volodia! Volodka? Gorbatiuk! I was not sure whether it was you. It’s me. What are you doing
here’! In such clothes? This is along story. We are not in a hurry. Am I right,
Rozhkov’! Give us something to drink. When was it last time we saw each other? 1939. Yeah. We were kicking
Japanese butts just well. Major. Okay, senior lieutenant.
Are you a captain already’! Guards captain To the encounter. What’s wrong’! Have I forgotten
to close the gate, old fool’! Polina! My dear girl,
what’s happened to you’! Give me your hand. Oh God. Come inside. Branchy firs. Are you okay’! I thought you… lam fine. We have a relief. He is
a real pilot. Do you like my present? Kostia, where did you find him’! I know where. We’ll talk later. Okay, warrior, let’s get acquainted. I’m major sergeant Chevchugov,
or simply Uncle Misha. Stepan Rudakov. My
father is a pilot, too. How’! Stepan Rudakov. Kolia, so he is… Yes, naturally. Let me introduce myself,
Stepan Rudakov. Kostia Moretsky. The bosses are here, come on. We need to hide him for now. Okay, we’ll talk later. Major, Lieutenant Moretsky has returned
form the successfully accomplished mission. Successfully you say’! Yes, sir. What’s wrong with him’! Major, he has been sick of
looking at my plane lately. Joker. Okay, have rest, pilots. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. So, ours consider you dead. They could announce
me an enemy of people. This is done easily in our country. My
situation is no better. The task was not easy. According to the documents, seven groups
were supposed to work in this area. Where are they’! Did you report to the headquarters? I did, unfortunately.
There is one type there. He does not give a
damn about my reports. To cut a long story short, each group had
a task and even the deadline was mentioned. What are you going to do’! I will do my best.
With the forces I have. Ma)’ L sir? Okay. I have excellent guys. Each of them is
worth of three. What are you going to do’! I need to go back to the
regiment. I have no fuel. We can give you some. You should also
change clothes. Does your bird eat gasoline? Yes, it does. In our household gasoline
will be helpful too. The Germans have an
airfield, we will borrow some. We will also take the ammunition
for you there. What will you say’! This is a nice offer. But I will keep
the uniform, it has a good quality. It suits you. Curse the tongue of yours! Stepa, if you eat all the gruel,
I will give you some dessert. What dessert? Sweet. Here you are, drink
some tea, to beat it hard. And don’t forget about bread. Bite some. Cancel. He is a friend. Come on. Did you see our golden guy’! I am sewing the working people. What’s wrong’! We need to talk. Come on, eat. The situation is bad. The headquarters
said that they will relocate our unit. Is anyone going to the rear’! We need accompanying
documents for the boy. What are we going to do’! I don’t know. We need to tell
Yashin. I think he will understand. Yes, we can try. I have an idea. Okay, tomorrow. It’s time to sleep. Will dad come back soon’! Soon, soon. Will he come for mom’! May I drive? You don’t know the language. Go
to the body. Lemeshev, come to me. Put this on. Yeah. Are there many Germans? How are you’! Ready to fight Rozhkov, you will drive. Stop in
300 meters, we will jump out there. Halt! Show your documents. Luftwaffe Come on, come on. Stop. Come on. And these two boxes, too. Well done, Lekha! We have
fried them. Get in the body. Go, quickly! Daughter, I have
prepared a broth for you. Thank you, Grandma Shura, you
cured Stepan first, and now me. Okay, okay. Eat first.
I have some moonlight. I don’t want any,
thank you Grandma Shura. You need to drink some,
you would feel better. I forgot to tell you. Stepa
is fine, he’s with ours. 0h, thank God. You should have told me. Don’t worry, Grandma Shura. Stop. Have you taken a pig’! What Pig? I don’t know. Someone is moving there. Yes, indeed. What are you… This is a boy. A boy, indeed. What are you doing here’! Don’t beat me, uncle, I am a friend! What do you have here’! Major, we have a boy here. He has either come with a parcel, or we
have taken him from the provision stores. What is your name’! Rudakov, Stepka Alekseevich. Rudakov’! ls your father a pilot?
Major, this is our Rudakov’s son. Hello! How did he get on the
truck’! Did you stop anywhere? No, how could we’! This seems to be a miracle, major. So
his feet brought him to us. Come here. I stopped once, to give a lift to lieutenant.
I told him I am not allowed, an he… Put the boy on the ground, mommy.
Lieutenant Moretsky, oral warning… so far. Yes, sir. You may go. So, Stepka Alekseevich, let’s
go, you will tell me the truth. Will you’! He’s gone to fish. Meaning? He stuns fish here every day. At this time’! He will go tomorrow. I
will shoot from the guns. Let’s go. What’s happened here’! I need
refueling. Do you understand me or not’! I understand. I have urgent documents
for Field Marshal von Bok. They are waiting for me
in the army headquarters. There’s nothing I can do. The
guerillas stole all gasoline. What guerillas’! Why
would they need gasoline? I repeat, I can do nothing. How are you going to resolve my problem? This is an interesting
question, I am thinking about it. I don’t care what you are
thinking about. I need gasoline. I don’t care where you
are going to find it. Those were not guerillas,
their work is too clean. Are you idiot? Is this an SS joke’! Why did you need to tear the coat’! For reliability, so that Yashin
believed him, yeah, Stepa’! Come here. Did you tell Comrade
Yashin everything like I told you’! Yes. Did Comrade Major believe you’! No, he did not. Conspirators.
He will be a pilot. What are we going to do with the boy’! I have sent an inquiry
to the address Stepa told. If we get a positive reply, then
we’ll send him to his grandparents. And if not’! If the answer is negative,
we’ll send him to an orphanage. Play, Major, we can’t
send him to an orphanage. He won’t stay in the unit for
sure. The conversation is over. Have a rest, pilots.
And you continue sew. Good for you. Come on, sew, artist. Let’s go, old woman, everyone should
come to the square. Are you alone? I’m alone, what’s the reason? They will shoot the hostages,
this will be a lesson for you. It must have been your fellow
villagers who have confused Petka. Don’t yell. Whether I will yell or not, the
whole village knows about it. So many people are going to die because
of that scum, and there is no sign of him. You talk, babbler. Talk. Get ready, quickly. Everything’s fine, Obersturmfuhrer. Herr Obersturmfuhrer’! No. Come on. It is ours. I will feed you now. Okay, everyone has heard
the order of Obersturmfuhrer. You have been given the time. But
the betrayer has not surrendered. What if he is not in the village? Who is so brave to
talk’! Show me your face! If anyone else intrudes,
I will shout at the voice. So, you had two days, but
nobody has surrendered. That is why we will
execute the verdict now. What are you doing? You scum. Wait a second. Attention! Shoot at the hostages! Polina, what are you doing? I don’t want them to
kill people because of me. Let’s go home. Everyone scattered, nobody was killed,
only soldiers and the policemen. There are cross on the wings. It’s
weird. Come on, Polia, let’s go home. Devil knows what. Listen to this. On December 11, a plane number 795 was hijacked
from an airfield in Biriugovo area. On the same day the plane made
a landing behind the front line. The pilot was taken prison, but
ours managed to recapture him. I remember this story. it seems
to me, the pilot’s name is Maer. He was wounded and left with
a doctor and a guard soldier. When a Luftwaffe rescue crew came
to take him, they found nobody. This is not quite true. The Luftwaffe team was destroyed
on their way to the dugout. They found the bodies of the
doctor and soldier in the dugout. Both the plane and the pilot vanished. What do you think about it’! I think it was not Lieutenant Maer. Rather, it was a Russian pilot,
who found himself in our rear. But this is ridiculous. How can he
use the plane under the circumstances? You don’t know Russians. Believe me, we will soon find out
everything. But we will hardly like it. After the attack on the airfield
it has some fuel and ammunition. Herr Obersturmfuhrer. What’! We have a telephone message from Labus and one more from the
Luftwaffe headquarters. How bad is his wound’! I don’t know, Obersturmfuhrer. May I go’! Yes. Colonel, these are the
troubles we’ve just discussed. What are you going to do now’! It is time to get to
know this pilot better. We need to light afire under
the engine compartment. Here. Kolesnikov, light the fire. Cover the glass. Tell
me what’s happened. The fascists in the village were going
to shoot people. I intruded, Volodia. I could not keep from it. I imagined
that Polia and Stepa could be there, So I went crazy. I could
not do anything to myself. And those bitches drove the whole village
to look at this. We need to kill them all. We need to do so, but
cleverly. Not to spoil anything. Do you think you have rescued anybody? The Germans will get mad
and kill even more people. Damn. And they will burn the village. What are we going to do’! We’ll invent something. Major, may I ask a question? What question? Yes, you may. Do you think Germans have already reported
on our heroic deeds to the authorities’! They must’ve. Why’! I doubt that they will sleep calmly now. An enemy crew with a full ammunition
is on the loose just near their noses. You are thinking right. If we remind them about us again,
they will forget about the village. Who is the chief guy there? It’s time to get to know him better. It’s time to go. Come on, come on, quickly. Idiot. Why is he displeased? I don’t know. Are we going to
bring him to the guerillas tonight? Don’t worry. We will be at
the airfield tomorrow morning. We were supposed to be there today. Guerrillas! Your Katulsky will have problems. The
guerillas can kill us at any moment. Be careful. Don’t worry, colonel. Quiet. Kill the second one. Alarm! Let’s wait here. Did I hurt him badly? He will recover. There were three of them in the shed.
They took away the rest in the afternoon. Are there any wounded? No. Help him, let’s retreat. Come on! You have found such a goose,
you probably don’t need ours. Shoot him! Come on! Hello, Grandma Shura. You’ve taken up the chores
as soon as you woke up. When I recall my husband, I cannot idle. You’re right. But you should
not do anything with cold water. What do people say’! They don’t talk much.
They keep silent and weep. Why are they silent? “The collaborators have run wild. Their chief has been wounded;
his leg has swollen like a ball.” And during the attack their doctor
was killed, there’s no one to cure him. So he ordered to gather all the
wounded in the hospital and said: you are gonna rot with me. I
will die and you will die too. Are there many people? Four men. He is a monster. He does not give them either
bandages, or the medicine. You say his leg has swollen up’! Yeah. Polina, what
are you doing? Polina! Let’s talk, Colonel Bakschuber. You know who I am. Introduce yourself. Of course, I can introduce myself. But I think this is the
last time we see each other. You are professionals. Both you and I know that
I will die. May I smoke? Yes. Bitte. Danke. Major Gorbatiuk, Captain Rudkov. Are you a pilot? Yes. Good. Officers, I won’t
answer your questions. I am a prisoner of war and I demand to be
interrogated by a person with an equal rank. Of course, you can execute
me. These are your methods. You were accompanied by SS group.
Are their methods okay with you’! Captain, I am a policeman. I organize the order and I don’t
know what their methods are. Really? We will show you.
Rozhkov, bring him here. Major! Lemeshev! Major, I am a prisoner of war! Bring a bucket of water. Yes, sir. Put off your clothes, colonel. Two weeks ago SS soldiers
drove people into icy water and made them stand there till morning. We won’t shoot you. This
would be too great an honor. What do you want’! We need to know everything
about the SS commander and the whereabouts of their base. And we also want to know
who makes the lists of people to send them as working
force to Germany. Okay, I will tell you. But you should
guarantee that I will die a worthy death. We will check your information,
if it turns out to be right… Major, please. I rely on your honesty. I count for your reason ability. I will show it on the map. Bitte. Rozhkov, bring me the map.
Write down the rest. Speak, colonel. Their base is here. You need Katulsky. SS Obersturmfuhrer. His
right hand is Bakzalevsky. They are already after you. Lemeshev. Bring him to the dugout
and feed him, then tie him up. Go, go. Come on, Lekha. Get out of here. I will shoot. There
is an order not to help the wounded. You learned the craft of
carpenter from my father. He is dying of a wound there.
Shoot, I will lie next to him. I need to talk to the chief. Who are you’! I am a doctor and if I’m not
mistaken, he has gas gangrene. There is a woman here, she says she’s a
doctor, bring her to Mr. Labus. Come in. My father is there too, help him! I will try. It’s far away from here. You are right, it’s far. Volodia, if he did not tell anything,
would you leave him to freeze’! I don’t know. I fear for my family, Vovka. Don’t think about it, we’ll
try to help them tomorrow. Look, damsel, if you lied, he shoots
right away, he is drunk all the time. May I come in’! What do you need, bitch? Have
you brought any moonshine? “No. There is a woman here;
she said she’s a doctor.” So’! Should I let her in’! Star Media


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