Episode 9 – Booking Cheap Bus Tickets and Hostels for Oslo from Copenhagen and Exploring Copenhagen

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In this episode of the Scandinavia series we will explore rest of Copenhagen and also make some bookings for Norways’ capital Oslo for bus tickets and hostels just a day before reaching there. Its my third day in Copenhagen and today we will cover the remaining museums and some outdoor locations . But before that , as I’ll be leaving
for Oslo tomorrow night I haven’t booked any tickets till now ,
so lets just book the tickets first. *Start screen recording* I went to my favourite website “goeuro.com” and made a route for Copenhagen to Oslo and chose 29th of July which was literally the next day . As I was booking at the very last moment , the trains that were available for 50 euros are now available for 75 euros. And flights that usually cost around 90 to 150 euros were now available for 300+ euros. And so I decided to take a bus
which usually cost 25 euros which still cost me a little more ,
as it was the last moment . Out of all the options I chose an overnight bus that cost me 30 euros which was going from Copenhagens’ city centre
to Oslo’ central bus stop. These buses have an additional option for extra 3 euros in which you get the front seat at the upper deck with extra leg room . So I chose that seat , as it was a 8 hour journey . And as it turns out , this was a very good choice
but we’ll get back to this later, lets just finish our last two days in Copenhagen . Third day in Copenhagen and today I am going to the Christiansborg Palace and will go to National Museum after that . LADY : This one and this one are part of my favourite places , and then the kitchen and the stables. And in these palaces , it is mandatory to wear plastic shoes covers so that the visitors don’t spoil their AMAZING FLOORING And in these palaces and museums there is always an english tour going on so if you haven’t paid for one , you can just walk with them and enjoy a free tour. You can get a lot of interesting information in here , like I learnt about these thrones. These are the Royal Thrones and the queens throne is larger than that of the king. this is because the queen used to wear huge and lavish dresses . Since constitution monarchy was established
in the 1850s no one has sat on these thrones as they symbolise absolute power and now the king and the queen are ceremonial monarchs for a ceremonial role . and they don’t hold any special powers anymore as the power, democracy, constitution and the parliament is somewhat in the prime ministers’ hand. In these palaces , other than italian marble and
french furniture the other special thing you see here are the carpets hanging on the walls. This art form that you see behind me is known as Tapestries and are a type of carpet . Other than that , there are huge reception rooms where the Queen gives out National Awards. And this is thr royal stable the place smells like horses but I can’t see any in here
not sure what kind of stable is this . at least when I was there , I saw a lot of royal seats and really old carriages. And Christiansborg Palace also houses
the war museum as this is a part of the national museum of Denmark so this is also included in the Copenhagen pass
otherwise the ticket is for 75 Danish Kroners. Other than the ancient guns that belonged to the kings there are some serious bug guns and artillery over here accompanied by their ammunition as well. And in some corner of this huge museum , are the historic military uniforms which you can try if you want to . And this is the M4 Carbine
and I have used these as well , in MAX PAYNE ! (A Video Game But jokes apart, the things that we have only seen in movies like 300 its quite enjoyable to see them in real life. Every capital city has a National Museum and if you have the time , don’t forget to visit them because you can get valuable insights
on the country’s history in here ! And if you guys are fond of
fancy dresses or halloween like I am you can try some 18th century fashion over here as well . CLASSIC And after National Museum I am going to The church of our saviour which is one of the main churches over here. And now I am climbing the church’ stairs to climb up the 90 meter high tower so as to enjoy some aerial views of Copenhagen . Like you gat a nice view of the city on foot or on boat we should also try an alternate aerial view. But most of these old towers don’t have any elevators. But if this kid can climb it ,
so can you ! After climbing down from this spire built in 1752
I took a bus for my apartment. Its is 8:15 in the evening over here ,
but the sun is still out . The sun will go down around 9:30 pm so I’m planning to go out around 9:15 . During winters the sun goes down around 3:30pm , and in the summers sun down is at 9:30pm. Alright guys , its 10 pm now , and I am leaving from the mall and I am going towards the metro station And now I am going to TIVOLI amusement park which I’ve heard looks amazing during night time because of their wonderful lighting. The lighting was very good , but only entry was included in the Copenhagen Card and the rides cost around 30 to 50 kroner extra. Or you can get the unlimited ride pass for 230 Kroners. And then I went to a party
which you guys saw in part one . Its 3 in the morning but , the city centre is still active. And even at this time , girls are dragging their bags heading to the airport. But sadly , I also saw some people on saturday , in a condition which could be risky particularly if you’re alone. Anyways, I got back to my apartment around 3:30 and went to bed directly . Alright guys , today is my last day in Copenhagen and I am taking a bus tonight to Oslo
where I will spend my entire night. So I don’t need to pay money for a hostel tonight as it is a 8 hour journey. And just a day before rehang Oslo , I searched for some hostels on “hostel world.com” There were only three options in the results which were in the range of 2000 to 2500 rupees per night And the third option was a private room for 8000 rupees, which was out of my budget. Then I searched for apartments on “airbnb.com” for the same dates with a budget of 5000 rupees. the cheapest option was in the range
of 3500 to 5000 rupees and was a little far from the city centre . And so I came back to hostelworld.com where I compared both the options , one of which had a 8 bed dorm for 2500 rupees per night. And in the second option, that is Anker apartment hostel
a single bedroom was for 6000 rupees and a 30 bed dorm was for 2000 rupees per night . As I was about to stay in a 30 bed dorm for the first time I checked the pictures first. in the pictures I saw that the hostel had a convenience store , and the hostel was also well maintained. and the 30 bed dorm option didn’t seem that bed
so I finally booked this, which was the cheapest option. And I will also share my hostel experience
in my Oslo video ! But now lets get back to my Copenhagen apartment
where checkout time was 11 am. As my bus to Oslo was at 10 pm, I requested my friendly host and left my packed bags at the apartment And went out to explore the remaining city , and my first destination was “the round tower” And as this tower is in the centre of old town and right next to the shopping district the city view was much better than that of the church spire. You can also see Copenhagens’ pretty and colourful shopping district from here know as Strøget which was my next stop. This shopping district , whose name is written in a different way and pronounced in a different way. is one of the larger pedestrian street in Europe. Everyday brands like H&M , ZARA and SEPHORA are available here . Oh and by the way , in these zones you have to get off your cycle and walk because bike riding isn’t allowed here. And going ahead in this street , comes the higher range brands , like British Superdry or Italian Diesel. Also, a part of this street is the Italian Luxury shoe designer brand “Salvatore Ferragamo ” whose shoes start from around 50,000 rupees. And going ahead , comes the world famous luxury French brand “LOUIS VUITTON” in which the S in LOUIS and N in VUITTON is silent because in French language , the last consonants of any word are not pronounced. And by the way , the handbags over here , cost much more than my entire budget for the trip . A little ahead from here comes the city’ historic court surrounded by some beautiful buildings and fountains. Now after completing central Copenhagen , its time to visit one of most beautiful and well decorated castles. And now I am at Rosenborg Castle which was built in 1598 and kept on expanding since then but the first version was built in 1598. And the best thing , their ceilings
are extremely beautiful. These castles have very good ceilings , wall art and paintings. Whether its the beautiful
Tapesteries hanging from the wall or super fine porcelain jars or roman style statues or its distinguishably exotic furniture everything here is set according
to the centuries old royalty . Also , its not everyday you get to see marble on ceilings. And then I reached the castles’ basement which houses some serious exotic materials like this Ivory (elephant teeth) ornaments . And in this basement , was the coronation crown of
King Christian the 4th made in 1598 accompanied with the royal sceptre , some royal ornaments and symbolising the kings’ absolute judgement power , made in 1643 , Sword of the State. And how do I talk about these !! And the I went to my final destination i.e. Refshaleøen which actually was an old industrial type place , but today is a hub for a lot of food startups. Most of it was Non VEG though. There are 35 stalls over here that provide food from different nationalities. This is street food , but nothing here is cheap . But if you get a greek chicken roll for 650 rupees , which will cost you 1000 rupees in a restaurant, it is cheap. And this is a desi Indian restaurant where tandoori tikke (patty) for 1000 rupees and a mango lassi for 300 rupees. And some Indian music is on as well. And a dosa was for 600 rupees
and a masala tea for 250 rupees. And options for vegetarian people
in Copenhagen are a bit limited A veggie sub at subway is the
only fast food option here. The best way is to carry some ready to eat Indian veggies from home . or you can also get a
veg lasagna type meal in supermarkets including some meat less snacks from 7/11 because in the Indian restaurants here , a simple curry will cost you around 1200 rupees. And after spending my last day in Copenhagen , I headed to my apartment to pick my bags . Alright guys , it snow time to leave for Oslo and I will be dragging these bags once again . And then I left for Norway , where I got talk about a lot of interesting topics with the locals. So this culture has been here even 20 years from now?
Yeah ! LADY : I am born out of marriage
I was in my parents wedding GUY : I was as well !
Oh really ? So if I have like a fever and I go to regular physician
how much am I expected to pay as a Norwegian citizen? And all the palaces , attractions and museums I saw are marked with a heart here and their total ticket value was 178 euros but I saw all of this in only 77 euros easily saving 100 euros
i.e. 8000 rupees. And just to clarify , one city card is valid for one visitor only and these cards are usually cheaper for kids. And I hope , that you liked this detailed guide on Copenhagen And if you still are here , don’t forget to hit the like button and for weekly updates , hit the subscribe button and the bell icon .


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