Expectations VS Reality : Visiting NYC (Watch Before You Go) !


What’s up Members of the Barrio? It’s Jon, coming to you from Manhattan And many times when you visit a new location Your expectations of how that trip is going to go.. Can be very different from the actual reality So today, we’re going to be examining expectations versus reality Of visiting New York City Guys, make sure to check out my other New York City Playlists all linked down below in the description Here we go Now I took many of these expectations from you guys In the community tab So thank you for leaving me your expectations But we’re going to get started with the most common one that was left for me Expectation, New Yorkers are rude Reality, not so much Unless you act like an ignorant tourist We have discussed perceptions of New Yorkers in many different videos before And this always comes up That there’s this idea that your average New Yorker is super rude And always in a rush to get from Point A to Point B Well maybe New Yorkers are in a rush But I saw so many comments of people Who were just super surprised about how nice New Yorkers actually were If they needed to stop and ask for directions If they needed help with something Look you’re not going to run into to many rude people I promise you.. As long as you don’t rush the subway doors as soon as they open As long as you don’t stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk to check your phone Or to take a photo Just little common sense things Being courteous . Being aware that there are a lot of other people around you At all times Goes a long way We’re going to the comments for the first time Ethan Hill said, I visited New York in May And one of the places I really wanted to visit was Times Square Thinking it would be magical as it was portrayed in the media It was underwhelming to say the least There are way to many people there Expectation, Times Square is magical Reality…. Times Square is probably the biggest tourist trap in the United States I still encourage people to go visit at least once And i’m usually dragged there if I have a friend or family member visiting New York City But it is extremely crowded It is just a walking, talking tourist trap People coming up to you
Trying to give you things Costume characters trying to get money It’s iconic, based on the media.
And based on movies But the reality to me Is it’s just not that interesting We’re going right back to the comments Mahesh Makvana says I heard that subways were scary and I could be easily mugged anytime. This wasn’t true Expectation
You’ll get mugged in the subways, they’re not safe Reality, not very likely at all Now.. every once in a while you do hear about a robbery in the subway But it is not very common I would say as long as you pay attention to your surroundings Your odds of being the victim of a crime on the subway Extremely low There’s still this idea by many people Who’ve never been to New York City That crime is a major issue here The crime rate has dropped a lot in New York, drastically In the last 20 years And this is something that surprises a lot of people So I am happy to say that expectation Is definitely not most peoples reality A200Tq1 says.. My expectations were dirt, trash, the smell of urine everywhere.. A lot of gangsters, scammers around Crazy angry people Expectation. New York is dirty, smelly, and full ofr criminals Reality.. No Look I’m not going to say that New York City is the cleanest place on earth I’m not going to say that it smells really good around here all the time Although I can smell something baking right now from one of these apartments My point is.. I don’t think New York is as dirty And as smelly as most people think There’s this idea maybe that New York is just full of trash everywhere And yeah you do see trash bags on the street sometimes Yes, there are mystery smells when you walk around from time to time But generally speaking, it’s okay As far as the criminals running the streets Totally a hollywood thing You know maybe if you walked around Times Square in the 1970s You might have some unsavory characters coming up to you Now the only unsavory characters you’ll find in Times Square are dressed like Mickey Mouse Things have changed a lot Expectation.. coming to New York City you will have a white christmas Reality: Very unlikely Let me give you some facts There has been more than one inch of snow In Central Park 3 times.. On Christmas.. in the last 40 years December is not traditionally a very snowy month in New York City The holidays are a great time to come to New York Yes things are more expensive Things are more crowded But there’s certainly something magical about being in New York around Christmas But the odds of you frolicking outside with a ton of snow Throwing snowballs at each other Pretty slim You want to throw snowballs Come in January or February Not to mention the prices will be lower There will be a lot less people It will be colder But unfortunately that is just an expectation A white christmas in New York Probably not going to happen Timothy C.Gratta says Expectation I’m going to do every single thing I plan to do during my visit Reality: Absolutely not So true He also wrote there are enough restaurants in New York City alone.. such that you could eat at a different one For 57 years Every single day and not visit the same place twice Such a good point. I think to many tourists come to New York City with this huge list of things that they want to do And New York is very pedestrian friendly But unless you’re used to walking 10 to 15 miles a day I just don’t think it’s possible For most people to hit every single thing on their list If I was coming to New York for the first time I would have priorities Things that you must see And then some other things that .. you’re just in the mood to see If you have the energy And also leave some space open Just for.. random stuff Things that come up that you didn’t plan on doing So please don’t come to New York trying to plan out every single minute of your trip I really do think you’re going to be Dissapointed And that’s a reality Michael Z. wrote Expectation: the entire city is enormous Full of 50 story skyscraperse Reality, nope Just most of mid-town and the financial district Anyone that has watched Batman or Spiderman
Or tons of other movies Where the main character are running through the financial district I dunno, American Psycho or Mid town Spiderman flying off buildings You may have that perception
But guys Look where we are right now We are in the West Village. Do you see very big buildings here? And this is just one of many examples New York City is absolutely humungous Most of New York City does not look like the movies Most of New York City actually is a lot smaller than the huge skyscrapers That is just iconic New York Sure, you want to see that But there’s more to New York Than just skyscrapers That’s a reality Shoutout to Brent from New York City And Malaz from England for supporting this channel on Patreon If you want to get some really cool perks and help support what we’re doing Check the link out in the description And if you’re enjoying this video Annihilate that like button Seriously, I want you to let the YouTube algorithm know That you’re enjoying this content It is super easy to take photos at the popular tourist attractions in New York Reality: Well look right behind me The friends apartment in the west Village is there And there are people crowding all around This is nothing Go the Vessel Go to Times Square Don’t even get me started on the Brooklyn Bridge Unless you time it where there’s not a lot of people By going super early in the morning for example You’re going to have to photoshop a lot of people out of pictures Because the most popular tourist destinations in New York City Can get absolutely mobbed Be prepared for that Vanessa DH said her expectation was finding good pizza on every corner in New York City Reality: Your mileage may vary Just because New York City has tons of pizza places Almost everywhere Does not mean that every single pizza slice Is going to be good In fact I’ve had some bad pizza.. I’ve even had pizza at places That a lot of people liked That were ranked highly On social media On yelp That I didn’t enjoy so much Does New York have a lot of pizza Yes Is every single slice going to be mind numbingly good No Expectation, every one in New York is always eating hot dogs Reality, not really And I think the reason for that is.. Movies, TV shows You always see the main characters going outside after a business meeting Grabbing a hot dog from the street You know what I think it is I think before the street food thing got big in New York City Hot dogs, were always there So I think that the media has really portrayed hot dogs as being a big deal But.. all the New Yorkers I know Most of them Don’t really go out of there way seeking hot dogs I have one native New Yorker friend Who actually will on occasion go to Gray’s Papaya But even myself, growing up on the other side of the hudson In New Jersey When I used to come to New York as a kid I want to eat a hot dog, I want to eat a hot dog I want to be a New Yorker Expectation New York City is super hard to navigate The reality Not really I got this comment quite a bit How many people were surprised how easy New York was to navigate First of all Most of Manhattan Is on a grid system That makes it pretty simple to walk east to west North to South
Yes when you get downtown in the village You get into Brooklyn, you get into Queens Things do get.. a little bit more difficult But in todays age With apps like City Mapper Which you must download if you’re watching this Getting from Point A to Point B Is as simple as looking at your smart phone And following turn by turn directions The subways can confuse people But most of my viewers Who commented said that they found the subways after a couple of days Not that difficult Do they run on time That’s a different story But I think the expectation of New York being hard to navigate Definitley not so much the reality This one made me laugh Jesse wrote, expectation A big hotel room for the price I paid Reality, but it was actually tiny I mean look that’s the same thing for people that live here We have expectations for how big apartments are going to be But they’re actually very small You know if you want to see tiny Hotel rooms Go to Japan But yeah I think there is an expectation that New York hotel rooms are going to be huge Just like the apartments It is very expensive to come here So don’t expect a big room on average Especially, in Midtown Manhattan On the subject of hotels Expectation, I will be staying in mid-town manhattan In the heart of times square Reality: you’re going to see the price for that room And you’re probably going to be staying in Northern New Jersey Uptown Manhattan Queens, or Brooklyn You don’t have to stay in Mid-town Manhattan To have a good time in New York City The cost of staying there Many times is not worth it Keyser Soze wrote Expectation, my budget would be depleted. Reality, I actually saved a lot without ruining the experience Very common expectation Right there That New York City, is super expensive Look it can be expensive But if you make an effort to seek out cheaper things Watch channels on YouTube like mine Read blogs. You can find many ways to save money Especially with food Maybe not so much with hotels Believe me You do not have to spend every last dollar On that trip to New York City Guys tell me down below in the comments If I missed any of your expectations And then what was the actual reality And if you’ve never been to New YOrk What are your expectations. I’m curious , guys load up those comments Let’s get a good discussion going And make sure to check out my other New York City playlists If you’re new to this channel Special thanks to Ben for filming Guys, thank you so much For watching as always Until next time It’s not worth it Did you get stuck Yeah


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  1. Here Be Barr

    September 26, 2019 3:46 am

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  2. Barber Mom

    September 29, 2019 1:53 pm

    My expectation is great people watching. I'm going in March with my 14 year old daughter. Lots of foods, we want to go to Coney Island, explore little neighborhoods here and there. I want to get an hour or 2 in a divey bar for my own people watching. We plan on doing one touristy thing a day and leave the rest of the time open to roam😊

  3. DJ PIGG

    September 29, 2019 2:21 pm

    Thanks to your videos, Jon, my reality met my expectations rather closely when I visited last year. NYC is just as crazy as any other major city and like the others, crime is down, cleanliness up and people are people; they treat you as they find you. I hope I can visit New York again but I'll certainly not be staying on Manhattan again!

  4. Dee's Scentsy

    September 29, 2019 6:57 pm

    I didn't encounter rude New Yorkers on my visit last November. But then I tried not to be an ignorant tourist like you said. I agree about everything else you said too. Times Square: Good to visit once and full of tourist traps. Yes, NYC can be dirty at times and in certain areas. There are million people walking through it every day. That's expected. And you cant see everything. Have a few must do's and just wander and walk around. That's the best to get to know a place.
    We plan on going in January: less people and cheaper hotels. And we want to experience snow in NYC.

    Thanks for such an informative video. Enjoy them very much.

  5. Bunnie Bonnie

    September 30, 2019 2:39 am

    Please make a video about Airbnb regulation in NYC. Is it really illegal and banned in NYC? Thank you so much!


    September 30, 2019 4:10 am

    I am going to be traveling my first time to New York and I bought the New York pass. Do
    You have any experience with this pass? I’m hoping it saves me a good amount money.

  7. Hank Moody

    September 30, 2019 1:12 pm

    I just came back from my first "real" trip to n.y.c. such a beautiful city!
    a scam you missed I noticed was if I ask someone for directions they may give them to you but then some say, "that will be 20." just walk away. they got a buddy of mine to pull his cash out, so STUPID, and still took three dollars cause he did that. anyway, great video.

  8. Arrizabalaga Pulisic

    October 1, 2019 4:28 am

    Going to NYC this Dec for Christmas. Your content has been very helpful. I have been there several times but never for christmas. Very excited!

  9. Michelle Wallace

    October 1, 2019 10:27 am

    White Christmas 2019

    Will be visiting for the first time in January. Looking forward to it. Thanks for your videos!

  10. Viviane Ferreira

    October 1, 2019 8:28 pm

    My expectations are so high! I'll go in Dec
    I've been watching your videos and it has been opening my mind, some of your tips related to security reminds me Sao Paulo Brazil, be aware of your surroundings
    Thanks for the content!!

  11. Jonny Wolf

    October 2, 2019 10:51 am

    I live in Brooklyn and I still watch all your videos lol. There are some great hidden gems in the city but you seem to know most of em.

  12. Therights

    October 3, 2019 6:14 am

    I’ll be visiting NYC with my fiancé in December! I’m excited but nervous. This will be his very first time and my first time as an adult. Thanks for the videos, very helpful.


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