Farewell EL AL Boeing 747 (Part 1)

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– After 48 years of operation, the Boeing 747 is going to retire. (dramatic music) The 747, the most private area is the lower deck of the nose area. You’re even in front of the pilots. Here, another very private,
exclusive area on the 747, the upper deck. This is where the cockpit crew rests. Their own bedroom, their bathroom, it’s like a bit of a residence on the 747 for the cockpit crew. (lighthearted music) And then it’s the vast economy that makes up the bulk of the 747. Crew rest is located at
the very end of the plane underneath the tail. Beautiful! The lines, the curves. Forever the Queen of the Sky. (dramatic orchestral music) (transitions to lighthearted music) On my way to fly the last El Al 747-400. Once you walk through, and this is a big circular
hole in the middle, very impressive in the air side here. (uplifting music) – This is the last 747 for a long flight and I appreciate you sharing my story. – [Sam] Wow, look at this! – On Instagram. I have goosebumps, I have chills. I’m all ready. Even my socks have 747.
– Oh! 747 socks. Look at all the beautiful decor for farewelling, the Queen
of the Sky, 747 at the gates. You just feel like so
brightened up your morning here. (people chattering) – [Woman] We met on this aircraft. – [Sam] Actually, now? Really?
– Yes! – [Woman] They used to
work with each other. – They used to work together. – Yeah, it was the last. I was a ground steward. I’ve been working five years in El Al. I really knew bottom up this aircraft. My wife, she was a flight attendant. – Goodbye, 747, we’re gonna miss you. Thank you for everything. Bye, bye. (soft melodic music) – All the 747 crew today
with El Al airline! (crew cheers)
Thank you very much! (crowd cheers) – Goodbye, Jumbo! Goodbye 747.
– I love your T-shirt. Fantastic T-shirts! – I have one for you as well. – One for me?
– Yeah! (dramatic orchestral music) – [Sam] And you are the part
of the crew on this flight? – Part of the crew on this flight, bringing back the Jews from Ethiopia which is like 1,100. – We made an operation to bring all the Ethiopians
from Ethiopia to Israel, to bring all the
community to live with us. – A record, a world record. Until today, it’s still a world record. – You can see all of them
coming down from the aircraft and kiss the ground. – Oh, they come all the way
down to kiss the ground? – And they all kisses the ground. – That’s unbelievable! I think that was saying thank you to bring us
back to the Holy Land. – Holy Land, that’s right.
– Absolutely. – Our Holy fatherland. (dramatic music) – Welcome to El Al Boeing
747 flight departure from Tel Aviv, on Flight 1744 to Rome. Boarding starts now from Gate D7. – Have nice flight, my friend. – Thank you, thank you.
– My last flight from 747, the first flight in my
life I did in 747 in 1976. – [Sam] Which airline? – El Al!
– El Al, of course! – El Al, the same aeroplane! – Wow!
– The same aeroplane. – So after our fantastic gate reception, we’re on the jet bridge ready to board the last El Al 747 from Tel Aviv to Rome. Let’s go, guys. – Hello!
– It’s a pleasure to now board, hello!
– Welcome! – Hello, shalom, thank you!
– Welcome! Welcome!
– Wow look at this, a grand reception. Wow, thank you very much! – Welcome.
– Come with me, sir. – [Sam] Yes! – (cheers) Look at this. – [Sam] Whoa! (laughs) – Hi!
– Everyone’s preparing for the flight. Special headrest, look at this. Goodbye 747.
– Yeah, and the bottle. – [Sam] Oh, special bottle of water. – Yeah.
– Wow! – And a special comfort kit.
– Everything! – So 22 is your seat, 22H.
– Yeah, 22H. – Yes, it will be here. – Okay, thank you very much.
– Have a nice flight, sir. – [Sam] Thank you! – Hi, ladies and gentlemen,
this is your captain speaking. My name is Maruz Tsuv, I’m flying for El Al for the last 26 year, and especially on this great, great, big, enormous, enormous 747-400 for the last 10 years. And there’s a big excitement. Today, we are going to fly
a three hours and 10 minutes and we’ll cruise at an
altitude of 36,000 feet. That’s it for take one. – [Sam] You have a tear in your eye. Yeah.
– Take two: speaking numbers. This plane can take off at
approximately 390 tonnes. It’s more or less six big tanks. Think about them! Six big tanks on the runway
as fast as they could, let’s see if they can take off. (both laughing) So we have 18 stewardess and 400, more or less, passengers. The weight today will be
270 tonnes which is nothing. It’s only 43 tonnes of fuel. It’s a short flight. I have the best first officer
in El Al, Ahal Perrie. I can tell you one thing, I already miss this plane. It’s a great plane. It’s an enormous plane. And I can tell you that every pilot, every pilot, even the
most experienced ones, when they are in the take off position and they see a jumbo jet taking off, all of them are with their eyes and mouths open. – [Sam] Hey! (speaks in foreign language) – Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga. (Sam laughs) – Oh, the feels. The lady that’s with me, she was an airline hostess
on this plane since 1992. You may wanna talk to her if you want. – Where is she?
– With me. She’s my wife on 54. – Oh, okay.
– She did over 20 years on this. – She’s my wife! – [Sam] Oh really? – Yeah!
– Really. – [Sam] Wow! How many wives do you have? (both laughing) – One in each new country. – [Sam] That’s right. One on each aeroplane, huh?
– This is my wife and two kids at home today. – [Sam] Very good, husband and wife team. – Okay, so today, we have the captain that
is flying the flight. That’s his daughter,
she’s a flight attendant. I’m the purser, and behind,
it’s my wife, legit wife! – [Sam] Legit wife! (both laughing) – Can I offer you something to drink, sir? – [Sam] Yeah! What do you–
– Orange juice, apple juice, water. – [Sam] I’ll have an orange juice, please. – Sure, here you go! – [Sam] Are you gonna
serve your father later on the cockpit as well, right? – Maybe, maybe. – [Sam] Maybe not, yes. – And he will serve me
in Rome in a restaurant. – [Sam] He tries. – Well, actually now,
we’re going for the menu to see what we’re having today. – [Sam] Oh, it’s a special menu today! – It’s a special menu for the this flight. – [Sam] Show me the covers,
this plane, especially. – Yeah, we were laughing at our colleague. – The 747.
– That they put them. – You see, Goodbye 747.
– Whoa! Amazing to see an airline, how much love they gave to the 747. – Oh yeah, we have special
love for the aircraft. We had it for a very long time, and it’s bit sad to say goodbye. Right, guys?
– Yeah! – This is for you, Sam. – Oh, you found my shirt! Look at this. (both cheers) Beautiful gift. All right, I’m gonna
change it immediately. – Okay. – Ta-da! (stewardess cheers and claps) There you go! – Looks great. – I love this shirt. Oh wow. – Wow! (laughs) (stewardess cheers) – Now you’re part of the team. – Oh yeah! I’m gonna serve chicken
and beef now, right? – Chicken and beef. – Hello!
– Hello! – Hello.
– Welcome aboard. – Hello.
– Hello, perfect. – This is my third time flying this route. First time was on my bat
mitzvah when I was 12. It was in 1982. The second one was on my annual when we went to Bangkok in ’95. – Wow!
– So this is a very emotional flight for us. It’s like a family. El Al is a family. – El Al is a family.
– It’s a family. – [Sam] Hey, welcome! – Happy birthday! (singing in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) – [Sam] Is it her birthday today? – Yeah, one.
– First Birthday, yeah? – Exactly.
– That’s unbelievable, special, 747 on her first birthday. She will always remember. – (laughs) No doubt. – [Captain] El Al at 1744 request taxi. (speaks in foreign language) 134 to 46. El Al 1744, we’d come. (speaks in foreign language) – Queen of the Air ready for take off. (speaks in foreign language) (plane engine humming) – [Captain] 80 knots. – [Co-Pilot] Check. – [Captain] 3-1, hold it. (speaks in foreign language) (plane engine whirring) (speaks in foreign language) – [Operator] El Al 1744 heavy. Hello, been going departure. At your contact, maintain 3,000 feet. (plane engine whirring) – Hello!
– Hello! (speaks in foreign language) – [Sam] They’re top platinum? – Top platinum. Those are the passengers
that flying the most with us, and this is the special bag we give. – [Sam] How many miles
have you flown with El Al? – I don’t have an idea. – You lost count?
– No idea. – Many, many. – [Sam] Many, too many. (plane engine whirring) – That’s happen only in El Al (passengers laughing) (uplifting music) (speaks in foreign language) – Sam, it’s you again!
(speaks in foreign language) – [Sam] That’s his daughter,
and this is the captain. Yeah! – Wow!
– Bravo! – [Sam] Yay! She’s gonna become an El Al pilot. – Yeah!
– Ah! Did you tell him my secret?
– Yes. – Okay. (speaks in foreign language) – El Al is the best company of Israel that all people of Israel going to travel in The United States, in Paris, in London, in
Antwerp, in Brussels, only through El Al. This is the best flight and
this is the best company. Goodbye, 747. – Something to drink? – [Sam] Of course, let’s celebrate. – Cheers. – Cheers, certainly!
– It’s a bubbly Israeli wine straight from. Cheers! – I would like to show you my tattoo. – [Sam] Oh, you’d like to
show your tattoo, yeah? – Yeah, just wrote here,
because flying is my life. – [Sam] A 747 tattoo. – Yeah!
– Very cool. – And it’s my first
time flying for the 747. – Today? It’s your first flight?
– Today. And it’s the last time maybe. – [Sam] Wow, congratulations! Congratulations. – I’m sitting in the economy class. 22H is my seat. I’m not in business class, first class, and I got so many great people
from Israel came up to me. Each of them has a story to tell me. This man has a tattoo on his arm, this has them two Israeli chocolates, and? – And I wanna tell you
about a special meal you can get only on El Al. – A special meal only on El Al? – A code you have only on El Al. – Wow!
– SKML. What’s SKML?
– SKML? – That’s a special Kosher meal. – Special Kosher meal. – You can order Kosher on
every airline in the world, but a special Kosher, SK,
you get only on El Al. – Oh, did you order SK today? – Absolutely, I’ll come show it to you. – All right, looking forward to it. – They got the stickers on. – [Passenger] You will serve the food? – I will serve the food today, yes. – [Passenger] Very good! – So we have the omelettes. What else do we have today? – Plains. – Plains?
– Plains with sweet cheese. (speaks in foreign language) – White roll? Brown roll? – [Passenger] White. – White roll?
– There you go. – I want. I’ll eat later. I’ll eat after everybody. – [Passenger] Thank you, Sam. – You’re welcome. Let’s go! Israeli breakfast: you have smoked salmon, you have tomato and cheese, and then you have plain omelette, salad. Pretty good, you have three little items, a hot tray of omelettes. We have another choice here. This one is like a pancake. Would you like a pancake? – Plain.
– Okay. – Brown? White?
– Brown. – Brown. – Oh, wow! I’m so excited to see you. – I’m serving you today. (people chattering) You want a bread roll? You figured it out,
I’m not so experienced. I’m a volunteer.
– No, it’s okay. Are you a vlogger? – I am a vlogger, yes.
– Oh, all right. – Now, this is my first
time having this pancake. The name it’s blintzes. Blintzes, huh? – It’s blintzes.
– Blintzes. It’s very yummy actually. I like it a lot. It’s a sweet, filled with cream inside. Very nice. I want you guys to see how
small this little screen is. That’s actually like the
first generation of IFE. On the 747, you can found
this because the airline, they don’t upgrade the
747, they just retire them. Yeah, show me, what is this inside? – [Steward] We’ve only got a shakshouka. – Shakshouka?
– It’s a egg-rich with tomato sauce. – It looks great!
– A little spicy but good. – [Sam] This is business class breakfast. – Business, yeah.
– Shakshouka. – So that’s the shakshouka for you. (dishes clinking) Anything to drink? – Finishing off the main
course of our breakfast and preparing the dessert. We have croissant and with
cheesecake with granola, and cups with coffee or tea. – [Sam] Are you enjoying? – (cheers) Excellent.
– Ooh! (laughs) I found this lady, she came up to me. She was a flight attendant
with El Al in the ’80s. Did you flew the 747? – Yes.
– Yep? – 747-200.
– 200. And now you’re on the last
farewell flight on the 747. – Yup.
– How do you feel? – That I’m old! (chuckles) – Oh, come on!
– I’m very excited. – Nobody is old here. You still want to serve customer today when you see the pushing
the trolleys down the aisle? – It’s in my hands, it’s
boiling in my hands. – Something farewell flight
like this, that connects people, people come out, have a great time. (woman laughs) Oh my gosh! (both laughing) That’s great! – Hello, my name is Igale Vee. I’ve been used the
airline for over 40 years. I’ve been in an in-flight service manager. I started as a flight attendant
and trainer, of course. Interesting flights
including the pope flight, special flight out of Tel Aviv to Rome after his visit to the Holy Land. – On this flight here, everybody get a chance to see the cockpit. There’s a queue of
people during the flight going to to see the cockpits. – [Passenger] Wow! (speaks in foreign language) – So excited. I was listening to what you
said and it was emotional. It feels home. – The safest airline. No other airline does this, right? (Sam laughs) – [Sam] This is very,
very open-minded, really. – Look at that, wow!
– Yeah, it’s amazing. (speaks in foreign language) (uplifting music) (speaks in foreign language) (both laughing) – I’m trying out this seat here. This is actually really good. It’s like a fully flat seat. Upper deck ever since
is prime and it’s good. – It’s like a plane inside of a plane. – It’s like, oh, like you said, it’s a plane inside a plane. – Exactly.
– That’s a pretty cool line. – What is now considered an antiquated in-flight
entertainment system is that back in 1994, when the last first 747-400
aircraft was delivered. Actually, El Al was one
of the first airlines to have personal screens in each seat. Back then, it was
something that was unseen. – For 25 years, this hasn’t changed. Pretty amazing, it hasn’t broke down. Yeah, truly. The leg room is amazing. As you can see, I’m 6’1″ and my leg can go as long as possible. (uplifting music) – We’re about 40 minutes out of Rome. We’ll be starting our
initial descent pretty soon. Weather is a bit cloudy, had
some rain there this morning. But hopefully, we’ll get
a nice view here and there between the clouds. – [Computer] 500. Approaching minimums. Minimums. – Okay. (buttons clanking) (alarm beeping) – 100.
– Great. – [Computer] 50, 40, 30, 20, 10. (engine screeches) (speaks in foreign language) (uplifting music) (speaks in foreign language) (uplifting music) – It was my last, last, last landing on the 747-400, and it was an excellent one. – It was excellent. So this was the last flight on
the Queen for captain Mohos, but we still have one
more flight on Sunday back from Rome to Tel Aviv, and I’ll be on the right-hand seat. Yay! (camera shutters clicking) (speaks in foreign language) – See you Sunday! – Bye, see you Sunday!
– Happy boarding! Bye!
– Goodbye, take care. – [Attendant] Bye, bye! (speaks in foreign language) – I love El Al, I love
Israel, I love (mumbles)? – Sam.
– Chiu, Sam Chiu! – Sam Chiu. My name is Sam. I’m Sam.
– You’re Sam. Oh, I love you. – Yes.
– I love you! (laughs) (singing in foreign language) – [Crew] Bye. – Bye, we love you! Hello!
(crew cheers and claps) – Look at this emotion here. (singing in foreign language) Wow! (singing in foreign language) This is amazing. (singing in foreign language) Wow! That was a fun flight but this is not the
ending ’cause on Sunday, I’m gonna fly back from Rome to Tel Aviv, and that is gonna be a super flight, so stay tuned for that one. Bye, see you guys. – Bye!
– Bye! – Bye, see you! Back to Tel Aviv. Gonna be a very special
flight, as I promise you. (lighthearted music) – Welcome to the ’70s! – Oh, might I oh!
– This is a 74 model. – We’re going to draw Jumbo in the sky. – Request for take off, El Al 1747. (dramatic music) – Special barman from a
very good bar in Tel Aviv. – Cheers to the 747. Only 747 has this kind of elevator. Wow! How much memories and emotions here. – The first time you are
being served by a captain. (uplifting music) – Now, we’re starting to draw the 747. He’s speeding up. – He’s going straight?
– He’s doing a straight line. (intense music) – We were worried that there’s
gonna be some weather here. – 80 points to draw the 747. – It is amazing. – Because of the 747,
it connects the globe. It connects all of us. It unite us, it doesn’t divide us. (air whooshing) (bell rings)


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