Flight 787 – Advanced By idris Celik / 1.5 Version / IOS # Complete Flight #

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Accelerate Power Unit On Flaps Extended Flaps Retracted Speed Brakes Applied Speed Brakes Lock And Set For Flight Ground Requesting the Fuel Track Flight 266 Requesting Permission to Take off Boeing 787 Flight 266 Gate Requesting Pushback Flight 266 Now you Can Serve the Taxi Have a Nice Flight Ladies and Gentlemen This is your Captain Speaking we are about to Take Off So would you just like to remind you to fasten your seatbelts make sure your seate on the Upright Position and that your tables are Correctly Folded away i hope you enjoy the flight Landing Gear Checked (CLOSED) Landing Gear Check (OPEN READY FOR LANDING) Requesting Permission to Land Boeing 787 Flight 266 Near Flight Personnels Take Your Position for Landing Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain Speaking Will Be Landing Shortly (Arrival) So Please Make Sure your Seatbelts Unfasten Your Tables Are Folded Away Correctly and That your Seats are in There Upright Position Thank You for Flying With us And i Hope you Flying With us Again Arrival from Destination will be (1 Min) (Altitude) 100 (Altitude) 50 (Altitude) 40 (Altitude) 30,20,10


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