Flight Review – Air New Zealand NZ5814 Wellington (WLG) to Hamilton (HLZ) on ZK-MVO – Trip Report.

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Air New Zealand flight NZ5814
from Wellington to Hamilton on Sunday the 9th of June 2019 on an ATR 72,
departing at 9:50 a.m. Flight time one hour and 10 minutes. After we
had scientifically proven that the lift is quicker than the stairs, we boarded at
Gate 19. We self scanned our boarding passes at the gate and walked down to
the plane. In New Zealand there’s no security scanning requirement for travel
on small turboprop aircraft like the ATR 72 or the Dash8, so boarding was
super straightforward: down the stairs; over the tarmac; onto the plane. There was
a group of us traveling and we had window seats on both sides of the plane.
One of my traveling companions obliged me and filmed from their side so I have
takeoff and landing footage from both sides of the plane. How exciting is that? I know. You can’t wait. And we don’t need to wait. Lets get going. We taxied from Gate 19 down to runway 34,
and took off to the north. After takeoff we had some great views
over the harbour and the city until we hit some cloud cover and
a little bit of turbulence but we got through that and
headed up country to Hamilton. This flight, NZ5814, is an Air New Zealand flight but is operated by one of its subsidiaries, Mt Cook Line. We left the gate in Wellington seven minutes late parked up in Hamilton four minutes early. We made up four of those seven minutes on the ground before we’d even taken off. We left the gate seven minutes late and we took off only three minutes late. Total taxi time six minutes. I’ll try and balance the sides to get the best views
as we go. I hope I pull this off. But first watch this A320 land… … nice … okay, let’s go. [Crew Announcement]
For your safety please remain seated with your seat
belt fastened and please refrain [Crew Announcement]
from accessing any items in the overhead lockers.
The bathroom will not become available [Crew Announcement]
until the seatbelt sign has been turned off. Okay, on to the snack. There was an option of water, tea, or coffee, and a gingernut Cookie Time cookie. I got water and coffee, and a cookie.
The water was pretty standard mineral water you get on a
plane: it’s good for hydration, and it’s really useful to cool down your tea or
coffee if it’s a little bit hot. The coffee was pretty standard airline
coffee. It was only two-thirds full due to the turbulence. They didn’t pour the milk for
you, but gave it to you in a little container and you poured it in yourself.
I have to admit I have a bit of a thing for these CookieBake gingernut
cookies. I smiled sweetly and asked nicely and they gave me a couple of
spares! WHAAAT? The ginger nut cookie was lovely and gingery, and not too hard. I
do really really like them. And we got a lolly to help our ears pop on descent. The
coffee and water were pretty normal, but the biscuit and the lolly, they really
raised the bar. I’m gonna give this snack seven out of ten.
Nice work Air New Zealand. Okay, on to the plane. This ATR72-600, ZK-MVO, took its
first flight in December 2015, and Air New Zealand have had it from
brand-spanking-new. I don’t quite know what the deal is with Mt Cook Airline having
it for less than a day, but I’m sure they knew what they thought they were doing
at the time. This plane is configured with 68 economy class seats.
There’s 17 rows of four, and we were in row 3. There’s 78 centimetres, or 30
inches, between each row and that’s pretty roomy. The leather covered
seats are contoured and comfortable to sit on. Full-size carry ons have to go
into the overhead sideways, and if everyone brings one, only 2/3 of the
people will be able to get them in the overhead lockers. Thankfully there’s
plenty of space under your seat if you happen to get caught out. And there’s a
little pouch that can hold a tablet, cell phone, or an eBook,
but it’s not quite big enough for a laptop. The overhead panel has air vents, a reading light,
and a call button. So this little plane is comfortable and well maintained,
it’s clean and tidy, and everything works. I’m going to give this plane eight out
of ten. Well done Air New Zealand.
Out of the left-hand side of the aircraft we had fantastic views of Mount Taranaki as we
tracked north up towards Hamilton. We flew past Hamilton, did a 180 degree
turn to the right, and landed towards the south. Hamilton Airport has three runways.
We landed on 18L and taxied over to the main passenger terminal.
[Pilot Announcement]
We’re descending through 16,000ft. [Pilot Announcement]
At the stage you’re looking to be on
the ground on time, at 11 o’clock. [Pilot Announcement]
Weather conditions down there, it’s actually a beautiful day, the temperature is a mild 12 degrees. welcome to chaos
bassant until we have come to a stop less engaged and the captain has special
fancy hat size stay be careful when I’m doing the I
belong exercise once I admire analyze it could throw that
it is now safe for transferring functions of your electronic devices
page we’re done however these devices must not be using across the tarmac for
me but my abilities inner quality may not want to see you again hibbleton Airport has 18 commercial
flights a day and here’s six of them on the tarmac at one time that’s three in
and three out so you might wonder why it’s got three runways
well there’s flight training here so on total aircraft movement is the second
busiest airport in the country so let’s sum up while we disembark for the snake
I had water and coffee there were those yummy ginger nut biscuits and a lolly I
gave it seven out of ten the plane is four years old has comfortable seats and
it’s really well maintained I gave it an 8 out of 10 that’s an average of 7.5
trans up to 8 it’s a well above average trip good work in New Zealand please
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