Flight Technology

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>>STUDENT: I think I always knew I wanted
to fly, even when I was a kid. I would watch the airplanes go by and think, “Yeah, that’s
what I want to do.” I love flying. And here at Lane Community
College I’m pursuing my dream of flight by earning my commercial pilot certificate.>>ANNC: In a world where people and products
need to get somewhere fast, Lane’s Flight Technology graduates are finding work with
airlines, cargo, corporate, air taxi and charter companies. Have you always wanted to be a bush pilot?
Work security or pipeline patrols? Track wildlife or survey remote areas? The Lane Flight Tech
program gives you the career skills to achieve those dreams. We’re based at the Eugene Airport, which
means you’ll be sharing airspace with all kinds of air traffic and communicating with
both ground and air traffic control. And the Southern Willamette Valley offers some of
the best instrument training conditions anywhere in the world. The courses are affordable, yet comprehensive.
You’ll learn the essentials in the classroom, train on flight simulators and take to the
air with Lane’s instructors to begin logging flight time. When you complete the program,
you’ll have your private license, commercial license, instrument rating and the opportunity
to earn instructor, multi-engine and multi-instructor ratings. If you’re interested in flying helicopters,
you can earn private, commercial, and instrument ratings for that, as well. Plus, Lane is the
only flight school in Oregon with an Airman Certification Representative, which means
the Academy can issue your license without an expensive checkride.>>STUDENT: I considered other flight schools,
but I settled on Lane because it offered top-quality training at a fraction of the cost. The instructors
are friendly and I work with groups of five or six students, instead of 20 or more. The thing I like the best about flying is
the way it feels when I’m traveling cross-country. You see the landscape in a whole different
way. There’s an incredible sense of adventure and for me, the best part is the adrenaline
rush.>>ANNC: Lane Community College. Start your
career here.


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