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[Irfan’s view’s intro music plays] Hey hello guys!! Now we are in the Airport. Why because we are going to Thailand!!! We are going to land in Bangkok in Thailand, The reason behind this trip is, We wanted to plan for affordable trip, And also I know a guy who is from Australia knows much about Bangkok, So we finalized and booked the tickets three months before. I didn’t tell it to you guys because, Making you guys wait for something is not good. Same happened for car video. When I keep on say something and it takes a longer period, Then you guys will surely get irritated. So for a good cause, I didn’t inform you guys. So we are leaving now. This is the first time, When I say Thailand people gives me a clueless smile I don’t know why. I am with Taj, With him I can’t do anything. He is a different human, But the truth is he is a good guy, He will be different from outside,
[IRFAN TRIES TO TEASE TAJ] We are done with Immigration and bought our tickets, Sorry that’s not a ticket Boarding Pass, We know basic language alone so sometimes it happens. The flight is 8’O clock, At 6:30 we were in Saravana Bhavan having Vada and tea. When we came here they were rushing us to get inside. I am vlogging inside the airport, No one said me anything, We are going to Thailand so I am very happy. We are going to food review there, If possible I will also show you guys places, Five days Six nights we will be there, I won’t tell you guys today’s date because, I am going to everything from there, When I am back I should edit and publish it to you guys. Surely it will have a gap where you guys may get tensed. You guys will get a regular on these five days, I will not take a break. [POLICE OFFICER SPOTS IRFAN AGAIN AND AGAIN] We came here by talking itself. 7:15 is the time now. This place has a huge place for walking. This is [DUDE WHY THIS PLACE IS VERY SILENT] This area seems to be a decent area, No one is talking in here. I missed my boarding pass while I am coming, One gentleman took it for me. [MUSIC] We got inside the flight now. I am trying to place my camera. This time we are going to try home-cooked food. As it is an international flight. I don’t want to take any risks. But I am taking video. I am going to change the big camera for the better effect. First time Taj is going out of country. [IRFAN EXPLAINS HOW THE IMMIGRATION TOOK PLACE] This guy busy with the call so I couldn’t vlog from the very beginning. We drunk a juice. They suddenly changed the gate. It was irritating for us as the place was dark. For Taj its a first time and for me it is a second time. So we are happy and hyped. People suggest us to go to Pataya, But it is far from Bangkok. [Flight Takes Off] Fun Fun We take leave from Chennai. The flight is going to take off, A group shouting and enjoying here, We also joined them while they scream, Because as of now we two make a group. I am going to post Bye Bye India, My head starts to ache. [MUSIC] Chennai looks beautiful. Let me post Bye bye India, Actually, this has a back story, We alone know about it that is me, Taj, Vivek, My uncle, and Iqbal. So I must post it. After this Internet may not be available. Oh!! It is not working!!! I can’t post it now! After this nothing will be there to see outside. If I get some food I will show you guys. [IRFAN TESTS HIS MIC] I took my mic outside as you can see, Because the noise is too much in here. So my sound may not be audible. And if I talk loud it may disturb others. So I am using the mic. We are sitting near the emergency door. If you sit near the emergency exit, These people are standing near us, I am a little worried that may tell me something about using a camera. They are selling Upma, Lemon rice, Sandwich. We bought those three for us. To make a review. I was telling about the emergency exit right? This is the emergency exit. When we got the boarding pass we asked for the better seat. They were in the good mood I think, This seat is a little bit high in price I guess. We must pay extra money. But they gave us without charging extra amount. This seat has extra space to keep our leg. As you can see the space between the front seat and my legs. It will be comfortable for us to sit. All the other seat won’t have this much space. But we cant adjust the seat in here. Generally in flight the seats will be like this, We don’t need to recline our seats we said, We need a seat which will have more space. Finally we got this seat. I used to travel on a domestic flight in some cases. I had food from those flights and showed you guys. But not in International flight. We can’t say Indigo has a big history, But still, it is an International flight. They also sell Liquor in here, Dude show that, Have a look at it. In a domestic flight, I’ve ever seen this. They’ve got a different menu. We can’t see this in a domestic flight. We would’ve seen the noodles and sandwich. I wanted to try different food. So I took Upma. Everything is in dollar rate, As it is an international flight, Now I bought upma, lemon rice, and sandwich. It has come around 500 Thailand baht, Here they accept Credit cards, Thailand baht, And also US dollars. In our currency it around 1,100 rupees. I bought it for 1,000 rupees for you guys. To show how the food is, They opened a box, poured some hot water and asked us to wait for three minutes, It looks different, These people have made it very easy. Here we will get like, As they can’t cook for each and every passenger. They also sell huge bottles. The one which I showed before was miniature. All these things are available. All these at 45 and 36 dollars, Vodka is 15 dollars. If you guys want it you can get it, Here one corporate team has come, We asked about their team to the guy who is sitting near us, Their company is taking them to Thailand, I was shocked when I heard this because I never knew this before, I said to him that I am unaware of it, He is saying it is very common. They are taking all the staffs, and they make it as a tour, If I was in the company like this I would’ve never left my job, TAJ: In my company, they won’t take us to Mahabalipuram. Kindly note this boss, Let us have the upma, We are going to join that company so some inquiry is pending with him. Taj will be joining them not me because I will be making videos like this. At that time also I will go with Taj and make a food review like this. Let me take a Thumbnail with this food, I don’t know how it is going to be. [MUSIC] We are going to start having it. The extension is too small, I think we should get a longer one. Look at the upma, it looks beautiful. I didn’t expect this would be that much beautiful, Look at the texture of it. They poured some hot water alone. I can spot the cashews inside, It looks good right? The semolina looks nice as you can see, [MUSIC] I am not a big fan of upma, I won’t say it is the best upma in the world, I didn’t expect this much taste in a flight food, I already had noodles in flight that was not up to the mark. Already I don’t like upma so I thought it won’t that much good. Salt is little less, If we add sugar on it it will be the best, But the didn’t give the sugar, They may give if we ask for it. It has aroma in it. All these spices were added, They have fried it well before adding it to the semolina. I like the smell of it. Also they’ve added the cashews. I can feel the ghee smell too, This costs 5 dollars, In our money, it comes around 300 to 350 rupees. Usually, on flights, all the foods will be expensive. The ingredients are, Yes, ginger flavor is also there. They’ve added salt but less I guess. All the energies are explained in here. It is Magic upma. Preparation is very easy. Upma can be prepared easily, But then it is very very easy. We can get this box and prepare it on our own. If you are upma lover and if you are hungry you can surely go for this. Next is, Look at the color of the lemon rice. They’ve added peanuts. [MUSIC] Food is properly cooked. It is not over cooked. Some may tell it is under cooked. But I like if it is like this. I can feel the little sourness, It is an artificial lemon rice, The upma was real. But it is like artificial lemon rice. Something they’ve added in it, They may add it to preserve it for a longer period. They poured it from a packet, Those peanuts retain the originality of lemon flavor. Turmeric powder is high, [IRFAN READS OUT THE INGREDIENTS] I can also smell the asafoetida. It gives me the artificial favor little bit. Hence it is a packed food, we cannot expect more from it. It cost 5 dollars. Jungleechicken sandwich, I am afraid that what if someone accuses me about shooting. I am a little afraid if they cross our place. It is Junglee sandwich. It is 6 dollars. The chicken looks beautiful in it. [MUSIC] Dude, it is not junglee sandwich. It is a Tikka Sandwich. It has tikka flavor in it. Guys we’ve ordered for junglee sandwich, But they’ve given us the tikka sandwich. Look here it has been written here, The taste was also like Tikka sandwich, Taj said junglee means forest, I thought it would be different to show. But still it is good. The sauce is good, it gives the tanginess. The masala is a little bit high. Spices are more in it. Comparatively this dish will suit our taste buds. This is expensive I know, After you get inside the flight, you can have this or you can have some other dishes too. Or you can also bring it from outside I guess. If you are hungry you can surely go for it. If you like rice, maybe you can go for this lemon rice. If you like upma you can surely have that. Okay I will have it now, [MUSIC] It is very boring in here. I forgot to download some movies on my phone. So I am going to transfer some movie from my laptop to mobile phone. So that I can watch some movie. 4 more hours to reach our destination. We finished eating, They turned off the lights too. I feel sleepy so, to avoid my sleep I got this idea. I struggled a lot to transfer movies from my lap to phone, But it was totally waste. Because I slept. We might have slept for 1 or 2 hours. We have this now, I didn’t bring this intentionally. I went to Vellore before this trip. In Vellore Kitchen we had a shoot. They gave me this. That was in my bag. Now we are going to give a life. [MUSIC] Guys, we are in Thailand now. Now the time is 2 We have to finish our immigration process. I will talk to you guys after finishing it. If we keep on talking like this, they may talk to us and tell us to get out. We are using the walkalator. In Chennai airport also we have this. It makes our work easy. TAJ: How was the food Irfan? It was awesome. I didn’t expect this, I was like it is upma so that won’t be that much tastier. But it was good. You can skip the lemon rice. Maybe if you are the rice lover then you can go for it. If not you can skip it. And that peanut candy which we brought was also good. I didn’t expect this much taste on flight food. [IRFAN CONFUSE HIMSELF WITH GOGGIBO AND INDIGO] Indigo isn’t it? Tomorrow we will show you about this airport. You will see the Bangkok airport tomorrow. Do subscribe, like and share too.


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