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everyone Jason Shepherd here of m0 a.com
alongside Russ Wayne and Matt recapping the true cross-country flights from
Florida to the AOPA Livermore fly-in and back and I wanted to really kind of give
you a recap of everything Matt and Russ kicked off the first leg
but honestly it was a day late I’m on a steely you know a half day late from
when you guys want it to actually depart and you didn’t ever intend to plan for
the first leg of Destin either did you yeah so right here we kind of ran into
an interesting situation we were looking at the NEXRAD weather on the dine on and
it was looking really really red and didn’t look really good at all initially
ATC had given us some vectors around the weather and you know you kind of have to
use all your available resources in the cockpit and one of those is actually
just looking outside so the main thing we did was we actually looked outside
and there were two huge cells and you can actually see directly through them
and there they’re pretty far apart no lightning just some light rain and we
could actually see Destin Oh in front of us so you got a good picture of it too
yeah yeah so we actually just asked ATC just for vectors to go around it and so
but like matt said the necks rate was just looking a horrible but outside why
why a daylight and why Dustin originally we’re planning going to Panama City and
everything else so whether you know Khalid a day that we were supposed to
leave was was our main issue you’re up earlier they’re like 7 o’clock ready to
go and you leave till tell probably 2 or something like that Wow
and the other thing was just uh you know we knew we’re gonna be landing later in
the day we didn’t want to drag the whole day out longer so we knew just airport
position you know Destin was far closer to the hotels and
stuff like that and we knew would just be a quick hop over to the hotel so
that’s why we chose that instead super cool so an overnight and Dustin and then
Ross woke up full of energy and decided to do his best jason Schappert
impression let’s watch that clip real quick hey everyone Jason Shepard here
with observing calm today we’re gonna take off from a class Delta
Airport and I my co-pilot here or actually is the pilot I’m the co-pilot
I’m sorry we’re gonna take off today yeah we’re
just gonna fly out every sky fly it so please come and join us we’re gonna have
such a great time see you have a good night guys bye that was actually pretty
close pretty good but despite that you got your payback leaving
Destin to Hammond super super bumpy and let’s see how Russ how much he really
likes turbulence now oh yeah issue leaving there a small mechanical issue
and which delayed us a little bit so our original plan was to fly into New
Orleans for the evening and spend the night there but we ended up leaving
again probably like two o’clock or so so we ended up just going to Hammond and
then continuing on from there but yes we ended up having turbulence and more
weather that we had to deal with we were really dealing with weather until across
the Mississippi so um so that’s why I was it was so bumpy but yeah overnight
in having them I know we continued on to emotional yeah yeah okay so we’ll
continue on now let’s see that – Chennault again just that was an
overnight though and Chennault correct yes okay so you can see now pretty
straightforward flight there nothing yeah nothing to report nothing to report
that’s that’s how it should be all that we’ve had something to report each leg
it seems like so we left Chennault into San Marcos San Marcos she did have an
overnight actually you guys were texting a bunch of cool photos of the yo there
and everything else looking really really I actually have never been before
it’s a very cool very modern FBO super cool so overnight and San Marcos
continued on from San Marcos to San Angelo coming into there there was
major storms over the dallas-fort Worth area earlier in the day at some flight
schools that in that area they had planes are flipped over on the ramp and
everything like that so when we got in there was it was perfectly clear there
but right after we landed it got super super windy to the point where we made
sure the plane was like tied down immediately because it was that windy
remember ATP those guys was there they they were they believe yeah they
actually had water their flight school told them they’re not allowed to leave
so they actually booked him a hotel and then the state of other nights oh yeah
Wow so next Russ’s idea to go to Roswell oh yeah you want to see the aliens so
actually Roswell looks super cool so nothing uneventful I did do an approach
there the ceilings were you know probably a thousand feet so we were out
by the the final approach fix but landing we had a quite a cool surprise
yeah that looked you’ll see the the boneyard here and everything else looks
Superman I know so you’re doing all the flying – I haven’t seen Russ I’m just
sitting in the right seat the entire time just I think it’s on his phone
right now doing something that doesn’t look like a taxiway diagram the boneyard
super cool stuff yeah it’s American Airlines boneyard
there so planes after planes after planes it just continued on forever Wow
very very cool and something else I think you guys did very smart was it was
two days in Roswell so a day of doing the touristy yeah because we were
already late and so you know we were pushing push and just trying to see how
far we can get and then finally we got here we were just we were just tired
we’re exhausted yeah we felt like we were finally caught up – so just take a
break and just have a day without flying relax and recharge yeah ya know very
very smart and very very cool footage so we get we got to see some interesting
ladies go into the Roswell museum with the foil on there those pictures you
wanna share – is that so leaving Roswell – Demi no Demi is
Arizona right okay starting to really deal with some mountains now that you’ve
done that at all until there but it was a
eventful flight pretty busy in that area mom and that’s why we had that hard turn
there yeah but other than that a pretty uneventful flight and then into just two
legs that day so calling an overnight in to Phoenix Goodyear why why stop here
and so a bunch of our remote staff that helps with support works out at this
Airport so we wanted to go hang out with them and see where they work and what
they do out there so mm-hmm very Bernie another overnight then yes
we call it a night and on takeoff you had an interesting oh yeah take off
that’s taken the pitot tube and so we actually talked to the maintenance
facility there they actually helped me out they let me borrow their compressed
air and few things to get the you know static of pitot tube all and so we I
blew compressor and get it out and put it back on and you know that was it was
interesting because we took a few times well even before that I remember Matt
you called me and I said you said you’re not getting air speed I said Matt it’s
just dense the altitude you know you’re out there it’s going to take some time
to show indicated airspeed you asked a few others hunter I believe when we
remote support T number said the same thing so you went out try it again you
got to what 20 I went and then fell back to zero yep and this that was after
takeoff so this is twice you trying to take off Yeah right
Wow gotcha so it’s just one of those things where if you feel something’s not
right run with it yeah again I’m trying to
give advice from 2,000 miles away it’s just an sale to don’t worry about it and
that happens and it does happen however not as you experience it for sure it’s
definitely something in there and how cool is it the aviation community just
helping you know fellow pilots out yeah use our compressed air and the the
benefits of flying with mechanic to helps a lot in those situations when a
maintenance wise like that comes up so leaving Goodyear now or deal with some
density altitude I’ve managed to grab fuel however it’s 1:00 p.m. no right
yeah in the afternoon it’s crazy height yeah it was hot
another thing is you know we’re from Florida yeah I don’t know the Palm
Springs area I don’t know California and little did we know it was in a valley
yeah I mean you can kind of see it on the chart but it doesn’t doesn’t do it
justice so that was a huge factor as well it’s in a valley at 400 something
feet and the mountains 8,000 feet so you’ll see this little
circling takeoff up and out of there was was very much necessary but of course
the the turbulence and the now getting some some ridge lift and ridge descents
everything else this extreme little drop right here as soon as you hit this Ridge
there you mentioned and rush you have some pictures of it too yes yes well
kind of hanging by the prop I think you yell it oh yes and we were still
descending and I was one other thing that that I learned you know we always
talked about you know the power of unable um one thing we went through I
bet we sat for 45 minutes after the initial flight planning phase just
refining our route and making it perfect where we can sneak through all these
meas and all this stuff and and have a perfect flight at 9,000 feet well of
course all that went out the window when we submitted the flight plan and they
sent us and they had us up to 12,000 feet there’s no way the 172 is going to
twelve thousand feet really even 11,000 so um you know we’re trying gave it our
best shot so literally just unable and okay and it was that easy I mean they
were there was no questions there is it was just done and that was it shows the
power of using that word and and not you know trying to push things a little
delayed leaving Goodyear which puts you at Palm Springs a little bit later so
density altitude issues landed Bakersfield grab fuel there is no
overnight your continuing on hoping to get to Livermore however as we’ll learn
it’s you know one of the United States things to net remember how we have to
also climb out when we were leaving Palm Springs is the you know we had to climb
accelerate clones yeah step climbs everyone that’s that’s
something that I’ve never had to do that Florida no night in Kentucky I mean
that’s something I’m doing absolutely absolutely as well but it’s it’s if you
don’t know that it’s there you yeah you know yes speed up to climb more so we
leave Bakersfield grab some fuel we’re heading up hopefully to Livermore
however you shared what kind of why you went into Hayward it’s now dark it’s IFR
mm-hmm you just want
to be at the the air force more approaches better approaches and what’s
this is exactly thing right here trying to get into Hayward so Hayward is right
in the way of Oakland’s air space so they actually had to halt all arrivals
into Oakland so that we could do our approach into Hayward they were
vectoring us left you know three six zero right one eight zero like
180-degree vectors around in circles mind you we were right on top of the
clouds and you could only see the the mountains popping out through them yeah
so that was pretty interesting but the the approach itself it was pretty
interesting we they finally cleared us and he couldn’t made it clip more clear
to us that the minute I could cancel please do so so finally we’re on our way
in but obviously we’re being held up high to let the the arrivals go through
and everything like that the issue was they had a huge descent in so we had a
little bit of a programming issue with the avionics and we weren’t able to use
the autopilot on the arrival so now you know our last flight after flying across
the country I’m and now I’m flying a hand approach at night IMC and it was in
a new airport and this was a different type of IMC in Florida were used to rain
we’re using the fog and mist and stuff like that this was truly just you know
like sea layer of stable strategy layer you read about and in your flying into a
big city so you have the lights that are shining up into the cloud so it’s almost
like daylight in the clouds Wow but the minute you pop out it was crystal clear
and we the runway was right in front of us and there was no haze or anything it
was it was very very cool it sounds like so you guys land you get uber to the
hotel meanwhile this guy and I we’re on a Delta flight just relaxing that
realizing off it unfolded and we come out and and Wayne and I get to cross the
finish line here and make the flight from Hayward into Livermore albeit still
in IFR flight some wait this is wings may not realize this this was Wayne’s
the first time in actual Wayne this was really cool yeah brand-new working on
just start working on this instrument and getting his first time in actual in
California yeah pretty exciting there I was getting
pretty optimistic yeah he’s getting optimistic when I saw that but which
you’ll realize you’ll see on the FlightAware tract is how they just
brought us back around so wrench into it yeah right back into Wayne I mean Wayne
hand flew everything I was just the talking pilot for that leg and had the
approach played out he seriously hand flew it all and showed him everything
yeah you want to use the Autobot but but didn’t let him here sure so that was
that was great landed back at Livermore in kinda there’s our fly to where path
there you can kind of see they brought us way out into crazy how far out they
took us to bring us back yeah way out you can see that flew past Hayward again
and old Matt’s loops and then I’ll land it and then one thing we always do is a
tradition whether it’s ash gosh it doesn’t matter we always take time as a
team to go do cool things so Golden Gate Bridge hanging out there just see
everything that’s the full House house that’s pretty cool I mean you go see
that Lombardi Street so we got to drive down that and be we’re just do touristy
things Wayne is blaring the horn right now that
first is what she didn’t say everywhere yeah didn’t see weird always talk we
couldn’t imagine like whether you own these houses there’s people just like
stand in your backyard all the time this little barred street that you see coming
down there so had a good time just being touristy and doing all that while we
waited to set up for the Livermore fly-in so just a super fun time we’re
big into our team building and everything else but except for one lane
one to try to jump to one of them he did all the hills he was accelerating
towards the hills trying to get the rental car airborne
so that was know one of them allows rent cars anymore after the flying was over I
did just one leg that day so the flying was done it was Livermore back to
Bakersfield it’s interesting to see this how much our routes really crossed so
landed at Bakersfield had an overnight in Bakersfield Sol and plenty of
daylight California Aeronautical University is one of our great partners
that we work with and housed us and the kids they’re just super all use our
course everything so it’s great to see them got up early in the morning and
proceeded out to Bullhead City something super
cool every single stop we had I post who had a fan come out to the FBO to meet us
him in Bullhead City a gentleman came out away from Vegas just drove down
almost an hour to come out and see us so the preflight out there there wasn’t
much the airport looks like a small kind of casino town and this is getting ready
now for the flight out to Sedona so if you watched our Grand Canyon video this
is where we took off from leaving from Bullhead City this will be the shortened
version of it obviously here taking off you can see there’s a little casino kind
of river tugboats everywhere though very very popular but not a whole lot of
infrastructure than the casino town around it something interests and which
to watch for when we cut we’ll show you the on the way there so you’ll see the
Grand Canyon here in a second I want you to watch this clip I’ll be the wing shot
so here we are this clip right here look just under the just under the Mike Summa
part and look at the mountains there you see this shadow and we didn’t I didn’t
catch it until later you guys saw it on YouTube John saw it earlier is why he
included in there in that plane what we have Matt we have a DSP from three
different sources plus tcats active traffic so we have all these sources
there was nothing known the avid I know how Medina and on the iPad there was
nothing and maybe I’m like speculating but that looks like like a b-1 bomber
commission and out there that’s that’s common that could that could happen so
just super cool but nothing on my radar other than the creepy b1 looking shadows
that was really neat though flying over the the Grand Canyon really easy process
to called up Las Vegas home I want to operate in this corridor of the special
flight rules area and they were super cool gave me a squawk code and just told
me hey tell me when you’re done I had to keep it a little bit high through some
of this just just to clear it and be through the corridors and not deal with
the helicopters and everything else but this is now kind of leaving the Grand
Canyon heading down to Sedona which I’ve been to by a handful of times now in my
favorite places you can see the the Red Rocks there in Sedona is built up on a
on a plateau on a Mesa so it it messes with your head when you’re on downwind
and the city’s 3,000 feet below you but the airport’s so built up for everything
else so it really messes with your eyes coming milling I
believe we’re on base yeah we’re on base turning final you’ll get a lot of really
nice to him to see how it’s built up the city’s down to the left and the
airport’s built up at least a thousand feet above the city to the right there
so now departing just grab fuel and Sedona took some great pictures you know
I have a habit of using every little bit of runway
so grab fuel you saw in this video this whole video is on YouTube as well we
lean the mixture to get a maximum performance takeoff did a nice short
field takeoff you know it’s not truly a short field I still want to use every
little bit of runway so lose a part now they’re now heading up to Albuquerque
and this is when it’s the same stuff Matt and rust that you ran into it’s now
the afternoon this was still a little bit earlier in the day but by the time I
got to Albuquerque it is it’s starting to get windy and I read the YouTube
comments and Instagram comments they said it’s always windy in Albuquerque
which is quite possible but it was it was bad because we’re laying there
around two three o’clock and the winds were really starting to kick around
Albuquerque actually made a great crosswind landing video for Instagram
going in there but you can see the departure out of there again some more
mountains not done with the mountains yet landing at Albuquerque you notice –
we went to mostly with the exception of Sedona cuz we wanted to mostly bigger
airports from here Albuquerque’s class Charlie went to Midland Texas almost
done with the mountains had an overnight in Midland I love how it route crosses
there that’s I think that’s super cool to see that we were across in the same
parts of the country and everything else called it a night in Midland woke up
super early on the way to Fort Worth Sphynx this is actually the only time I
needed the IFR flight plan every other time I was truly VFR the only time I had
to shoot an approach and broke out within plenty of time again that same
nice Stratus stable layer stopped in Monroe which was honestly one of the the
best FB O’s hospitality lies I’ve ever stopped I’m talking I got snacks they’ve
got coffee it was just really just great great people great hospitality quick hop
over to Panama City actually this was actually one of our longer legs this was
right at that camp you can see it’s 252 on that leg
stop there by the time we landed there it was almost sunset and decided it’s an
hour-and-a-half flight home made it home actually went home VFR the entire way so
we didn’t cut the coast too much cuz oftentimes they’ll cut you over it’s
called heaven intersection and it’s like 20 miles off the coast I’m not crazy at
night over the ocean and it just didn’t seem like a good idea so when back safe
and Ocala yeah but learned a lot as all of us at first
instrument lessons first Jason Shepard impression we all
learned a lot of things on our flight but we can’t wait to read your comments
below this video on YouTube on Facebook and on and 0 a.com and anything else you
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  1. Gwen Walcott

    September 18, 2019 2:14 pm

    172s fly all the time at 12,000 — summer as well

    ((PA-28-140, maybe not, but 172's have no problem with 12,000'))

  2. Michael Swader

    September 18, 2019 5:37 pm

    KDMN Deming is definitely NOT in Arizona lol. It's about an hour and a half east of Arizona, firmly within New Mexico. Also, I wish I would have known you were going through there, I live about 45 mins from Deming!


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