Fly N’ Bike Taiwan Vlog #1

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So ladies and gentlemen, in about 24 hours I’m going to be biking a thousand kilometers in Taiwan. The next step was a long 25 hour flight to Taiwan. So after 25 hours of flying I finally landed it in Taiwan but it kind of sucks that I have to wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning tomorrow to bike an extra 50 miles. Okay let me explain what’s going on so a while back the travel company StudentUniverse offered me the opportunity to travel all the way to Taiwan under the sponsorship of Taiwan Tourism Board but there was a catch this is Taiwan. I would have to embark on a biking journey around the island covering 900 kilometers in nine days. I found the tour guide guys and a fellow biker. Hey, what’s up? What’s your name? Amy. Hey, what’s up Amy. You’re going to be biking with me for the next like 12 days? Huh? 9 days. 9 days? How good is your leg game? like have you been have you been training train? We’ll i’m in school so it’s hard. We got this. Oh no like I just learned how to ride a bike like five weeks ago should be interesting following that with a half-hour ride to the hotel in which we were encouraged to rest up for the next day’s endeavours StudentUniverse is totally like spoiling us right now brought us a really nice hotel guys this hotel is so nice like it reminds me of the five-star hotel Farmar finessed for us in Germany 6:00 in the morning and the bike race starts in about an hour and I’m about almost 90% dead. As I stepped outside I got the opportunity to meet my biking teammates these were the people are going to spend the next nine days with. We all hopped on a bus and rode all the way to the starting line. Alright so we’re off to the bike rice we are insanely late so we’re going to try to make the meeting and grab our bikes and just go. As you can see we got all this content here at all the bikes lined up we’re going to win we’re going to win we’re currently trying to bike up a mountain right now and it sucks my legs are like dead I’m not even joking us right now ladies and gentlemen it finally happened it was inevitable but we finally lost our group yep now we’re we’re stuck in the middle of Asia calling a guy he okay he does see success I was waiting up for them because they were slow AF After a short hiccup we were able to catch up with the rest of our group as we exit the city our scenery turned into a surreal environment surrounded by mountains and ocean we just exited the tunnel and it led us straight out into like this Harbor Bay area hey guys when did we um when did we just teleport from Taiwan to the Taj Mahal I don’t I don’t understand we in India right now. Dayum! As we reach the end of our 90 kilometers the exhaustion and soreness really started to set in finally made it to the hotel. luxury it’s so clean shot shot shot shot now are now in the hot now now over there shot shot yay partying room 811 okay i’m 810 all right so this our hotel room for tonight our MTV Cribs as you can see out here we have a luxury five-star balcony with a bathtub full of dirt bathroom not nothing too much and over here we got the main area So that night we just decided to explore the city for a bit oh and also try a 7 million Scoville heat units ice cream right what are you eating what are you I see ice cream it will be hotter than ghost chili Oh so guys it’s day two of the race and yo check out this view right here check this view out from our room all right day two baby let’s go as we progress forward we soon realize that the terrain ahead of us was unbikeable we have to catch the nearest train to get to the next city just got off the train to our destination we’re trying to make it – I think it’s Zaben tonight which is about 82 kilometers away and casually riding towards these like beautiful mountains with Maria on my side and Gerrard on my back you know it’s all chill. It’s a normal day right no an average everyday weekend all right in here we have a Colorado cabin like interior over here my roommate Gerrard and um this is just soda over here you know got a little TV and here’s the bathroom with no shower curtains once again and over here we have like a sloth just chilling on our couch like this is in your room why are you in here


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