Fly the Friendly Galaxy

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Music playing Good afternoon and welcome to George Bush Intergalatic Airport! Nice to have everybody here today, we’re going to have a wonderful event for you and I hope you enjoy it. Now don’t tell these stormtroopers standing right here, but my name is Rodney Cox and I am the Master Jedi of this galaxy far, far south here in the United universe. So for the first time, thank you very much, I appreciate that, for the first time, United is introducing a new, special member to our fleet. A Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, a 737 themed Star Wars airplane that is going to be begin flying today out of our galaxy to Disney’s hometown in Orlando, Florida! Now we’re all very, very excited about joining forces with the movie and the unique opportunities that this brings to all of our customers and our employees alike, including the chance to fly on this out-of-the-galaxy aircraft outside the window on my right. Round of applause, thank you. Now I’d like to introduce and bring up a very good friend of mine, Mark Krolick, the man behind this epic collaboration and our Vice President of Marketing at United Airlines to tell us more about what’s in store for you – Mark. Thank you, Rodney. Do we have any Star Wars fans in the audience? Well, I could not be more thrilled to be here today after two years of work being able to bring this partnership between United Airlines, Disney and the Star Wars franchise together. So, so really, really excited. A couple of things, franchise together. So, so really, really excited. A couple of things, we don’t normally have stormtroopers and droids in our terminals, so we hope you will get to enjoy this today. It is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have to tell you, all of this is to help promote the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker movie which will be in theaters on December 20, I hope everybody will go and see the film. Now, right after we get done, there are a couple of things you all will get to see. First of all, outside of gate E3, over here to my right is our Star Wars livery aircraft. You will see, it is painted with red on one side and blue on the other side for the for the Resistance and the First Order. But what you cannot see, is once you get onboard the aircraft, we have a special interior with seat covers for both the Resistance and the First Order as well, including playing Star Wars themed music on that aircraft. Now, many of you are asking, “How do I get to fly on that airplane?”. Here’s how you do it. You go to FlightAware. FlightAware will have a special, excusive tracking for this particular aircraft so you can follow it all around its journeys through the galaxy, which will mostly be limited to the domestic United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Canada, but, please track it and you will track it with the tail number, let’s see if I can read this here, November 36272, and you can track that on FlightAware. So, after we get done here, please have your pictures with the droids, have your pictures made with the stormtroopers and right over here to my right is the aircraft. Everybody, thank you so much for being here and remember, fly the friendly galaxy. Music playing


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