Flying from AUSTRALIA to FIJI | Almost Missed Our Flight

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– When the start of your relaxing South Pacific holiday begins like this. Our flight leaves in like 10 minutes. The most scenic flight ever. – Okay, you ready to go on a
bit of a warmer trip this time? – I think so. ♪ Does anybody wanna be friends ♪ ♪ Place a reef of holly over my head ♪ Alrighty, we have two flights to do today. First one, nice and bright and early. – 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m., all the way to Sydney before catching our second flight. ♪ I can show up to your parties on time ♪ Alrighty, welcome to Sydney. Our flight was a little bit delayed and boarding is in one minute time. And we need to transfer
to another terminal. (soft piano music) Here, I’ll grab the box. Alrighty, it’s now 1:35, boarding has been open for 20 minutes, we leave in 25 minutes and I think we still need
to go through security. When the start of your
relaxing South Pacific holiday begins like this. (laughs) Our flight leaves in like 10 minutes. We’re through, so let’s
just see if we can make it. – [Airport Announcer] Board
call, passengers traveling on Fiji Airways flight J907 to Nadi, all passengers are boarding through gate lounge number eight. – That was ours. Yep, we made it. – [Stephen] Oh, phew. – I’m glad we’re not even the
last one’s boarding, either. – [Stephen] Oh, good, good. – [Woman] Shareen, there’s not many to go. – [Woman] Shareen? – Thank you.
– Thank you so much. – [Stephen] Thank you. – [Woman] Everyone’s here,
I’m confused, isn’t it three? – [Stephen] Thank you so much. – Okay, relaxing holiday can now begin. (Stephen laughs)
Oh my gosh, I really thought we were
gonna miss it for a sec. – Oh, yeah. – It leaves in ten minutes, I can’t believe we’re still boarding. Maybe it boarded late. Maybe we got lucky.
– Maybe it boarded late. Okay, flight number two, three and a half hours, we can relax. – And then, yes, and then it’s time for a coconut in the pool. – Coconut in the pool. – Go down the water slide. – Yeah. (gentle acoustic guitar music) – Welcome to Fiji! (traditional Fijian music)
(singing in foreign language) – [Stephen] What custom lines have you been in that has, like– – Music! – Music as you wait?
– Hand out flowers to the kids. I’m so excited. – [Stephen] Alrighty,
it’s a little bit dark, so we’re gonna have to–
– It’s very dark. It’s night time, but we’ve
just checked in to our hotel. We’re actually staying at a
hotel right across the road from the Nadi airport, because tomorrow we actually
have another flight, a domestic flight to another island. So we had a look online to see if there was a place close by. We could literally walk here. It was that close, but
they have a free shuttle. So we got picked up, we’ve checked in, and now I think we’ve gonna have a shower, and go and have some dinner? – [Stephen] Yeah, that sounds good. – I cannot believe we’re in Fiji! – I know.
– Already, every single person we’ve met has been so friendly. People always say the Fijians are some of the friendliest in the world, and they are right. I love it here. (Fijian music)
(singing in foreign language) – [Stephen] So, it’s nine o’clock. – And we are starving
from the day of flying. And so we’ve just come to
the restaurant at the hotel. It’s quite nice ’cause we’re sitting here, they got live music on, there’s a pool there, a bar there, a nice layover hotel to chill at. – [Stephen] Listen to that soundtrack, is that just not vacation right there?
– And we also watched “Moana” on the way here. (Stephen laughs) – [Stephen] Just been
served some grilled fish and they served with our meal, the only water that you can
drink when you’re here in Fiji. (gentle acoustic guitar music) ♪ I was made for you ♪ ♪ You were made for me ♪ – Alrighty, now the holiday
in Fiji can officially begin. Woohoo! ♪ Baby, you will find me funny ♪ ♪ Maybe you will find me true ♪ How cool is this? Literally at an airport hotel and we’ve stayed at a lot of them and usually they’re pretty average. This one, set in a tropical backdrop, has a water slide, has
a full, massive pool. I mean honestly, what
airport hotel has that view? I mean, if you’re having a layover, this place is the spot to stay. ♪ You will find me true ♪ ♪ I can’t help think about it ♪ ♪ All the things we’ll do ♪ – It’s actually so fun arriving to a new place at night time, ’cause we’ve just woken up and we are surrounded by tropical trees, it is such amazing weather, and no rain. ‘Cause we’re actually here
during the off season, so usually it can get quite
rainy during this time, but we’ve been very lucky so far, and how was the pool? Saw you, that’s what you did this morning. – Definitely woke me right up, because our time zones
are a little bit off, but I feel like I’m good now. – So yesterday when we landed in Sydney, my plan was to actually catch you guys up on what’s been going on, ’cause we actually spent
the last week home in Perth. And then when we arrived
at Sydney airport, we were kinda busy trying
to not miss our flight. – [Airport Announcer] All
passengers are boarding through gate lounge number eight. – But, now that we have
the morning chilling here, I wanted to catch you guys
up because very exciting, I went and had my final big anatomy scan. So, back in Perth, where are we going? – We are doing your 20 week ultrasound, and we get to see the baby, again. But also the baby for the
last time until it comes out. – [Jessica] Yeah, supposedly
we’re not gonna have any other scans after this, but we will see. But we are very, very excited! – Yeah, this is the big one, this is when they measure all the fingers, the toes, the head. – [Jessica] Yes, find out
it has all five fingers, all five toes. – [Stephen] Yes. So it’s a big, important one. – And everything is looking perfect. So that’s really good. We got to see all the
baby’s fingers and toes, and the four chambers of
the heart and the brain, so everything is looking really good. We also caught up with our friends, we went down to the Foreshore, it’s like this really nice area
right on the river in Perth. So it’s basically, you see
the river, you see the city, and they do food trucks there. So we went and had some
meals at the food trucks, and we hung out with our friends. And it was really nice. On Steve’s face, go! (Hugo blows) Blow! (Stephen blows) (Stephen laughs) – Cheese!
– Cheese! (Hugo babbles) – [Stephen] Make a sand castle? – Yeah. – So we’ve just come
down to the Foreshore, and they’ve put on food
trucks over summer. And Hugo is way more
interested in the sand and the black swans. – Put that thing on your finger. – [Stephen] Oh, it fell! (laughs) – [Jessica] And we got to
tell the rest of our friends and family that we were
having a little girl. Oh! And, another big thing, is that we met up with our
midwife for the first time, so this is where we had
to go to the hospital, you see the hospital where
we’re gonna deliver the baby, met the midwife, and we felt like, – Adults.
– proper adults, but we also felt like kids, we didn’t really know what we were doing! – This is kinda cool. We’ve come to the hospital, ’cause in about 10 minutes time we have our meeting with our midwife. – First time. – First time, ’cause up until this point we just had our local family GP that was looking after us. But now– – It’s very official. I feel like an adult. (Stephen laughs) Filling in forms. – Filling in forms. We’ll let you know how it goes afterwards. – She was really nice, and she also said,
“Everything’s looking good.” And she gave me the all
clear to keep traveling, which is nice, ’cause I’m now 22 weeks? – [Stephen] Yeah, I think so. – 22 weeks pregnant and
still going really good! So yeah, I thought I’d
catch you guys up on that, but yeah I guess we have the morning here, we have a couple more hours and then we are heading to the airport, ’cause we actually have one more flight. – [Stephen] Small room. – Tiny. – [Stephen] Thank you so much, cheers. Yeah, thank you. Ah, it’s a cool plane. There’s literally like five seats. Like, there’s five windows. – [Jessica] Oh, so that’s why. – [Stephen] Wow, we haven’t
caught a flight this small– – In ages. – [Stephen] In so long. – [Jessica] Can’t believe it. Six people on our flight. (Stephen laughs) (plane engine whirring) – [Stephen] This is such a small flight. – It’s tiny! (gentle acoustic guitar music) ♪ I saw a girl that I once knew ♪ ♪ Her name reminded me of crushing blue ♪ – [Stephen] Thank you. – This looks so cool. That’s the airport. Where do you reckon the
baggage carousel is? – (laughs) Where’s the baggage carousel? Most scenic flight ever! Here comes the bags. – [Jessica] All our bags made it! – [Stephen] Cool, just grab it? – [Jessica] It’s just
’cause we’re used to– (suitcase dragging drowns
out Jessica’s voice) [Stephen] Yeah. – Alex and Jess? – [Stephen] Stephen and Jess. – Stephen and Jess.
– Alex is my middle name. Yeah, yeah. – [Airport Staff] Nice to meet you. – Oh, you too.
– Oh, you too. (singing in foreign language)
(staff clapping) – [Hotel Staff] Be mindful of your head. – [Stephen] Thank you. – [Everyone] (speaking
in foreign language) – [Jessica] Oh, (speaking
in foreign language). – [Staff Member] Welcome, welcome. – [Stephen] Thank you. – Yes, our first coconut! – [Stephen] Aw, thank you so much, cheers.
– Thank you! Oh, that’s so cool. – [Stephen] First coconut, cheers! Just arrived at our resort, and this one has been given
her first of many coconuts, and she’s getting a little
welcome foot massage. – That was seriously one of
the most amazing welcomes we’ve ever had at a resort. We walked off the van, they’re singing to us, they give us coconuts, and we get spontaneous foot massages. I wasn’t expecting that. And we’re really excited to start exploring a
little bit more of Fiji, ’cause actually, six years ago, we came to Fiji on a family holiday, just before we started Flying the Nest. So it was like our final
kinda Christmas trip before they knew we were gonna
be going away for a year. On the cruise, we actually came to Fiji, but only for one day, to Nadi. And while we were there, we ended up going to a natural mud bath, we met some amazing locals, and we even tried a kava ceremony. But yeah, I feel like we
need to end the video here and you guys are gonna have
to wait till the next vlog to find out where we’re staying, (Stephen laughs)
but I guess you kind of get a little preview. We’re really, really excited
to show you around here, it is so nice. It is like a dream Fiji resort getaway. – I kinda feel like we’re on like a– – [Jessica] We’re calling it a babymoon! – Like a honeymoon. A babymoon. – We’re calling it a babymoon. I’ve even booked in for a
prenatal massage tomorrow. (Stephen laughs) This is a babymoon. – But if you guys are new around here, we got some fun stuff here in Fiji, we wanna show you how to travel round, we’re going to three different spots. – [Jessica] Three different islands. – Three different islands,
three different vlogs. So if you are new around here, hit that subscribe button, give the video a thumbs up, because it’s gonna be
sunshine from here on out. See you guys next time. – Bye! ♪ Little boxes on the hillside ♪ ♪ Little boxes made of ticky tacky ♪ ♪ Little boxes on the hillside ♪ ♪ Little boxes ♪


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