Flying Singapore Airline PREMIUM Economy New York to Singapore


Hi, you know I’ve always wanted to go to Singapore. So let’s get to Singapore Gotta come all the way back to the office for this. Also I hear we’ve got a new app…or not new apple tree It has always been there But just didn’t know it was there. Did not know this was an apple tree Personally you might… you guys might think this is weird, but I really hate apples They just, I don’t know, they just make my teeth all feel weird. I want that red one though. Little crabapple (Bites) I think we need some real food My flight’s in a few hours, but had to make a pit stop and flush in. Because I’m not flying business class I’m not flying first class, so I’m thinking the food situation not gonna be that good. Chicken noodle soup and A Chinese sort of burrito thing. Before this we’re gonna add a lot of hot oil. You’re not gonna find this on the airplane That’s just beauty raining down from above. This I really love this is a veggie Burrito, Chinese veggie burrito But it has a lot of good stuff inside like a tea egg, has tofu skin, wood ear, stir fried potatoes This is awesome, and the crepe itself is handmade This is hand pulled Biang Biang Noodles with some stewed chicken and apparently a lot of cilantro Man, I haven’t had anything to eat all day. It’s getting me really excited. The thing is I only have like ten minutes to eat this dish. cos I need to get to the airport. These are so inexpensive as well. The noodles only seven dollars and this is only four dollars You guys see that tea egg in there? That’s the soul of this burrito. Okay, I’m gonna stop filming. Because I really gotta finish this really quickly Alright I just inhaled all that. May be a couple of chicken bones stuck in my throat. Let’s go to airport Okay, couple things about this trip. First of all business class seats and especially first class seats… Unaffordable! I mean way out of my budget. Even economy seats were ridiculously expensive I guess the good thing You can see this as a good thing the premium economy seats for my flight was only four hundred dollars more than economy So that was a easy choice. Also I’ve never reviewed premium economy seats of Singapore Airlines before so I got to show you guys what that’s all about. And the routes I’m taking to go to singapore it’s also kind of complicated so I gotta fly Jetblue from New York City to San Francisco. And then change to Singapore airlines, where I’m Flying to Hong Kong and then to Singapore. And of course Jet Blue doesn’t have premium economy So I guess that’s sort of a ripoff. Well, here’s what I’m really excited about on the trip. The hotels! I think I’ve told you guys. I’m never sponsored by Airlines or hotels So I have to pay everything out of pocket And that’s primarily the reason why I can’t review every single first-class seat for you guys I wish I could. But I met this other vlogger while I was traveling in Korea And we’re talking about travel and hotels and airlines. and I told her that I paid for everything. And she was really surprised that I Actually paid for hotels. Because she told me that every vlogger She knows think they pick out the hotels they want to stay in and since. They’re vlogging about it anyway They just ask for a free room, okay? I know this isn’t some great big revelation But it’s just never something that I’ve done before and I don’t know why I never done it I just never thought to do it. You know. I’ve thought about it because everywhere I go I always filmed the hotels. I have people asking me what hotels I’m staying at and I’ve actually thought man They really should just give me my room for free. But for some idiotic reason I just never asked, but this time I did. So in Singapore. I called a bunch of hotels I really wanted to stay at anyway that I would normally pay for and I reached out and I Asked if they would do some kind of sponsorship for me to stay there and a bunch of hotels got back to me. So Then I reached out to several hotels that I could never normally afford and they also said yes But here’s the thing no hotel was willing to give me more than two nights at a particular hotel. So this trip… flight may not be so good, the hotel is gonna be awesome. Let’s go check in It’s this room that American Express would get me into Airspace Lounge It’s a pretty simple small lounge, and they give you one of these things that’s worth $10 for drinks and snacks I show up, and I’m like this is $10, and I asked Thomas here. It’s like give me as many bottles of sparkling water that this thing can get me and I can get One (laughs). It does! I get one bottle of sparkling water Thank you. Oh! You got anything that’s cold? I’m pretty sure this thing cost $10 because it’s in a blue bottle So Singapore Airline couldn’t put me here I guess… This is kind of crazy my flight takes off in 30 minutes and I Have no idea where my flight is. Well it says on my ticket. I can’t find a screen that can tell me where it is And I had to leave security so now I have to go recheck in through security. I’m might not gonna make my flight! Going on this walkway But it’s not moving. Okay, I Think I think I… may have made it so apparently they’re paging me because My bag didn’t make it. So when I get Singapore. I have no bags for at least a day It’s not the best situation, but at least I made this flight. This is it. Tiny Little space Little foot rest, it seems to be full let’s see what we got here er Oh, headphones. They gave me this while I was coming in, so I was kind of worried, but yeah! nice headphones Where’re the flip-flops at? Oh tray table’s here This is a reclined button. A little leg support here Let’s see how far back this thing leans. You know what? This is not bad It’s pretty comfortable. I mean it’s no business class but It leans way further back than I thought. Probably more so than other premium economy seats. It’s pretty comfortable I think I can get a nice good sleep here. Their own little personal nightlight charging stations And This… this is what I’m after Let’s check out their menu. I do like that they also have that like a secondary usb dock here and the screen actually tilts up So the person leans back, you still got a nice screen, and this is a big screen for premium economy Let’s see what we got to eat. From my previous experience with premium economy food I don’t expect it to be that good, but at least what I’m seeing here looks really good. Smoked chicken with corn Pan-seared fish fillet. Mango mousse This all sounds really appetizing. That’s cool they have a International section and an Indian section, I just ran across the airport, so this is much-needed Jerk chicken sandwich. I do like it a lot when my chicken’s a bit of a jerk And I think some noodles for breakfast sounds good, so besides the whole not having my luggage thing I think this will be a pretty good flight. This screen is so nice. I mean This is just massive and let’s see what they have. I hate flights that only have like 12 movies total I just watched. That’s a great movie by the way yeah, I kind of wish I watched it here. Wow! so each page they have There’s a lot of movies here that will do really well. Hey that’s me! just kidding just kidding I’m actually so glad I ate dinner right before I came to the airport because I don’t think those Jetblue Snacks would really help me. Time to sit back and relax I’m just waiting for dinner. So instead of slippers they give you socks But his doesn’t really help for prevent you from you know like a wet bathroom floor. Saw that these first row seats were almost completely empty and with a ton of leg space So I asked if I could sit here I think this is a little bit of upgrade I can stretch on that completely. Although my TV screen got smaller Spring water in a cup. mango mousse This is like a Mystery surprise. Okay. This is… oh wow! That looks kind of icky. This is fish and pasta Cause the pasta is really hard. I gotta be careful chewing so I don’t chip a tooth. I gotta be honest, the Flavor is not bad. The fish is really fishy, which is not good. Um I don’t even think I’m going to eat this. But the flavors… Not all that horrible probably because they doused this thing with butter. And this chicken salad, this doesn’t even look like chicken I just tastes like the chicken cold cut. Again! It’s not horrible. I think this is the best I can do At this point a lot of the pasta tastes like pasta chips Feels nice and soft and moussey. Definitely the best thing on the plate. Shouldn’t be a surprise right? Good morning! Actually slept okay. Let me show you how I did it. One thing you could do is take your pillow Just kind of stretch out, but that’s like the only way. I see people sitting in those seats you could put your feet up on that Metal thing there. that’s also pretty nice. So all in all I’ve got about seven hours of sleep. Not too bad. Only thing is it’s super cold in here like super cold Always bringing jacket when you go on a plane. And breakfast is served. slimy looking Egg noodles. This thing just looks really slimy. I will classify this as eat to live food You know you are only eating it so you can survive But after a couple bites I’m contemplating whether it’s worth it to survive if I had to eat this Welcome to Hong Kong. we’re taking the same plane to Singapore, so I think we’re just getting off like an hour I don’t know. Just walk around and come back the same plane. And as soon as I got off this …to feel the humidity hits you like a sledgehammer So I’ve got about an hour before my flight takes off from Hong Kong to Singapore Let me just talk a little bit about the Singapore Airline premium economy while that’s all fresh in my head. From first impression the seats They look kind of squished, and it didn’t feel like it had as much space as China airlines Now, I didn’t look at all the specific measurements I just felt Just sitting down right away it felt more squished and Definitely felt like there was less legroom. Of course that all changed once I moved to the front row. What I did like about these Seats was that they leaned back a lot farther than I thought. So that made it really comfortable. Now Let’s talk a little about food. What I didn’t take advantage of was that you could have pre-order your meal um…cooked just for you from a chef And that’s something I wish I’ve done, because the the meal I had on the plane were very very mediocre I think the food in General was better than China airlines, but still really fishy noodles, and then slimy noodles wasn’t so good I think something else that stood out about this premium economy is the entertainment center. I mean that the screen was massive It was really clear. There were a ton of movies to choose from ton of TV shows and the headphones were extremely nice They were noise cancelling I actually wore them when nothing was playing, so I kind of cancel out the noise of the plane And that really helped me get some sleep. When it comes to of course Singapore Airlines and the service is always pretty good. But for some reason I don’t know why it felt this way on this trip, but it just felt like there wasn’t that many staff It’s like at one point I pushed the attendant button it took him about I think 10 minutes to show up So I felt the service, although they were courteous, they were nice, there were extremely helpful They were friendly it wasn’t as on point as let’s say EVA Airlines and finally I just wanna say this having spent time in business class Singapore Airlines and now premium economy there is a Extremely wide gap between the business class and premium economy. I think it is because singapore business class is Extremely good. It’s not just like regular good. It’s top-notch. It’s still probably the best business class I have experienced so far so then you take that and then you take premium economy I feel like it just it’s just too wide of a gap, so I feel like if you’re gonna splurge you wanna sit somewhere better than regular economy and if the ticket prices for premium economy and business classes isn’t so drastic Definitely go for the business class But I almost feel like the business class for singapore Airlines is equal to some other airlines first class But overall really comfortable flight in just a great experience, and I’m also flying premium economy back So I’ll definitely use the pre-order meals and see if it tastes better. All right! On to Singapore Omelette with veal sausage. Welcome to Singapore! My first impression of Singapore, and this is just the airport it’s so pretty and clean. Look at this This is an airport. It’s so nice It’s got none of that. You know airport muck. Everything is quiet here, so nice look at this is this not the nicest luggage turnstile you ever seen your life. This is the first time for this but but I think I think that’s for me. Hi! Mike Chen. That’s you That’s me. How you doing. Hey nice to meet you. Cool! outside the airport into this parking garage And it is humid I Mean this is really humid. This is Hong Kong, Thailand humid That’s so nice So we are here right now Right in the temple in the middle
We are right there, this hotel is right there… This so this used to be like a really traditional street Yes. Actually right outside There used to be a shore line Oh I like the walls! Yes, so every room actually has a last name. Room 315. Oh nice, Yu! Thank you. Just watch your step as you come in Just a little something for you. Thank you. Thank you. You guys this is a really pretty coffeemaker Yeah, you just put this in and check this out. Okay, so all the lights This is this hotel is really really new. Look at the sink! This is so pretty! toilets shower area look at this wooden floors on the shower But very modern shower the ring shower thing just comes down with that. Everything in the mini-fridge Comes with the room and this is not like they’re treating me special. This is for everybody Welcome to Amoy! wow And this is more like a like a boutique hotel And this just looks out over and you’ll see a bunch of food stalls. so as you can see super nice hotel It was so cool about staying here at this hotel. Is that this is actually a hotel I was I was actually gonna book. Like use my money and book it because from the locations This is one of the most highly reviewed hotels in singapore It was within my budget, so then of course after my talk with my malaysian friend I’ve reached out and see will they sponsor my stay, and they did and this is just beyond awesome So thank you so much Amoy hotel guys. I’m gonna have their information for you in my description box. All right You know I’m at Singapore. I’m looking out at all the food stalls outside Let’s go get some food! See what a Singaporean 7-Eleven looks like? a lot of curries Well, I didn’t know 7-Eleven had their own ramen noodles I think that’s a chopstick store Just got back to the hotel. I didn’t know I could sleep and walk at the same time before. I’m going to bed. Night guys


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  1. Dawson Mai

    August 15, 2019 1:07 am

    You just became my favorite casual vlogger that doesn’t do crazy things like flying on business and first class

  2. Lisa Kurnianingsih

    August 17, 2019 7:08 pm

    I really really appreciate what you went through among strangers, ya know camera and the talking, to deliver us this content.

  3. Emily Harris

    August 27, 2019 5:55 pm

    Asking for a free room is filthy. Nobody deserves a free room, it doesn't help pay anyone that works there

  4. avcomth

    August 31, 2019 9:46 pm

    You were not idiotic for not asking for hotel sponsorship, you were just brought up with strong Asian values. We don't commercialise or capitalise on everything we do, and we have a strong sense of shame and are taught to refrain from asking for free stuff (even in situations of mutual benefits) I'm glad to see a Chinese American having stronger oriental values and not being corrupted by Western values even though you grew up in America.

  5. s liu

    September 6, 2019 3:30 am

    LAST October I took prem economy from HKG-SFO, supposedly I got a better seat with tons of leg room.
    I think I should have kept the pre-paid aisles seat.
    #1) had to back into seat;
    #2) felt constrained
    #3) food was not affordable
    #4) econ was 1/3 full as PE was full.

    did not enjoy as usual on SingaporeAirlines econ.

  6. Andy

    September 9, 2019 9:57 pm

    Running across the airport as fast as you can to make it to the flight, told that luggage wasn't going to make it in time. Yet, the biggest thought left was if the chicken was going to be a bit of a jerk? XD

  7. Jairon Barrientos

    September 9, 2019 10:02 pm

    Wow awesome video!! After watching this I'm definitely gonna save up to visiting Singapore and stay at that same hotel

  8. rod cooper

    September 12, 2019 10:03 am

    It looks like with Singapore it is economy plus with the food being economy, with QANTAS you get a similar seat but you get Business food so to me on QANTAS it is Business lite. you really need to fly QANTAS PE.


    October 10, 2019 9:55 pm

    why don't you ask the airlines for free upgrades since you are doing a review of their planes and services and lounges?

  10. Stephanie Weininger

    October 29, 2019 2:07 pm

    Mikey, I really appreciate the video of the drive. I live in the Midwest now and really missed seeing that drive into the city

  11. Zhi Bin Liu

    October 30, 2019 4:05 am

    Did the Book the Cook from LAX to Sin n I didn't like it as the nasi lemak was too salty n so was the other dishes which I couldn't remember what. But if u r flying via Narita always choose the Japanese selection from the menu as it is really good n very substantial too.

  12. wildrose39

    November 30, 2019 5:58 pm

    Only $400 more and that’s okay? Wow, I wish I could just say it’s only $400 more. You’re doing well Sir! 👏🏻👏🏻😊💕


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