Former Flight Attendant Is Hoping To Take Off In Panto! | The Big Audition

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The first job up for grabs today is the
role of pantomime day the panel are arriving at studio three to decide who
will take to the stage this Christmas at Blackburn’s King George’s there it’s one
of the premiere panties in the Northwest and after 50 years in show business
writer and director Roger knows exactly what he’s looking for I’m looking for
talent well obviously Roger there are two
stages of the daily audition and individual performers and a group one
later on helping water on his pant a panel our
casting director Alexa and choreographer Lindsay you’ve come to the right place
nice to meet you what’s your name my name is del Del Wilden so what he did
canto Dame the bulk of my career has been as wallop or cabbing group I got in
to be a very very young band 25 years later it was like oh dear
you know only plan to do for a couple of years yeah check it out from a young age
I did want to get into entertainment I know I was always the the child
entertainer a performing child day brawl is pretty I did it last year for a small
touring pantomime it was hysterical I just remember walking out first night
and the first thing he was you’re a mad music lovely I just feel that Simon is
possibly right to do things and I just stopped making people laugh
oh hello say wet it might find it funny how you and what’s your name my name is
del Wilden have you got a magical show-stopping thing I’m just gonna do a
little bit of coming on on my little party piece for you as if I was on stage
I’d imagine that we’re kids that we want to shout back at you okay god we go you
ready yeah good luck on your face I know what you’re all thinking you’re thinking
and your moms and dads are thinking it as well it’s Holly Willoughby look at
dad yeah down tiger yes I am Dane Veera Jim you haven’t got
any of you leave a little bit what I threw that yeah yeah don’t village in
and you know what I’m a Forces sweetheart off the police forces around
the country are after me yes they are seriously right lady dead before we get
on with this show who wants to sniff my fowler
if it’s good enough for Beyonce it’s good enough for me come here you look
lovely I have a sniff of Allah what you reckon men go wild
DiPaola well done well done you sound very good I’m really impressed
and oh yeah and he’s my favorite Dame of all
time anyway we’ll see you back later on was the other trick with the other team
made a great effort with the costume on thank you going to de jure very
impressed got the first one not saying he’s perfect but you’re looking for yes
on the right lines bless his heart


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