Full flight from Schiphol runway 36L to Rotterdam, landing runway 24.

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FO=First Officer CPT: OK we have to stop the pushback. Because Ground asks us to…. Because a company aircraft will pass behind. CPT: So I will only start Engine number 2 for the moment. Pushback driver: I don’t see anything.
CPT: Neither do I. Oh I see an aircraft on my right… so on your left side…. Yes like that… very confusing… Pushback driver: I have him insight…
CPT: Yes. CPT: I didn’t expect this aircraft to pass behind. Pushback driver: No… CPT: Ground just informed us we can continue the pushback. Pushback driver: Confirm brakes still released.
CPT: Confirmed. And starting Nr. 1 CPT: I wish you a very nice day and enjoy the sun later on… Pushback driver: yes, ok, thanks a lot! bye! CPT: So he is disconnected… and we can talk over the interphone now. CPT: And he is waiving… correct? FO: Yes… I think so too!
CPT: yep, Flaps 5 CPT: Just adjusting the belt right now… FO: Right side is free. CPT: Left side as well…. second left is mentioned because we are not used to park here… First is “A” second is “B”. FO: So they expected us already to leave a little late.. CPT: I am surprised that they anticipated on that already. CPT: This is a light aircraft!
FO: Nice he! CPT: Yes…
FO: Peddle on the metal! CPT: I don’t even have to give any thrust! FO: They have put some red and white fences overhere.. CPT: Yes… just to be sure.
(runway 27 / 09 is closed) CPT: We need about 7 minutes before we depart.. FO: 6 minutes… You will make that for sure.. There are a couple more aircraft in front of us. FO: And they already cleared us he… “Discussion about a long night departure or a day departure” We where cleared for the day transition”. FO: They build some new lights here… CPT: No idea… FO: A couple of LED lights.
CPT: Yes. 4 new LED lights… and than the old-fashioned lights… CPT: It’s funny…..
FO: Slalom… you can do that overhere…
CPT: Exactly. CPT: That looks funny to me… lets do that.
FO: Yeah… why not.. CPT: I wanted to say… We are still accelerating we will have an upslope soon than we might lose some speed….
FO: Even with thrust idle.. CPT: What wanted you to say… I thought you wanted to say something.. FO: No no no… didn’t know what you where going to say. but you where laughing. FO: The whole day digging… looks relaxing to me. CPT: I don’t know how high their work pressure is with that kind of work. CPT: Perhaps their assignment is to finish it before 15:00.. than you have to go faster!… FO: Perhaps you’re right… I don’t think they feel any pressure.. I have an uncle who does this kind of work.. CPT: He has the same…. FO: Yeah he just does his work.. CPT: When we went upslope we lost 2 kts. In Idle thrust. FO: And now he is accelerating. FO: If you don’t do anything you will pass 30kts.
CPT: Yes, I think so too. FO: For now you still have 2 kts to go. CPT: And…. 30kts. CPT: Reducing speed for the turn. CPT: Bird control! FO: The are gathering there together.
CPT: Yes. FO: And they have a sticker of a bird on their car! FO: What are they going to build here… A terminal. CPT: No idea…
FO: Incredible! FO: It looks like they are building an apron here. CPT: They are going to build a runway in-between… FO: Extra runway?? CPT: No I don’t think so… FO: A low cost terminal. FO: We will be ready upon reaching… he
CPT: Yes I have checked the cabin and it was OK. FO: I had to check almost every lock Some where not locked at all… some doors where stil open… And then you think… oh! FO:…. OK.
CPT: Aft pentry was actually OK. CPT: V4, No problem. FO: At least we are able to see something at 3000ft. FO: Over Gouda and uh Leiden and… FO: People where complaining about a noise test Transavia has done because it was an empty aircraft and and empty aircraft makes less noise….. YES… Yes… they made their point there… CPT: Oh… they didn’t take anybody?.. I thought they would take some people in that flight FO: They took some people in the flight.. but it was not a flight full of people. FO: Uuuhh. What will be the next frequency… 119 32? CPT: No… 118…. FO: 1 CPT: 280 or something like that…
FO: Do you think so… 118.280… FO: Thats why you are flying today… FO: Mmmm switching on the weather radar. FO: Yawning…. CPT: Oh please… don’t exaggerate.. FO: This had to be recorded on the voicerecorder… TWR: 073 Goodmorning… To line up and wait runway 36L Victor 4 FO: They are thinking along with us. CPT: Thats nice.
FO: Very nice! CPT: It feels good, so to say… CPT: Light aircraft… we will be airborne around V3. FO: With a speed of 110kts… I think so too. FO: It is a pity there is no touchdown zone on this side, otherwise we would have been airborne before that. CPT: Yes exactly. FO: And it would be even more nice to depart unreduced. CPT: Heading 110 set, 3000ft as well… FO: So at 500ft you can make a right turn. (“Passing V3”) FO: Just about V3…. Positive rate. CPT: The aircraft is trimmed well… CPT: First turn manual. FO: Nice he!
CPT: Really nice. CPT: I don’t know why the speed reduces CPT: Just adding some thrust. FO: 200ft to go…. FO: Shall I read the checklist?
CPT: Yes.. The after takeoff checklist CPT: You changed your altimeter to standard. CPT: It is QNH isn’t it?
FO: It’s 3000ft. FO: So you are right. It is 3000ft QNH. FO: 190ft is set (Baro minimum) on my side. CPT: Heading 180 set and speed 250kts set as well. FO: 110.40 is the VOR. FO: And than we need the ATIS. (Weather info) CPT: Oh I thought I already installed the ILS frequency. FO: (looking outside) It’s just beautiful weather! CPT: Yes exactly CPT: Yes in sight… uh.. over there. FO: But he mentioned on our left….
CPT: Oh on the left… FO: There is also an aircraft descending. CPT:… haha… what is left en right! … CPT: Just having another look… but I don’t have it in sight. FO: No… the oderone I have insight as well. he will pass overhead as well… CPT: The weather. CPT: We burn about 200kg of fuel We will subtract that, so our landing weight will be 43.7 CPT: I will make a Flaps 30 landing.
FO: Yes FO: Truly CPT: Autobrakes 2.
FO: Yes. CPT: And 190ft (Baro minimum) CPT: Touchdown at -15ft and Missed approach 2000ft CPT: Just going to check if I can receive the weather CPT: I will reduce to Flaps up speed. 200 kts. CPT: They still mention runway 06 FO: Yes, but we are cleared for runway 24. FO: To leave 3 on the glide, everything is on the right side FO: Would you like me to arm the Approach mode? Otherwise you will fly through the localizer.
CPT: Yes. CPT: If you want to write the weather down for me. CPT: I will disarm the Approach mode and I will pick it up in LNAV. FO: Damn… CPT: What? FO: Written down the wrong weather. FO: 5km (visibility). CPT: Nice… Localizer is captured. FO: Very nice…. Descent Checklist? CPT: Yes the Descent Checklist. CPT: (recap) Main frequency is 110.90 237 final course… Flaps 5 FO: RSV is identyfied. CPT: So that is set. Missed approach is straight ahead 2000ft & minimums 190ft set and crosschecked. CPT: It is always funny such a short flight but…. FO: You have to work for it… CPT: 13kts tailwind now so Gear Down. CPT: I am going to fly manual… why not!
FO: Why not… FO: And I had to call 4nm isn’t it?
CPT: Correct. CPT: I will continue this speed for a while… FO: Shall I put 2000ft now? FO: Looking on his Nav Display… 600ft low FO: I see something moving at our right. But I’m not sure if thats the traffic. CPT: It might be a shiny traffic sign… CPT: Yeah, I have the traffic in sight… It’s a helicopter. FO: The helicopter will be long gone before you landed. FO: Unless he decides to start hovering. CPT: Yes… suddenly he thought… I start hovering…. CPT: But he didn’t cross yet… Funny to see. FO: 13 kts tailwind.
CPT: Check FO: Wind is decreasing and becoming more a tailwind FO: 10 kts tailwind
CPT: Yep…. Tower: And you continue to fly to Malaga? FO: No… We call it a day! Tower: Easy schedule… FO: Yeah… sometimes we are lucky.. CPT: That is next to the…
FO: The first one is A…. FO: Thats where the TUI is… FO: So the second is B and there is a marshaller on the way…. FO: In the corner…So we have to walk a bit… CPT: What?… They will pick us up won’t they?? Hahaha FO: Dammit… Where is our taxi driver…. CPT: Ridiculous..
FO: I told them they had to come! ๐Ÿ˜‰ CPT: Not normal… ๐Ÿ˜‰ FO: They are guiding some passengers because we are arriving… FO: No APU (It is not necessary to start the APU) (GPU is available) CPT: 2 minutes to go… CPT: But I think I was thrust Idle from the beginning of the GlideSlope.. FO: You had thrust Idle from the moment you pushed TO/GA…. CPT: Yes exactly… CPT: Ah… nice…
FO: time is 47 so just 1 minut left. so that will be exact 3 minutes… FO: Shall I switch off the taxi light?
CPT: Yes please…. FO: Just waving to some colleagues. CPT: Sounds like a dino! FO: Lovely… CPT: Mmmm.5,6,7,8 Switching off Engine nr 2. CPT: We have to disarm the slides ourselves.. FO: But that is possible when we have switched off our engines.. Groundpower (GPU) on the busses… CPT: Nice…. Lovely! (mentioning this short flight).


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