Funny ATC | Etihad pilot asking ATC to be POLITE

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Echo Tango Delta 503, where you park? Bravo 28, sir. Not taxiway the LETTER! Oh negative sir, we are on 22R holding short of Foxtrot. What taxiway do you enter the ramp?! Okay, so we just exit the runway and we’re holding short of Foxtrot on 22R. You are not listening to what I’m asking you. What taxiway do you enter the ramp? I’m not on the ramp yet sir. What taxiway do you enter the ramp. Tell me. What letter? Okay we can enter at Kilo for Etihad 503. That’s what I need to get out of you, we talked like 6 times. Straight ahead and hold short of Hotel, sir. Straight ahead. Hold short of Hotel, roger. Asiana 222, turn right here. Turn left on to 22R, and hold short of Juliet. Asiana 222? Go ahead. Turn right, left on the 22R. Hold short of Juliet. Okay, right turn, then 22R, holding short Juliet, Asiana222. ETD503 follow Asiana, hold short of Juliet on the runway. Yes, we’ll follow the Asiana, and next time I would like you to be polite with me. Thank you. Okay, but if I got to talk to you 6 times, and I got all the other people I got to talk to, and you don’t know what I’m saying. (…)…nice day, polite with me. Alright? Are you impolite with me? I’ll make a report! Go ahead! ETD503 at Hotel give, way to the regional jet from your left. Give way at Hotel to the regional jet from the left, ETD503. Asiana 222 the Kilo is blocked, call the ramp and see who…When Delta comes out you can go in. We’ll be at Kilo, Asiana222. OK call the ramp there is the Delta on the…On the…Look out on your right, sir. There’s a Delta blocking the alleyway. Call the ramp and make it’s gonna open once Delta moves out. Okay, call the ramp 130.77 That is correct. Asiana222 you’re supposed to hold short of Juliet, sir. Asiana 222? Go ahead? Okay, I can make a report too. Hold short of Juliet, you already passed it. I thought you (…) with the apron, and going on Kilo? The airplane is not moving. I told you to hold short of Juliet, and call the ramp. (…) ground permit. ETD503 what’s the ramp telling you? Okay they are gonna bring us in the Hotel, ETD503. Okay, will it be open, sir? (…) advise double check before moving. Alright, standby. ETD503 turn right. When you turn right, you’ll see the regional jet of to your right. Let him go by and turn into the ramp. Roger, right, give way to the regional jet from the right and enter the ramp. ETD503. Asiana222, you keep moving the airplane when I tell you to stop. There’s an airplane of to your right. Do we (…) tell (…) Kilo? Ramp does not control the taxiway, sir. Asiana222 Do not move the airplane till I talk to you. Ground, United 17? United 17? Did you sent us to 121.65. Is that guy know that we’re existing? Nah man. It’s busy over there. He’s a… Give him some time. He’s not that busy. Not to you, but… You know… You are one guy, he’s talking to like 20 other people. Okay, I’ll just keep looking at 20 other people. Asiana222, you see the regional jet of to your right side? (…) Let the regional go by before you taxi further, and then proceed to the ramp. Okay, thank you, Asiana222


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