Georgia Tech Student Surprised With Free Airline Ticket

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My name is Kyle Lucas. I’m from Macon, Georgia. I’m studying
mechanical engineering. Macon’s not that
small of a town. But it’s still
smaller than Atlanta. I don’t know. I guess, when you
see new things, it kind of changes how you
see the world, I guess. He would try to go abroad
twice before he was actually able to go abroad. I found out, the second
semester of my freshman year, that my dad had cancer. And he found out, too. And it’s kind of a scary
thing to just say, yeah. I’m going to go away for four
months in another country. And you don’t know
what’s going to happen. Kyle has really stuck with it. He said, you know, despite
these circumstances, I really want to go abroad. I want to make this happen
because it’s my goal. And he’s actually gotten
a scholarship from OIE. It’s called the [? W. ?]
[? Seth ?] scholarship. This is going to allow
him to study abroad. But in addition to that, he
is winning our plane ticket. So he gets his ticket
paid completely to go to South Korea. [CHEERING] He was selected based on
the number of applications that we had. He just happened to be
our 20,000th student. It’s a plane ticket. He’s going to Korea
in the fall, right? Well, I think this
is going to help. Yeah. I was definitely surprised. It felt a little weird. It was kind of funny, I
guess, at the same time, because there were a ton of
people cheering for me, which doesn’t happen very often. I think, for our office to
realize that our work is coming to fruition, that we’re helping
students to do something that they wouldn’t
otherwise be able to do, and just kind of hoping to
provide opportunities for them to get a global mindset and
to become global citizens. There you go. It could be you. It is you. It was me. Very cool.


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