Grand Canyon Air Tour

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“The most distinguished tour of the next decade will be across the
canyon in an airship, a mile above the Colorado.” “Yet all around are men who squint their eyes and
say ‘you’ll never do it!'” Dave Rust, 1909 “Then with a suddenness of thrill, great chasms and canyons flash into
view. A ruggedness and beauty which only air travelers…” “…are priveleged to see. This is the famous canyon you’ve heard about!” Join Grand Canyon Airlines for the Grand Canyon flightseeing
tour that started it all back in 1927! In just 50 minutes Grand Canyon Airlines can
show you the canyon at its grandest… …from their modern, state of the art, comfortable Twin Otter
VistaLiner Aircraft, specially modified with large picture windows… …and taped tour narration available in multiple languages. The Grand Discovery Air Tour will be a feast for your eyes as you peer
all the way down to the heart of the Grand Canyon: the Colorado River! Marvel at the sculpted cliffs of the Zuni Corridor;
the dramatic confluence of the Little Colorado River… …the hairpin turns of the Unkar Delta, and the
Grand Canyon’s higher, more densely forested North Rim. On the Grand Discovery Air Tour, you’ll not only
see the Grand Canyon, but surrounding landmarks… …such as the Navajo Indian Reservation, the Echo
Cliffs and the vast Kaibab National Forest… …giving you a true appreciation of the beauty and complexity of
the Colorado Plateau and the forces at work upon it. Eventually it’s time to return to the South Rim via the Dragon Corridor. The Grand Discovery Air Tour departs hourly from the Grand Canyon Airlines Terminal… …located at the Grand Canyon National Park Airport in Tusayan (Grand
Canyon Village South), 2 miles South of the park gates. At such a great value, seats fill quickly, so make your reservations
today! Thank you for watching, and thank you for visiting


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