This is a guide to help you understand ADS-B exchange. This App can be used for Both Military and Civilian Spotters. They have a forum You can submit aircraft pictures that you’ve taken which we relevant to the aircraft from the map flight history data The support of a DSP and you can contact them and legal privacy bits So down here it gives you a little welcome note about who ADSB. A donation button which is a nice way to help with updates etc Going forward to future developments when it comes to software and hardware So let’s click this and it should take us to the map This is the map screen. As flightradar24, this will have a thing here for advertising To get rid of it it says hide into one the seconds and then you can just hide it. There you go ADSB covers a vast of the area and coverage is seen in the USA and further afield. And if we look over here, we’ll go to America They’ll go so in America is tracking aircraft in America for us now. So you have aircraft Across the world that uses a DSP. So it’s a good way of tracking military aircraft that are flying And as you can see if we just go over here look at the amount of aircraft, it’s actually tracking at the present time And what we’re going to try and do we’re going to try and zoom in We’re going to try and concentrate just on the UK section So we have zoomed in to the UK only There’s Heathrow here, so just going to go through what we have here So here we have zoom in and zoom out We have a menu bar Which I will go from very shortly and then we have I call it the word tag If you press the word tag, it will highlight aircraft like so What I will do I will show you what I would do and this is the best setup. I personally believe so over here you have a layer you have different screens As you can see it’s going to be changing, There we go Over here is an aircraft list. The aircraft is tracking and up the top right hand side. There’s two arrows to make it fullscreen Top arrow. Well, open it up like that Like so if you want to see the data of the aircraft Now again, like I said, we zoom into Heathrow It’s after three o’clock now on previous Videos, I explained a little bit about Heathrow Heathrow changes runway at 3 o’clock Here for airport is they’re they’re landing on 2 7 left So let’s pick this one. This one’s over Richmond coming into Heathrow. It is a Japan Airlines Then you have its transponder code up here Fortunately is not squawking the most aircraft will squawk a full code in airspace Down here. You have a an aircraft list and it gives you the aircraft again So we’re going to zoom out So as you can see with this aircraft here You can see the route that’s been taken The menu page so the menu page is here The registration of callsign and the altitude you can choose what aircraft labels you would like Down on the aircraft list down here. It gives you the altitude aircraft able to type vertical the speed the heading the bearing etc, etc On the list exactly the same so this bit here is for here Filters this is where you can change what you would like to see so if you just want to see aircraft squawking certain codes What you would do is you would type in The filters let’s get rid of that. Let’s go so you’d end up with a page like this Will go through this in other videos on what squawk codes are and when it’s best to use them So for military what we can do is you can find military At the filter Enable the filter and then hypothetically what should happen Is only military aircraft will show so what we do will come out zoom out a little bit There we are Now by luck I would probably pick the quietest day to show any kind of military aircraft on a radar, but we do have two so There’s an Apache The Air Corps from the United Kingdom or Apache. H1 So let’s look around what else we got down there. We have another Apache down at Salisbury Plain then we have all these helicopters over here, which will probably be from RAF Shawbury Military side of things and they’re all down here as well. So there’s all the aircraft that are being Tracked at the moment. So this is for the UK if we were to go over to Europe. Like I said, So you could track This aircraft so that’s a c-17 from the United States Air Force. That’s probably just come out of Ramstein in Germany and There’s a 28,000 feet now sometimes aircraft at Ramstein will Pop into Mildenhall over this way So if you were at mildenhall You could track this aircraft and you could learn about this area here seems descending you would know if I was going into Moodle This is the reason why flight radars are actually fantastic It’s a fantastic tool to give you heads up or what’s going on Again, you could put the layers on And there we go, so this shows you That’s it. Watch them and the Apache Is doing circuits around AACWattisham. So it’s taking off got around coming back in Fantastic tool and it’s a brilliant bit of kit that you will need Whenever you go out whether it’s going to be civilian or military That is the ABS be exchange I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. If you would like to see more tuitions of what I’m doing, please do subscribe Please do comment below. It is greatly appreciated


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