Half Ticket | Official Trailer (HD) | Marathi Movie 2016 | Bhau Kadam, Samit Kakkad

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He called us ‘beggars’. How did he know
we are from the slums? My name is ‘Crow Egg’. ‘Crow Egg?’ I am Little Crow Egg.
He is Big Crow Egg. Shut up or I’ll tell mummy. Any eggs in there? Yes. One for you,
one for me and one for the crow. Hey Crow Eggs! Train coal… we pick it
from the tracks every day. We sell it. Three rupees a kilo. How much did you get today? Fifteen rupees. Mummy… when will we buy a TV? Do you think money grows on trees? Your mother tries to save every penny… … but do you care? I want pizza… not Papa. How dare you come here? Beggars! You better not come
back or I’ll thrash you. Filthy slum rats. Brother, let us earn a lot of money. We’ll give it all to mummy. What is with all this coal? Are we stealing this coal? We are just taking our share. Get lost. Done. Those who wear dazzling
clothes are rich… And the ones in dirty
clothes are paupers. Hey Crow Eggs! See you tomorrow…
We’re busy today. Tell me the truth. How did you get all this money? Sir, will you buy this puppy? Boys!


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