help for plane ticket

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Good afternoon I’m only here to ask for a big favor because, I have problems with dialysis here in Utah. I had surgery and was left blind. I was put on dialysis … I have many problems, like high blood pressure. another of the serious problems is that they cut my urinary system and I can’t pee. it’s been 9 years. and I need a transplant, but because I don’t have money, and can’t work. so everything has complicated and that’s why I need to go back to Guatemala, because they, again, want to do some surgery’s that I feel, I can not withstand so, I prefer to go back and for God to do as he pleases, because it’s not easy for me anymore, and everything has complicated and that’s why I beg of you if you could help a little, if possible, in any way you’d please I need for my plane ticket, to return again, because it’s already impossible for me here. being blind, not being able to work, and many things more, well.. are a problem. I need the transplant, but that’s a lot of money, and very complicated for me and have no one that can help me. I beg of the favor, God bless, and Thank you very much.


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