Here for Your Business Journey

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The Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit
Union really came through for me in just a couple hours getting me approval for
the equipment I needed. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be standing where we are right now as this is an addition to the building that we have we doubled the
size of our building about seven years ago. The credit union philosophy goes
back to the mid 1930s and it was all about people helping people giving back
to the community. It was an alternative to obtain financing at lower rates and
higher rates for savings products that they weren’t getting from the larger
banks. Many small businesses and startup undercapitalized and they expand quickly and they need someone as a partner not to give them
suggestions but to give them some money and let them keep growing their business.
They know me there and the manager knows me and you know it’s just a it’s a nice
feeling to go in and not just be another number. Since 2002 we’ve grown our member
business lending operation from a staff of two to a staff of seven. We realized
that local businesses are an integral part of the community. We are committed not only to providing competitive rates and financial
decisions but more importantly local decisions. A member owned is not looking
out for stockholders they’re looking out for the members. It’s a simple match the
the Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union’s is the bank for us. To just say
John I need something and in four hours later you’re signing documents it’s just
wonderful. Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union came in with the best interest rates the best terms and the best service.


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