Here Is The App I Use To Track Flights ✈️ | Cédric Waldburger

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hey everyone I’m already on the way back
to Japan currently my layover in Bangkok which was convenient this time because I
I’m getting married in a few weeks also has some new clothing made for me which
I was able to pick up during this layer so don’t have to travel to Bangkok
separately and I want to use just a couple minutes here to tell you about
the app that I’m using so one thing that’s important for me is that I got
automatic updates on flights that I’m gonna go on why is flights might be
delayed my connection from here to Tokyo might be delayed its midday flight it’s
scheduled to leave at 1:00 p.m. and so chances that there is a delay are quite
high right because the plane is definitely coming from somewhere it has not been
sitting on the tarmac all day so I use an app called Mileways. Mileways is great
because it allows me to just forward flight booking confirmations to a
service called Tripit TripIt and parses it meaning it realizes
which flights are mentioned in that email and it connects to Mileways and my
ways in one timeline shows me all the flights in America one so while I cook
many of the ad flights here all my upcoming flights are already important
for example here when I click on this is my flight to Tokyo Haneda this afternoon
and what I see here is that the flight is currently supposed to be on time and
I get all the info like it’s gonna be six hours point seven four seven
passenger and the distance about two thousand eight miles
now the nice thing about this app is it has to be a push notification whenever
there’s a gate change or when boarding opens for my plane so typically I keep
my information in the app so that whenever there is an updated information
I get an automatic reminder plus every now and then I go in there and I check
something about either my upcoming flights or my past flights very often
for my upcoming flights I double check the date and time is sometimes when I
enter flights into my calendar and I get timezone wrong
so usually two days before I go on a trip I open the app and I check where
I’m headed next – also has a number of pretty handy
features for example it gives me statistics for one it gives me a way to
look at all my flights and past a map view or I could scroll through all these
flight and then it also allows me to adjust for example look at all flights
in 2019 which for this year so far have been 34 and you also see at this
that I’ve covered the time that I’ve spent on airplanes and the total time of
delays that I’ve encountered this year yeah so that’s it be brief I am gonna
head to my flight soon just wanted to share this with you if you are an iOS
and you’re looking for an app that helps you keep track of all the flights you’re
taking and gives you automatic updates on those flights my rates might be right
there to download that to you soon


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