How Bad is China Eastern Airlines? – Airline Review BUSINESS CLASS

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I can’t wait for this device so rat lounge people and then – tenors I still perceive tables to get your electrical outlet in this place the food selection is all right there’s like sandwiches is a finger food in some go with a shoe my kind of things and then now I got some wine and the cool thing though is the beer beer is off nice and cold according to tell that’s pretty awesome yeah otherwise it’s pretty standard I’m sure they have Wi-Fi we haven’t connected to it because we’re fishing to that [Music] please this line is pretty cool too they have electrical outlets they got private booths and chairs it’s almost like your own private office no line nice this is probably one of those like smallest lights or there Oh it’s a kind of plan pretty cool thank you what a lark that was kind of them they offered me to some water you’ll really need out of it so the service wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the best either I just felt like a regular fly on the slippers no school stuff on this ride thank you spleen pretty old the table doesn’t really work outlet took about a hundred times trying to plug it in the hairline attendant didn’t even know how to plug it in some guy in the front seat had to actually help us plug it in for business class that would have expected more but now I kind of understand letting an Eastern Christian expect and then the milk came Microsoft pasta I got chicken it wasn’t bad but again it wasn’t that good [Music] on this slide they don’t allow you to use any mobile devices that connect to play on my phone it was not funded by scooters that will prevent you from a mobile device right what period is within China everything is blowing up publishing on the fly fishing [Music]


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