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If you are into the aviation, you surely heard
of budget airlines. Ryanair is well known as the most successful budget airline in Europe,
and today we will be taking a look at how budget airlines like Ryanair works and how
they offer cheap flights. Budget Airlines are typically 30-50% cheaper than the normal
Airlines and by using Ryanair you can get on a flight from London to Basel for less
than 10 Euro! But how do they really offer cheap flights? Well there are many ways how
Budget Airlines offer cheap flights and today we will be taking a look at few ways how budget
airlines offer cheap flights. First of all, no matter what kind of airline
you’re flying on, airlines need airplanes. Most budget airlines commonly operate with
a small aircraft like Boeing 737 or the Airbus A320. It might sound a little odd that budget
airlines are placing a large number of order on a brand new airplane, but the main reason
for buying a new plane is because of fuel efficiency. Budget airline mostly spend their
time up in the sky and less time on the ground so the aircraft fuel efficiency is very important
to budget airlines. Another reason why budget airlines buy a new plane is because of the
flight cycle. Flight cycle is just another way of saying per flight. Every flight the
aircraft is pressurized by takeoff and landing and their is the limit on how many times the
plane can be pressured. For example the Airbus A320 has 60,000 flight cycle which means that
the Airbus A320 can fly up to 60,000 flight. Every landing and takeoff counts as a flight
cycle. Secondly budget airlines tries to avoid luxury,
because luxury will raise the price of the ticket. Ryanair is so cheap that they don’t
even run a television facility because by having a television facility will raise the
price of the ticket. In fact, because Ryanair flight either takeoff or land between 30-45
minutes, the chairs on Ryanair don’t have a back pocket which will save time for flight
attendant to clean the aircraft and get ready for the next flight. The third way how budget airlines offer cheap
flights is by selling flight items. Ryanair surprisingly even sells a lottery tickets,
and the sales on the lottery tickets are famous then many other items that Ryanair sells during
the flight. Lastely, budget airlines will fly non-stop
all day. In one day, this Ryanair 737 will fly from; Brussels to Copenhagen-Copenhagen
to Brussels-Brussels to Prague-Prague to Brussels-Brussels to Nimes-Nimes to Brussels-Brussels to Treviso
and finally, Treviso to Brussels. During all those flights, budget airlines won’t allow
changeover or connections because by adding connections, the airline will have to pay
for many other things to the airport. Budget airlines will always ensure that the planes
are keep moving in order to make money.


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