How Far In Advance Should You Book a Flight?

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Whether you’re flying out for a business trip or a vacation, booking cheap flights is always a struggle against the clock and your wallet. So how do you get the
best deal on flights? Here are three ground rules to increase your chances
of saving some cash. Rule one, know your prime booking window. For domestic flights, experts say book between
one to three months prior to your trip. For international flights, the cheapest day to book can be up to five months before departure. Don’t leave it too late. Booking a week before departure can mean a 25% increase in price. Rule two, do your research. Spend some time comparing
different flight fares. You can also check the
AirHelp Score Ranking pages on our websites. There’s no better way to
find the best airlines and airports across the world. Rule three, remember you have
rights as an air passenger. If your flight is disrupted, you could be owned up to
600 euros in compensation. When this happens, AirHelp is just one click away.


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