How I Became A Life Coach | My Journey

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why did I choose to become a life coach
well in this video I’m gonna share with you my life coaching journey hi I’m Jessica
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why life coaching what is a life coach anyway and who would want to be a life
coach well how did it all start for me well it all started a very long time ago
so keep this video very short and simple I went through some stuff that was
really really tough and it led me to having a spiritual awakening and so I
transformed my life spiritually and started to figure out who I really was
and what I wanted out of life and when I really dug deep and figured out who I
wanted to be and what I wanted out of life I discovered that I had this really
unique experience in life that could benefit somebody else who had gone
through something similar and so I knew that I wanted to help people however
there was a lot of fear getting in the way of that I didn’t really know how I
was going to do that and I remember about five years ago
I came across life coaching and thought yes I definitely want to do that and I
looked into it and thought I had to go to life coaching school and said you
know I was kind of done with school so never mind on that so I continued on and
I started working at a corporate job and ended up getting laid off that was not
fun if any of you’ve been laid off I feel you my heart goes out to you that
was a really really tough time I got laid off and I got offered a new job
and I said no that feels like prison for me and I’d rather not so I decided to
take some time off and really do some soul-searching and while I was on
vacation I was actually headed to Disneyland where like dreams come true
where magic happens isn’t that the magical kingdom Wow and I
was heading to the magical kingdom and I had this magical experience in the car
and I just had this epiphany of life-coaching again it just hit me it it
hit my intuition really hard and so I started looking up life coaching and
realized it was everything I ever wanted to do with my life why did I just
disregard it a few years back well I don’t think that I was ready to fully
embody that person that I needed to be in order to pursue this higher calling
that I realized that I had in life so I became super obsessed with life coaching
because really what I learned about life coaches is that they helped to empower
people clear out old beliefs so that they can achieve their goals and their
dreams right and this sounded amazing because I want to help people especially
clearing out old beliefs and stuff that’s not serving you that really
appealed to me because I’ve gone through such a radical transformation through
spirituality and personal development and reading lots of books on self-help
and so I know that I have a unique experience that I can help somebody else
with so I looked into coaching schools I hired my own life coach and started
figuring out like how do I even become a life coach and started you know watching
all these YouTube videos on how do I become a life coach but it really helped
me to hire my own life coach so I could go through the whole life coaching
process and that’s exactly what I did I took a little mini course on how to be a
life coach and it’s like yeah I’m gonna be a life coach and then I realized that
I was terrified of starting a business so what did I do
I got another corporate job and that other corporate job was incredibly
painful for me I can’t even tell you how hard it was
for me to go to this job I would literally walk into the doors of this
place and I felt a little piece of my soul died just a moment it’s just one
moment for the Soul dying the pain and suffering so my soul was literally dying
every day that I walked into my corporate job and I said I’ve got to do
this life coaching thing and so what did I do
I went and I researched all the life coaching schools that I could find
because I wanted to be a super confident educated life coach so that I could
serve people at my maximum potential I went to the website of one of the life
coaching schools and I literally started tearing up when I was reading about the
school and I had a moment where everything felt perfect and my intuition
was saying yes Jessica this is the right school and I just started crying because
I knew that it was the right step for me to take next and I almost made my first
payment right then and there and signed up but I thought you know
let’s just talk with somebody from the school first just to make sure this is
the right place for me had the conversation a few days later and said
yes absolutely this is where I’m going to choose to go to life coaching school
and that was honestly a little over 18 months ago I took action I showed up I
did the work and I finished and I’ve had several clients that I’ve coached and
they’ve achieved really amazing things and that is the coolest feeling to be
watching somebody else transform just as I transform my own life I’m watching
other people transform right before my eyes and it’s the coolest feeling ever
so this is why I chose life coaching this is a part of my purpose
life this is my higher calling is to serve others I’m here to serve you so if
you have any questions about life coaching leave me a comment below and I
am so happy to share all of my life coaching knowledge with you if you like
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videos just like this and I will see you in the next video


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