How I Bought A Flight to Vietnam at 7-Eleven (on Lion Air)

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So I just did something today that I feel like was pretty revolutionary And I really want to share it because I didn’t it was possible. Early this morning. I was worried about how I was gonna book a flight. I was trying to book a flight on a Thai Airline and my card was not going through although I had money in the account. I just kept getting all these errors so I’m gonna give you the the headline first, which is it I booked my flight online But I paid for it at a 7-eleven, and I didn’t know that was possible. So I’m gonna show you how that happened so, Let’s take a look at earlier in the day when I was still trying to sort all this stuff out This is like my fake happy face Okay, so I’m actually kind of frustrated because I’ve been trying to book a flight for hours and The issue that I’m running into is that the website that I’m trying to book it on, which is Lion Air does not Want my foreign US credit card. I tried More than one card. I tried a bunch of times at first. I thought it was a problem with the verification They do like this verified by Visa thing. I called my credit card company, and they said everything’s fine it should be going through, but it’s not going through. I tried it so many times and Then I looked online and apparently a bunch of travelers have had this issue with booking on some Thai websites and stuff like that. I Also tried I even tried like booking it on Skyscanner. I was like okay, it didn’t work on Thai, the Lion Air website Maybe it will work on Skyscanner, it didn’t work. I tried booking it on Expedia. That didn’t work I looked at some other random booking websites. They had terrible reviews, so I didn’t book on there. So I just kind of felt like I’m at my wit’s end. Like I’ve never worked so hard to try and book a flight. It’s like a $45 flight It’s an hour and a half, hour and 45 minutes. I never imagined it can be so complicated to book a flight from Thailand to Vietnam and That’s the thing about travel, right sometimes things That should be so simple, that you think should take just take no time at all, windup taking way longer than you ever imagined possible. So then I went downstairs I was actually gonna ask The guy who runs my apartment building if I could give him the money for my flight and convince him to charge his card It felt a little bit awkward But I felt like what options do I have. He told me that I could actually pay for my flight at 7-eleven. I can’t imagine how this could be true, but I’m gonna try it out, so I went online and There was an option on the website like usually I just scroll down to the option I want which is pay with credit card like I just bypassed all these other things but looking on here there’s more stuff. It says like pay at counter so I’m gonna give it a shot. I booked it and I took a screenshot of the confirmation page in barcode so we’ll see how this goes because I already wasted hours on this so what’s another little walk to 7-eleven and a little adventure so let’s see how this goes. Alright, so I have my confirmation on the phone, and I’m gonna see if I can actually buy this airline ticket here. I’m still Kind of in disbelief, so let’s see what happens when I show this to these people I booked an airline ticket Lion Air. I think this is gonna work. It’s crazy. It looks like progress is being made. She said Lion Air. That’s what I’m buying, allegedly. Oh my god, you guys it looks like this is happening. So the way it works is that I guess there was an extra 35 fee So it’s a $1 fee for the transaction, and you have to pay cash So I’d actually hoped that I could pay with a credit card, but I did see online that it said cash only I’ve just paid. Now, by the way, I’ve just given 7-eleven my money. I don’t know with a 100% certainty I have any airplane tickets I’m gonna go back to my computer to see if I’ve gotten some sort of confirmation Can this be true? Everything’s finished okay, thank you. I guess that’s it. Okay, so this has completely worked my receipt says Lion Air I’m walking back to where I’ve been working today, before I even make it back I get an email confirmation From Lion Air saying my flight is confirmed, so that’s a done deal. I paid for my flight at 7-eleven and by the way the little notification I got during the booking said I could have booked this and I could have paid for it at any 7-eleven worldwide. So I’m here in Chiang Mai in Thailand, so I just went to a 7-eleven nearby but apparently you could do this anywhere there’s a 7-eleven. So I had no idea that this option was available apparently though It’s not limited to 7-eleven you can also do it at Tesco. It said there might be other options as well I never, ever looked into anything aside from just paying with my credit card. I just ignored all those other things on the website But apparently this pay at counter thing actually works. You can go to an actual 7-eleven or store and pay for your flight, and that’s it. My mind is blown today So if you’ve ever done this let me know have you booked flights at 7-eleven before? Did you know this was the thing? What else am I missing? Are there other things I can buy at 7-eleven besides like vegan potato chips and like stuff I, I don’t know if you bought some stuff like this at 7-eleven Let me know. This is a whole new world for me.


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