How I learnt Spanish! My Journey to Fluency


(pop music) – Hello, everyone. Welcome back to English With Lucy. I’ve got a slightly different
video for you today. It’s something I’ve had a lot
of questions about recently, and I’m going to talk to you
about how I became fluent in a second language. So, many of you will already know, but I’m sure many of you don’t know, I am fluent in Spanish. If you would like to
hear me speak Spanish, then you can click up here. I filmed a video speaking in Spanish, talking about the different, funny mistakes that I made whilst I was learning the language. Now, the reason I am telling
you this story in English, rather than in Spanish, is because I think it would
be a really good opportunity for you guys to practise your listening, and I also want you to feel more motivate with your language learning journey. Now, I will warn you, I was very lucky in my situation. So, I don’t want you to think, “Oh God, Lucy is fluent “because she had this, this, and this. “And she’s so lucky, and
the situation was perfect.” No, I want to just show
you and inspire you and kind of demonstrate that you can get to a
really good level of fluency in a language that is
not your mother tongue. And I have one thing to
say before we get started. You can sign up for a free audio book and 30-day free trial on The link is in the description box. Videos like these are subtitled, and would be really,
really helpful for you if you want to improve your listening, understanding, and
pronunciation in English. But if you want to take it a step further, try an audiobook. It’s something that can
be really, really helpful, and I’ve had fabulous
feedback from all the Lucifers that have tried it already. So, here it is, my journey to fluency in Spanish. Now, please not that fluency, to me, does not mean 100% accuracy. Fluency to me means that you can speak without thinking. It is almost as easy
as your native tongue. I dream in Spanish. I have had relationships in Spanish. I can make jokes in Spanish. So, really, I consider
myself to be fluent. You might not agree with that. I do know that there are some
issues with my pronunciation like (speaks in Spanish). I could do it, but sometimes don’t put it into the words, so sometimes I confuse
my (speaks in Spanish) with my (speaks in Spanish). So, please bear with me. Right, so let’s start
the journey as it were. I grew up in a really,
really small village in the County of Bedfordshire in England. And languages were never a
big thing at my school. So, typically, English children will have to study French at school from the age of 10, and then I think you are
allowed to give it up at the age of 14, or 13, 14. So, really, you only have to do three years of language. This is in state school,
not private school. It’s different. I started off in a state school, and then I went to a private
school for four years, and then I went back to state. And I had been studying French, and I hated it. I love the French language, but I found it really,
really hard to learn. I was in a class of 40 children. And French kind of had
the reputation of being the most boring class ever, so I kind of went along with that. And then when I move to my next school, suddenly, they told me I
had to learn two languages. So, I would continue with French, and then I could choose Spanish or German. I asked everyone, and I asked
which one is the easiest, and they told me Spanish was. So, I joined this class. It was about 25 girls,
because it was a girl school. I was at the very bottom
of the bottom class, because they’d had a couple of years, you know, Spanish experience,
and I had never… I’d never even been to
Spain at this point. So, I sat there in all of the classes, really bored, really unenthusiastic. I didn’t want to learn Spanish. I couldn’t wait to give it up. I could not wait to stop Spanish. And I knew that at the age
of 16, I would be able to. I went to every class, I sat there. I was like… (speaks in Spanish) And yeah, to my surprise, I suddenly found myself understanding things. While some of the other
students were struggling with the grammar, it really made sense to me, but I didn’t want it to make sense. So, is sat there bored, but then I couldn’t stop thinking
outside of Spanish class. Cool, that present tense really make sense. Oh, I’m a poet, and I
didn’t even realise it. Anyway, so, I decided, well, maybe I could get quite a good grade in the end of year exam if I actually study something. So, I started really putting the work in. And then I found the
class to be a bit slow, so I asked to be moved
up to the top level, and they lat me. And in the end, I got the
highest grade possible in my exam, age 16. But I really put the work in, and I remember, I’ve always
used to have a bath every night, well, I still do, but I remember very, very
clearly having a bath and just speaking to myself
in Spanish in the bath. And I would love to hear what I was saying back then. But then I decided to
carry it on to A level. And A level is last two years
of school, of high school, and you have to get your A levels to then go to university. I did three A levels. I did biology, chemistry, and Spanish. So, from then on, I decided that I loved Spanish. And I didn’t just love Spanish, I also decided that Spanish men were incredibly good looking and sexy. Sexy. Really, they were really attractive. So I started (speaks in Spanish). I started putting in a lot of effort. I was really lucky at my high school. I moved to a state school, and I was are lucky because nobody wanted to study languages. So, I think there were
200 people in my year. One person studied German, two people studied French, and three people studied Spanish. No one did, but it was great for me because I had a really, really small class with an amazing teacher. She was called Ms. Flores, and she was Irish even though
her surname was Flores. She was so inspirational and pushed me hard in a good way. And so, after one year
of studying Spanish, I then decided I want to
take this to the next level. So, after one more year
of studying Spanish, I mean I wouldn’t have
been even at B one level. It was very, very little,
the amount we were doing. But I decided I want to
take this to the next level. I was working at a pub, and I was saving up all my money, and I managed to buy flights and a Spanish course in Seville. Now, I don’t really know
why I picked Seville. I think it’s because my
first Spanish teacher had said that she’d been
to Seville and it was nice. So I thought, “Oh, I’ll
go to Seville then.” I had no idea that
Seville has a very thick Andalusian accent. So I go there with my
standard school girl Spanish, and I didn’t understand a blood word. (laughs) But anyway, I did week at a school called CLIC. It’s in the International
House Chain of Schools. It was really, really good. If you want to do an
intensive Spanish course, I would definitely do it there. And I stayed with a host family. And I met lots of Spanish people. And eventually, I met a
couple of Spanish guys that I then became friends with. So, it was a bit crazy. I was 17, running around Seville, going on mopeds and staying out far too late. Making it to class, because I wanted to learn my Spanish. So, I went first time in August, which was very, very hot. I saved up all my money again,
after the trip in August, and I went in October for another week. And then I went again in April. So, I was still 17 at this point. And a guys that I have been
friends with for a while, I met him again out there and, basically, we fell in love. We felt pretty hard in love, actually. We were together for four years. I won’t say his name, because I’d like to respect his privacy. But yes, I felt very much
in love with a Spanish man, and luckily, this man didn’t
speak such good English. So, our whole relationship was in Spanish. And we use to WhatsApp
together all day long. I would go out there and
see him as often as I could. I became so close with his family, and we ended up living together in London. We lived together in Seville. We lived together in London again. And that really was a driving force in my journey to fluency. And I would say after about
a year of being with him, I felt completely fluent. I felt that Spanish was
just my natural language. Because we were living together, I would go to work and speak in English, but my home life was always in Spanish. So, that was a really big motivation. But, you might be thinking, “Great Lucy, I’m so happy for you “that you managed to
fined a Spanish boyfriend. “But how can I apply this
to my language learning?” Well, I’ve got some tips for you. The first tip is copying mouth movements. So, when my ex-boyfriend would speak, I would always watch his mouth, and the shapes that it made. And I started to realise that the sounds and the shapes were different. So, in English, we would say the letter D. (sounding out letter D) But in Spanish, they would
say (sounding out letter D). So it would be like a flatter shape. And I notice this watching him. Because he’s from the south of Spain, he would say, instead
of (speaks in Spanish), he would say (speaks in Spanish). Instead of saying things
like (speaks in Spanish), he would say (speaks in Spanish). So, I started really, really
copying the sounds he made, rather than just the words. Another thing I experienced was complete immersion. So, I was thrown into
Spain at the deep end. I mean I had to communicate because he was someone I
wanted to communicate with. So, when you’re looking to
learn a foreign language, really make sure that
the motivation is there. “I want to pass my exam, “so that I an never study English again.” is not gonna make you fluent. You really have to think, “why do I want to learn this language?” And then work towards that. Mine was I want to be able
to communicate fluently, and comfortably, and expressed
myself to my boyfriend. So, that was my motivation, and oh my god, I worked
hard towards that goal. Now, another thing, which
you guys can also do is never let anything slip. And when I say never let anything slip, it means don’t think, “Oh god, I don’t know that word. “tomorrow I’ll search it.” because you won’t. I’ve got a video about learning vocabulary which you can see right here. But basically, every time
I heard my ex-boyfriend say a phrase or an expression
that I didn’t understand, I would stop him and ask
him to explain it to me. And if he couldn’t, I would write it down and
I would search it later, and I was meticulous with that. You aren’t just going to pick up all of the words and phrases, because some of them are idiomatic, they don’t make sense. I remember having a really hard time with the word (speaks in Spanish). Like (speaks in Spanish). And I was like (speaks in Spanish), what does that mean? And I remember that he
couldn’t explain to me, and I just went on quest,
on a road to discovery. I needed to find out what
(speaks in Spanish) meant and when I should us it. And I did in the end. So, yey! Go me! Another thing I did was I wasn’t afraid to ask
people to repeat things. And I actually found that
people were really kind to me. And when I ask them to repeat things or I didn’t understand a joke, they would slow down and explain it to me. And if they were rude about it, I didn’t want them in my life anyway. So, another thing I did was I always watched Spanish YouTubers. I loved Hola Soy German, and I also loved Auron Play. I just find him so funny. He does prank videos, and he just basically makes fun of people, and he’s very, very funny. And I also love El Rubius who is a gamer. I just would have them
on in the background, and always listening to
that chitter chatter. I also watched the Spanish
news every single morning. That really helped me as well. And I read Harry Potter in Spanish because I love the Harry
Potter books in English, so it was really interesting
to read it in Spanish. And that’s just something
that you have to remember. You need to be interested. You need to have a motivation. So for me, reading a book
about economics in Spanish would not motivate me at
all to learn the language, and I probably wouldn’t finish it. I probably wouldn’t start it actually. Yeah, so choose things that
are really relevant to you. If you like photography, but you also want to learn a language, find somebody doing photography tutorials in English, and there we have it. You’ve made your own lesson for yourself. Now, I want to talk to you
about a coupe of things that I love and I wouldn’t have without speaking a
second language fluently. And the first one is I
have two personalities. Honestly, everybody says it. In English, I’m not really very vulgar around… In English, I’m more professional, and I think I’m more… I’m slightly more polite, especially at the way I speak. But in Spanish, because I kind of learned
my Spanish from somebody who said swear words, and used lots of slang phrases, and had a thick accent, well, it kind of developed my
Spanish personality as well. I mean is not forced at ll. It’s just the way I naturally am, but it’s great to have kind of two sides to me as well. The second thing is two sets of humours. And this is great because English jokes do not
translate into Spanish, and Spanish jokes do not
translate into English. So, English, I make
people laugh using puns, and play on words, and things like that. And in Spanish, I have
to think of other things. In Spanish, we tell more anecdotes. We like to make people laugh about our experiences and things like that. That’s just my interpretation, but it’s great to have
different funny stories that I can tell to
different groups of people that just don’t translate. Also being fluent in
the second language has really opened up my mind. It’s made me much more confident. Nowadays, if I hear somebody
speaking on a train in Spanish, I’ll immediately go up to them and say… (speaks in Spanish) And then I’ll ask them, “Oh
my God, where are you from?” and that’s something that
I would not do otherwise. And just the final thing is that I really, really enjoy speaking Spanish. And if you can get to a level where you enjoy speaking that language, everything is just going to fly. You are going to have so much fun. So yes, guys, this is quite a long video. I hope that it’s motivated you and inspired you a little bit. Yes, I had a boyfriend
who spoke the language that I was wanting to learn, but you don’t have to do that. It might not be possible. And you certainly shouldn’t look for one just to learn English. I was very lucky, but take little bits of
information from my story an apply it to your own story, which might be starting. It might have already started. You might be close to finishing. And just do the best that you can do with your situation and your time. That’s it for today’s video. Don’t forget to sign up for
your audiobook at The link is in the description, and don’t forget to connect with me on all of my social media. I’ve got my Instagram and my Facebook, and I will see you soon
for another lesson. (lips smack) (pop music)


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