How Scott’s Cheap Flights Works


Hi, I’m Scott, founder
of Scott’s Cheap Flights. You know it’s true. I am obsessed with cheap flights. Back in 2013, I got the best deal I’ve ever found in my life, non-stop from New York City
to Milan for $130 roundtrip. Man, that was an amazing deal! And when I got back from that trip, I had all my friends and
co-workers telling me, “Hey Scott, can you let me know next time you find a deal like that
so I can get in on it, too?” Rather than trying to remember everybody that I needed to let know, I decided, why don’t I just
start a little email list and that way I can let
everybody know at once. That’s how Scott’s Cheap Flights was born. But nowadays, it is much bigger. I work with a whole team of flight experts and we search for amazing
flight deals all day, every day. When we find them, we send them to you. Here’s how it works. When we do find a great deal
out of your home airport, what we’re going to do is
put the information together in a nice little email with
everything you need to know: the price, the travel dates, what airline, how long we think it’s going to last. We’ll even include a
link to book the deal, in case you’re interested. We don’t get any commissions
from these links, though, because our only goal is
to send you cheap flights. Most of the deals that
we find are in economy. But every once in a while, we’ll find an incredible
business class fare. Like in 2018, we found a $600 roundtrip, business class flight from LA to Bangkok. When we find those, we’re
going to send them right to you. All the deals we find are
for international flights with a few exceptions, like Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam. We’re also going to send
deals to Hawaii and Alaska. The Hawaii and Alaska deals go
just to the Premium members. We have two different tiers of membership: limited, which is free, and Premium, which has a small annual fee. We reserve our best deals
for the Premium members. They get every deal we find
for their selected airports, including those Hawaii and Alaska fares, peak summer and holiday
deals, and Mistake Fares. Oh, I love Mistake Fares. They’re the Holy Grail of cheap flights. This is when airlines
accidentally discount a flight by way more than they meant to and the savings can be huge. For instance, we’ve sent Mistake Fares like Portland to Tokyo for $377 roundtrip, New York City to Nairobi
for $242 roundtrip. They’re amazing. Limited members, on the other hand, they get a small sampling of the deals. They don’t get the Hawaii/Alaska
deals, Mistake Fares, or the flights for peak
summer or holiday travel. The number of deals that you’re going to get depends on which airports you follow. If you live near a major airport, maybe JFK or LAX or O-Hare, you can expect quite
a few emails per week. But if you live near a smaller airport, maybe Louisville, or Columbus, you might only see a few deals per month. In those cases, we’ll actually suggest some other nearby airports you
can follow to get more deals, in case you’re wiling
to take a short drive or catch a connecting flight. Often times the savings can make that extra effort worth it. Our members save an average of $550 per ticket off regular prices. We don’t send you just any old deal. We’re not trying to clog up your inbox with emails about flights
that have three layovers, or are just available next week. No, no, no. We only want to send you
truly exceptional deals. So, what we do is we have strict standards for which deals qualify. We call it the, “Mom Test.” If it’s not a flight that
we’d put our mothers on, then it’s not a flight we’re
going to send out to our members. First, it’s gotta be a great price. The price needs to be what we
would consider to be cheap, and it needs to be a major
discount off the usual prices. You know, not just $25 or $50 off. Second, we’re going to look at
the quality of the airline. There are certain airlines that
we just don’t send deals on. On the other hand, if
it’s a five star airline, yeah, we’re going to note that in the email. Routing matters too. We love non-stop flights. And so, if there’s connections
we look for short layovers that don’t have you stuck
in an airport for six hours. When we do send flights
with longer layovers, we make sure it’s during
the day and with enough time so you can get out and
explore the layover city. We also want to make sure
that there’s a decent number of travel dates that are available. And we’re going to note how
common or rare this deal is. We want you to be fully
informed about the deals so that you can decide for yourself if it’s right for you. As I said, we don’t take any commission when you book a flight. Our only motivation is to
help you find a cheap flight that you’re going to love. I hope you’ll join us. You know, the team and I love getting to search for cheap
flights every single day. And so, if this is
something that you think you’d be interested in, go to or click the link under this video. Join us and get cheap flights delivered right to your inbox. Thanks for watching! Happy travels!


5 Responses

  1. David Ruiz

    November 1, 2019 10:09 pm

    Been a free subscriber for over a year, it has already gotten me twice in a flight. The only reason i am not a premium member, is that my airport is not supported.

  2. KleshGuitars

    November 1, 2019 10:25 pm

    Hey Scott, I've been a paying subscriber to your emails for a couple years and have been to many locations taking advantage of the deals I get. I travel for my YouTube channel (full time) and Scott's Cheap Flights saved me so much money. Some places the past year or two I've visited due to your emails: Melbourne, VIC Australia, Tokyo Japan, San Juan Puerto Rico, Vancouver BC, Inverness Scotland among others. The annual fee has paid for itself many times over on a single flight so no complaints that's for sure!

  3. Rick Nielson

    November 2, 2019 11:02 am

    My international travel plans have me in Europe twice a year since subscribing to Scott’s. People who don’t know me well think I’m loaded $$ but those who know better ask me how I do it. I give them a referral to Scott’s Cheap Flights.


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