How this UNIQUE SINGER won The Voice | Winner’s Journey #8

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The winner of The Voice season 2 is… … Craig Lucas. I think The Voice is a perfect platform
for me to start my music career, because… … I have no experience and so being thrown
in the deep and like this… … and being placed with incredible coaches, these
incredible musicians, … … it’s a perfect platform for me to learn as much as I
can. I can only go up from here. I don’t think there’s any better place to
start. I had a deal with my mom so, … … it was finish your studies, get a proper job
and then you can start singing. So I finished my studies in June and this is
the very first time… … that I’ve branched out to the music so I’m like,
I covered my part of the deal more and it’s time. That was a brilliant performance. The plan was to finish the studies, make my
mom happy, get her out the way. – I can relate. Is your mom here? -She is.
She is. – Where is your mom? She’s in the waiting room. She can be very proud and I’m sure she’s gonna
support your career, because… … I’ve been waiting this whole time.
I wanna have my mind blown and you just did that. You showed us everything that your
voice has, already you gripped us… … from the first note and then when we thought
it couldn’t get better you just kept… … taking us up and up. I honestly love to work with all of you
guys but Kahn did turn first… … and so I’m going to choose him. This song that I’m picking, both your
voices will shine in it and… … I want you to be feeling good at the newest version. You need to understand the lyrics,
because I get so lost in the emotion of the song. It taught me to always make sure that I pronounce my words right so that people hear what I’m saying and… … they understand what I’m saying. Craig’s turn and range, …
incredible. The only thing we need to bring out of him
is, he needs to believe it. Craig, for me, you’re like the lovechild of
Freddie Mercury and John Legend. – That’s a good one! There is soul and there is rock and roll, you know,
and it’s all in one voice. Craig, it feels like you’re more
comfortable in the stage and then… … I would look at Dylan when Craig was
singing… … there was like a slight awkwardness
about you, … until you sang. I’m gonna go with Craig. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this battle is Craig! What song are you doing?
I’m doing “We Are Young” by Fun. I think it’s a good choice, because… … it’s gonna show you range.
I mean that guy has a crazy range. Cool about the song is, it’s quite theoretical and
it’s big and it’s modern, but… … it has a sense of nostalgia. … Craig’s has got an incredible voice,
incredible range and an incredible tone. He’s actually got all
the attributes and he looks good. Craig, sport stars and musicians and
artists, when they reach the points… … called their flow when they create
brilliance and I feel every time… … you sing, you’re there, you’re in the flow and if
you carry on staying in the flow… … you can potentially win this competition. For that reason, I’m picking you. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to The Voice South Africa Live shows! Your mom was going ape, but I was also, I was like, oh that’s sweet, that’s nice… … Harry styles song and you got the falsetto,
and I was like, oh that’s lovely… … and then when you stood there,
then you did something that nobody else can do… … only you can do that. – Thank you so much. Hi Craig, I hope you enjoy shopping.
– I don’t really, to be honest. Well, today we’re gonna change that.
Let’s go. I saw something in the store
that could really work. You can add a t-shirt with that,
it doesn’t have to be a formal shirt. I wouldn’t normally wear these,
but I get what you were saying earlier. Everything else is so plain.
– Yeah, so are you a Shopaholic now? I don’t think I am what a true workaholic is,
but baby steps. I think you can open yourself up and you actually take in
what you see and… … you become a little bit more adventurous
like you did today… … yeah.
– Then you’re gonna start enjoying. You’re an amazing vocalist.
For me, you’re just… it’s natural for you. Remember that.
– You’re entertainer by heart, well done. And every time I watch you, you’ve got that something magical that just pours out of you… … and I believe, regardless if you win
this competition, you will be a superstar. I never thought that I’d be able to get
on this stage and sing. I suffered from really bad performance anxiety for a long time and just to see how far I’ve got now… … literally blows my mind that I’m excited
about being on stage now and… … that’s a thought that had
never crossed before. My mom, she said that,
unless I’ve finished my studies… … I probably shouldn’t be pursuing
music because it’s not stable. I’m really happy that my mom made
me do that, only because now I’ve also… … got something to fall back on.
So I, I’m on my end of the bargain and… … immediately after graduating
I leaned into the world. I always knew you’d be in the finals.
You’re an amazing vocalist. There’s something superbly special about you.
– I just want to say… … Craig I’m so proud of you.
He’s the non-musician of this entire show… … and here you are, nailing it once
again in the final. A son of a single mother. Congratulations to you on an
excellent job, what a wonderful man. – Congratulations.
And well done for you! – You’re amazing Craig! The winner of The Voice season 2 is … … Craig Lucas.


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